Maximize Your Retail Business with Powerful Retail Management Software

Our Retail Management system is designed to help retail stores to reach new heights of success. With features like POS , inventory management, order management, purchases, vendor management ,CRM, Accounting, Expenses Management,  Payroll and many more.

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What is a Retail Management Software?

Retail Management software is a system used to process sales transactions, track inventory, and manage customer  & vendor information in a retail environment also include additional features, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools, Accounting & Booking keeping, VAT reports,  Loyalty management  and other business system.

Retail Management software for Retail business

Retail Management system features

Manage your Sales from multiple channels using simple Retail POS ​

Retail POS  helps you to process sales transactions from various channels outlets, Online stores, whatsapp ordering including accepting various forms of payment (e.g., cash, credit card, debit card, wallets , QR code, etc.), calculating taxes, and providing receipts.

  • Easy and fast billing POS with quick scan checkout
  • It works offline, so there is no need to worry about internet issues.
  • Works well on any OS like Windows POS ,Android POS, and IPAD POS
  • You can accept all types of payments.
  • Works on any device Desktop/PC/Laptop, Tablets & IPADs and mobile phones
  • Manage multiple batches at your billing counters 
Grocery POS software for billing

Powerful Inventory Management for your complex Retail business​

Retail Management system can help businesses track inventory levels, multiple batches, expiry notifications, set reorder alerts  and generate reports on product performance. You can identify the best-performing products and sell them at a reasonable price with accurate Cost of Goods reports. It also helps you manage your inventory by informing you when to order more products.

  • Real-time reports make it simple to track and update stocks.
  • You can manage multiple batches and monitor the products’ expiry dates.
  • You can track your multi-location inventory in a single place.
  • Get low stock notification alerts
  • Get reports like Profit & loss , Cost of Goods , Stock in/out reports etc..,
Grocery store software with Weighing scale integration

Enable Omnichannel with your own branded website​

Retail Management systems with omnichannel capabilities allow businesses to manage sales, track sales and customer interactions across multiple channels, including in-store, online, and mobile devices.

  • Customers can use any channel to place an order.
  • Multichannel delivery partners platform with multiple integrations.
  • Free owner app to manage orders & business from anywhere
  • Customize your delivery process with a free delivery app that lets you connect your delivery services and track deliveries in real-time.
  • Sell online, get your online ordering website in your own domain.
  • Headless commerce APIs to develop your own website and app
Inventory managment system for Bar and Restaurant

Stay always connected with your business to make right decision​

Retail Management software can generate reports on various aspects of the business, such as sales data, inventory levels, customer behaviour, Purchases, Vendors, Profit & Loss . It also helps analyze the data and take the necessary steps to improve your business.

  • In-depth reports that help you monitor everything including item-wise reports.
  • Advanced filters to narrow down to accurate data you are looking for.
  • Quick Dashboard to view Gross Sales, Net Sales , Number of Customers, Credits, Total Taxes
  • Download reports in CSV and PDF 
  • GST and VAT based reports for filing your returns
Accounting system for Bar and Restaurant Business

Automate your discounting and manage everything centrally !​

Multiple types of discounts can be configured centrally on cloud. Apply discounts in your POS automatically based on the configured criteria.

    • Fixed and dynamic type discounts. 
    • Order level , Item level and Category level discount types configuration
    • Run coupon code based discounts for your Online customers
    • Automate & restrict discounts with expiry , location and day & time
    • Enable offers as you wanted and delight your customers
    • Track all the discounts orders accurately.
Grocery Store software Discounts Managment

Create your loyalty programme that works for your business

Retain your customers with powerful CRM  and keep engaging with your customers to bring them back to your outlets.

    • Set-up your own Loyalty programme 
    • Send promotions to your customers over SMS , email & whatsapp
    • Send personalized coupons to bring your customers back. 
    • Get customer feedbacks easily and build a referring customer base.
CRM for marketing

Accurate book keeping will help your cashflows ​

Retail POS with Accounting system with automate your book keeping with complete control over financials from your account payables and receivables with a complete Retail Management system

  •  General Ledger: Maintain accurate financial records with a comprehensive general ledger module. Track income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.
  • Accounts Payable: Streamline your payment processes with an accounts payable module. Efficiently manage vendor invoices, track payment due dates, and optimize cash flow management.
  • Accounts Receivable: Effectively manage customer invoices, track outstanding payments, and streamline collections with an accounts receivable module. 
  • Financial Reporting: Generate insightful financial reports such as balance sheets, income statements, profit & loss, Trial Balance, cash flow statements. Access real-time financial data and key performance indicators to make informed business decisions.
Reports for your Bar and Restaurant Business

How it Works?

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Reasons to Choose PosBytz Retail Management Software

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Benefits of using a Retail Management system:​

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Frequently asked questions:

What is Retail Management software?

Retail Management software is an integrated system that allows retailers to manage the entire sales process from beginning to end. It includes inventory management, purchasing, employee management, discount management , accounting and customer loyalty programs.

How to choose Retail Management System?

The first step is determining what features you need and how much money you are willing to spend. You can find various software programs tailored to different business types, with some offering more advanced features. Once you have identified the right software for your business, ask questions about training and support services. Then signup for the free demo and evaluate the option.

Why do we need Retail Management software?

A retail management system is the backbone of any business. It allows you to manage inventory, track customer information and sales, and process payments. In addition, it can help you save money by allowing you to streamline your operations.

Why Choose PosBytz Retail Management software?

Posbytz is one of the few Cloud based Retail Management software to offer a complete omnichannel solution to expand your business offline and online. Proven with more 5000+ customers globally using the software to manage their day to day operation and scale their businesses.

Does PosBytz Retail Management Software for Boutique stores?

Retail management software for boutiques includes robust inventory management, user-friendly point of sale (POS), and effective customer relationship management (CRM) for optimal operations.

How does Retail Management system support Supermarkets?

Retail management software for Supermarket includes robust inventory management, user-friendly point of sale (POS), Accounting system , HR & payroll and effective customer relationship management (CRM) for optimal operations.

Will PosBytz Retail Management software work for Butchery shop business?

Retail management software for Butchery shop includes robust inventory management, vendor managment, user-friendly point of sale (POS), Accounting system , HR & payroll and effective customer relationship management (CRM) for optimal operations.

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