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Upload/Import Files

Step 1:  Press Import File button and choose the XL file to import.

Step 2:  After every import, an entry is created in the table with pending status. Wait for 10 seconds and refresh the page to see the current status. After refresh, the status changes from Pending to the either one of the following:

  • Completed : Press View button under the Actions column to open the Import Information Table.
  • Error : Upload the sheet again.


Step 3: Once the status is Completed press View button under Actions to open the import information. To download the uploaded sheet press Download button. The following are the columns available in Import Information.

  • Sheet Name: Displays the imported tab name.

  • Total Error Lines: No of error lines, click the lines to see the detailed error report.

  • Total Records: Total number of records imported.

  • Failed Records: Failed number of records.

  • Finished Records: Completed number of records.

  • Completion Progress: Completion progress of the import.

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