WhatsApp eCommerce Integration

Promote your business in Whatsapp with WhatsApp eCommerce integration and  allows customers to order, make payments and track the orders. Provide your customer experience and manage your operations seamlessly.

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WhatsApp Ecommerce Integration

WhatsApp For Business

With WhatsApp business,  enable your WhatsApp account to manage your business and add services like WhatsApp ordering, payments, service tickets, listing your catalogs, promoting your with bulk WhatsApp messages etc..,

Whatsapp Ecommerce Integration
WhatsApp API for ecommerce

PosBytz API Integration

Integrate your  WhatsApp business CRM with PosBytz API to notify your customers regarding ordering details which includes listing the catalogs, managing the orders and payments.

Instant alerts and notifications

Send order updates, delivery & reminders of the cost of traditional messaging channels, while achieving high open rates.


Send promotional Messages Via Whatsapp eCommerce Integration

Move from email marketing to WhatsApp and take advantage of up to 75% read rates and 15% click-through rates. Posbytz, a WhatsApp eCommerce bot helps to send more about promotional messages for your app.

  1. Billions of people registered and trust the WhatsApp business CRM platform for their communications.
  1. Customer convenience to order from WhatsApp eCommerce integration rather than opening a website or downloading an app.
  1. Get promotional offers through the WhatsApp eCommerce bot for enabling customers to order more.

Easy and Fast Integrated

Take advantage of our WhatsApp support tools and get up and running in no time. Our Posbytz, WhatsApp eCommerce integration with existing tooling drive excellent response across your business.

whatsapp ecommerce bot

WhatsApp Message Templates & Auto Reply Services

Use customizable, pre-approved WhatsApp message templates. Create and customize a WhatsApp FAQ bot, and improve your agent focus. Create a flow that looks up the closest location of your business on WhatsApp. 

Get regular messages and route them to the right agents. You can link your Google signup forms with WhatsApp using Flow Builder.

PosBytz - Ecommerce with Whatsapp Messenger

PosBytz, WhatsApp API for eCommerce customers initiates conversations with the Omnichannel Widget. PosBytz will push and pull data from third-party sources using HTTP requests.

WhatsApp eCommerce integration support tools create efficient interactions and set your team up for success with smart features.

Integrate with existing tooling and drive effective response across your business. Use customizable, pre-approved WhatsApp API for eCommerce message templates.

whatsapp business crm

Personalized Experience

When the user agreed to be contacted on WhatsApp e-commerce integration, you can get this data of the user automatically start providing a highly personalized experience to the posbytz users such as by their name, showing them a menu in a different language adjusted to their community.

Why Whatsapp Ecommerce Integration for Posbytz?

  • Regular Ongoing Process 
  • WhatsApp branding identity
  • Social Media in the market
  • Access to New WhatsApp Features
  • Whatsapp orders management
  • One inventory management across multiple channels
  • WhatsApp Template Manager
  • Easily sync from your existing tools
  • Auto-replies and notification purposes.
whatsapp ecommerce integration

1. How does WhatsApp marketing help eCommerce businesses?

WhatsApp Marketing launched a new channel for businesses where you can send various order-related updates to its customers to their messaging channel. The location-sharing feature is a useful feature on WhatsApp.

2. Why use WhatsApp for business?

WhatsApp Business makes its customers easy to automate & respond to the message where the business labels to organize and easily find your chats and messages.

3. Is WhatsApp an eCommerce?

The company announced a new feature that makes WhatsApp Business, a new e-commerce side of the platform. Whatsapp Ecommerce Integration is effective and friendly for businesses introduced its Catalogs feature back in 2019 which allows businesses to create a storefront and menus for products they sell also allows to customer to order, make payments and track the orders

4. Do Whatsapp ordering integrate with Posbytz?

Yes, PosBytz is integrated with Whatsapp for listing the catalogs , online ordering and payments.

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