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PosBytz, the best Shopify alternatives we help in setting up an online store is easy. We get you a professional website that grows along with the POS of your business

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Shopify Alternatives

Get Branded Apps

Get readymade on the self branded customer ordering apps for web and mobile at minimum cost without investing much on the spending on implementation and customization as such with Shopify implementation partners. PosBytz customer apps is a quick go to market solution to get started with your online business and have your branded presence in the app stores. This is very important features when you are choosing a Shopify alternatives for your business

Shopify alternatives

Free Delivery Apps For Your Small Business

PosBytz is unique along with the POS the following features Geo-fencing for status accuracy, customizable settings on the app, adaptive ETA for each order, showing all the order details, and proof of delivery along with the  Signature. This features adds lot of value when choosing the right alternatives for Shopify. Shopify alternatives free Delivery app for your business becomes handy with having a alternate self sustainable business

SEO Optimized eCommerce Website

Your ecommerce website in your own domain is all set with customizable SEO optimization to enhance your presence in the internet search. SEO tags can be added/edited/updated across the website with PosBytz. Dynamically add pages anytime and publish to your e-commerce.  

Shopify alternatives

Unified commerce platform

With PosBytz you can connect sell in multiple channels at ease with having one inventory across multiple different platforms this includes at store , Online ecommerce & apps , WhatsApp ordering , Instagram etc..,

You can take orders from your customers via online ordering systems and integrate them with our PosBytz delivery dispatch system for in-house deliveries. Only few Shopify alternatives offer this solutions for manage your business in multiple platforms. PosBytz one of best Shopify alternatives if you are looking for business with rich features at a affordable pricing.

Other Integrations

Shopify alternatives free consists of some important features and integrations like international pricing, checkout analytics, and sales channels.

PosBytz on the self integrations with Delivery aggregators , Accounting software like Quickbooks , Xero,  Zohobooks , Sage etc.., and many more integrations to know more get in touch with us


Supporting Payment gateways

Choose best payment gateway in your region based on the payments options & commission % options listed with PosBytz payment gateway partners. We choose the Payment gateways partners based on various parameters. PosBytz is the best alternatives for Shopify as their is no additional commission per transaction apart from payment gateway charges that you choose.

API's for intgerations

Third party integrations with PosBytz platforms becomes seamless. Develop your own ecommerce & apps  with PosBytz platform API’s to seamless develop your own solutions as per your business needs. 

Shopify alternative api integrations

1. How to get alternate shopping options for Shopify?

Customers who are looking for alternatives for shopify and the available shopping Software are WooCommerce, Magento, Pinnaclecart, Shift4Shop, Wix.

2. Is there a free alternative to Shopify?

Posbytz is the best & free alternative for Shopify whereas we can give you free access to the drag-and-drop site editor where there are dozens of free themes to choose from, eliminating the need to code. Posbytz, an online store comes along with the POS settings so you can quickly and easily customize every facet of your storefront.

3. What can I use instead of Shopify?

There are shopping software are used instead of Shopify are

  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • PinnacleCart
  • Shift4Shop
  • Wix
  • Posbytz
  • 4. What is the cheapest Shopify alternative?

    Woo-commerce appears to be $15.99 for a month whereas the zyro is $19. Posbytz offers its services for $ 39 per month along with the POS.

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