Top 5 Alternatives to Foodics You Should Try in 2023

What is Foodics? Foodics is cloud based restaurant pos software that provides  restaurants for managing the restaurant operations with respect to POS , sales ,inventory management , reports, payments, integrations with third party delivery providers and many more. There are

Top 5 Alternatives to TMBill pos You Should Try in 2023

What is TMBill? TMBill is cloud based billing software for  Restaurants, Bar, Café, QSR, Ice-cream Shop, Bakery, and Cake Shop.TMbill provides software for small scale QSR and restaurant business to manage billing, inventory and reports There are multiple Tmbill Alternative

The Ultimate Restaurant Licenses Checklist: Everything You Need To Know To Open a Restaurant

For new owners, opening a restaurant is a challenging task. There is a lot of planning involved, from choosing the right location, chef, and all the other challenges involved.  But, is managing a restaurant only a thing to run? Nope.

How QR Code Table Ordering Enhances The Customer Experience

Introduction: Tactics that were originally employed to accommodate safety and customer demands during the epidemic have proven to have lasting power as restaurants have recently updated and implemented new technologies. There are QR codes everywhere.  QR codes are being used

Guide for Corporate tax effect to Restaurants in the UAE

Dubai has offered many business opportunities for restaurant and bar owners over the past few years and continues to do so. So, the hospitality industry is growing, with sales values of approximately 4.5 billion U.S. dollars since 2022, and poised

Corporate Tax in UAE , all you need to know

All You Need To Know About The Official Corporate Tax In UAE Did you know that on January 31, 2022, the United Arab Emirates government has confirmed that a new corporation tax will be implemented? The UAE has never traditionally

How to Start a Kirana Store Business

How to Start a Kirana Store Business The world had begun to abandon neighborhood stores in favor of online shopping and home deliveries at any time. Whatever! Do you know that despite significant growth in e-commerce, many neighborhood corner shops

Top 5 Alternatives to Loyverse pos You Should Try in 2023

What is Loyverse? Loyverse is a cloud based restaurant billing software that provides limited options to restaurants for automating the restaurant operations with respect to inventory management , managing accounting , integrations with third party delivery providers and many more.

How To Acquire Permits To Start A Restaurant In The UAE

The rising tourist arrivals, increasing urban lifestyles, and high disposable income have enhanced the growth of the food service market in the UAE. In fact, the UAE food service market is expected to grow by a CAGR of 7.02% in

How To Optimize Dine-In With QR Code Ordering

During the pandemic, the hospitality industry offered contactless menus and payment options. Nowadays, dine-in services are back in full force, but the fascinating fact is that most diners want QR codes for checking available menus and making payments, till now.


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