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Enhance Retail Meat  Business Efficiency with Butchery Software. POS, Inventory, Sales, Accounting, CRM and Operations Management Made easy and simple.

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What is Butchery POS software?

A Butchery POS software streamlines meat business operations, facilitating sales, inventory management, pricing, vendors, stocks, customer data, and reporting for enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction

What is Butchery POS Software for Meat shops

Grocery shop Software Features

Fast checkout POS software

  • Offline Mode: Continue processing sales even when the internet connection is down, with data syncing once online
  • Barcode Scanning: Use barcode scanners to speed up the checkout process and reduce errors.
  • Works on any OS(Windows , Android and IOS)
  • Can be integrated with weighing scales.
  • Payment Processing: Accept various payment methods, including credit cards, mobile payments, and cash.
  • Receipt Printing: Generate paper or digital receipts for customers.
Butchery POS software for Butchery outlets

Automatically calculate prices based on meat weight and type, ensuring accuracy.

Integrate the POS with various external devices for fast and easy checkout

  • Process meat with our Processing flow
  • Repack meat with barcode packages 
  • Scan the weighted barcodes to add the items with weight & price automatically
  • Weighing scales Now you can weigh the items during the billing for easy checkout.
  • Secondary displays, display to run and promote your brand with Ads
Butchery shop software with weighing scale

Keep track of meat cuts, weights, and expiration dates

You can manage your inventory, stocks and expiry  at multiple outlets with one platform.

  • Multi-location inventory Management 
  • Manage multiple batches with multiple MRP, Buying & selling prices and expiries
  • Get real time stock information at multiple locations
  • Transfer stocks between multiple locations
  • Audit logs, you track your inventory with accuracy.
Inventory managment system for Bar and Restaurant

Manage your book keeping from your receivables to payables using one software

Comprehensive in-built Accounting system to manage your bookkeeping , cost of goods , P&L and many more. Create your own accounting ledger heads with Chart of Accounts and map the journal entries

  • Track your Receivable and Payables on the Go !
  • Get your P&L , Cost of Goods , Balance sheets, Trial Balance and General ledgers.
  • Manage your different types of expenses.
  • Generate GST reports  and VAT reports for returns filing.
  • Manage credit notes and debit notes to your customers & vendors
Accounting system for Bar and Restaurant Business

Manage relationships with meat suppliers, orders, and deliveries

Manage all your vendors at one place from procurement , price discovery, PO, GRN, Invoices and payments

  • Create vendors for all your purchases
  • Map all items/SKU against the vendors
  • Get last pricing from the vendor
  • Manage PO and GRN for each vendors
  • Manage payments for the vendors from payment to outstanding
Grocery Store software Discounts Managment

Automate your marketing campaigns to get back your customers and reorder

Build a powerful brand with personalized automated marketing tool for restaurant business. With our POS integrated with CRM to send automated messages to your customers.

  • Send personalized messages to your customers during their special occasions like birthdays , wedding anniversary days
  • Schedule messages through various channels like Email, SMS and Whatsapp 
  • Help your customers to reorder through the discounts coupons
  • Build customer loyalty by introducing customer friendly loyalty programme
  • Provoke reordering to customers from last transactions
CRM for marketing

Get all types of reports to build your retail business with data

Generate various reports from PosBytz to increase your business and take informed decisions based on data and stats

  • Get top items ordered by customer to help you reorder and keep your inventory as per demands
  • Cost of Goods help you optimize your cost and check your profitability margin at each item level
  • Payment methods wise report help you to reconcile payments everyday
  • Customer wise report help to identify your returning customers and top items they purchase.
Reports for your Bar and Restaurant Business

How it Works?

Check how our Grocery Store Software works

Play Video about Butchery store POS software demo

Why choose PosBytz as your Butchery Software?

Meat Stall Benefits

Benefits of Using Butchery POS Software

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Frequently asked questions:

What is Meat stall software?

A "meat stall software" typically refers to specialized software designed for businesses operating meat stalls, which are small retail setups for selling fresh meat and related products.

What are the benefits of Butchery software?

Butchery software benefits include efficient inventory management, precise pricing, streamlined sales, customer and supplier management, regulatory compliance, reporting, and promotions, enhancing butchery businesses' overall efficiency.

How long does it take to get up and running with Butchery POS software?

Posbytz Butchery POS software is very easy to use and we can set-up within minutes with easy excel import options for your SKU's.

Can I integrate butchery software with other systems?

Many butchery software solutions offer integration options with accounting software, e-commerce platforms, and more.

Will I get training on Butchery POS Software?

Posbytz provides training and support to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. We also offer ongoing support to ensure your system is working correctly.

What is the cost of Butchery POS software?

PosBytz butchery POS software can be integrated with e-commerce platforms to manage both online and offline sales

Title HereIs butchery software suitable for online meat sales?

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