Easy Yet Powerful

Learn how POS solution from PosBytz can save you time and money while supporting your business growth.

Point of Sales

Easy to use

Your staff will have no difficulty with PosBytz, its interfaces are clean, simple and self explanatory. In just a few minutes of initial setup, your business can already use PosBytz as a point of sales.

Print Receipt or SMS Purchase Details

Your customer can get purchase receipt either by physical means (printed) or electronic (via sms).

No Internet Connection? No Problem!

PosBytz can still be operated without the need of Internet, just in case your connection is offline. All transaction data is stored securely in the app and will be uploaded to the system once your Internet connection is online.

Cash Mangement

Track all cash movements from cash float to register closure, and reduce errors, theft and discrepancies.

User Accounts

Create individual staff accounts and track sales. Easily customize permissions to restrict what users can see and do.

Inventory Management

Central Product Catalog

Manage a central product catalog and sync your products across all your channels to eliminate errors and extra data entry.

Managing Your Stock

You can add stocks, transfer stocks across branches, send purchase orders to suppliers, and do stock-taking on regular basis. A neat stock record can provide a deeper understanding of your business needs.

Recipes / Ingredients / Raw Materials

List all the raw materials needed to create a product. Whenever there is a transaction for said product, it will reduce the stock automatically.

Customizable Taxes

Simplify tax handling and customize your taxes for different cities, countries, states, or even different products or outlets.

Inventory Control

See stock on hand, low stock information and inventory levels to help you make better decisions about your inventory.

Growth & Multi Outlet

Add Users

Add more users as your team grows. Easily customize permissions to restrict what they can see and do.

Add Registers

Do you have busier periods during the year? Easily add an extra register when you need one.

Add Outlets

Open a new outlet in just minutes, add a warehouse or go mobile with a pop-up store using the PosBytz app.

Complete Retail Platform

Run your entire business with Vend, no matter how complex your operations are or how many locations you have.

Synchronized Data

Find all your information in one place, from your product catalog, to your inventory, customers and reporting.


Customer Profiles

Keep all your customer information in one place.

Customer Purchase History

Customer transactions are saved to their profile where you can view their purchase history and account balances.

Customer Groups

Treat VIP customers with discounts, or use groups to manage employee or wholesale prices.

PosBytz Reporting

Product and Sales Report

Report on sales by product, outlet, employee, and much more to easily identify trends and make the best decisions.

Mobile Retail Dashboard

Keep your finger on the pulse by accessing your key sales metrics from your phone anytime, anywhere.

Inventory Reports

Manage your inventory more effectively by keeping an eye on inventory levels, low stock information and stock on hand.

Export your Reports

Export your data to your preferred spreadsheet tool for in-depth analysis or send your reports to your accountant.

Other Features

Waiter App

No need to use paper and pen, waiter simply use this app to input customer’s order. It will be stored directly into the POS system and allow the kitchen to process the order.

Table Management

This is a major feature for Restaurant business owners. Know exactly which tables are occupied and make it easy to keep track of your customer orders.

Split Printer

If you have separate kitchens, eg. for food and drinks, orders will go into the kitchen in accordance with the setup that have been made.


Recommended Hardware

PosBytz works with a wide range of hardware. Find out if PosBytz works with hardware you already own.

Use Your Own Device

PosBytz can also run on device that you already own.


Accept Credit and Debit Cards

Securely accept credit and debit cards with leading payment processors around the world.

Custom Payment Types

Create custom payment types to accept cash, credit, debit, check, gift cards or any other payment type you need.

Mobile and Contactless Payments

Speed up your sales by accepting contactless payments including mobile NFC payments like Google Pay, Apple Pay etc.

Customer Service

Email or Live Chat

Our friendly support team is quick to respond on every channel, no matter where in the world you are.

Professional Services

Get help setting up a new store or migrating from and old POS with assisted setup from your dedicated Launch Specialist.

PosBytz Experts

Work with a PosBytz Expert to obtain the hands-on care, on-site training, or custom solutions your business needs.

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