ZATCA approved e-invoicing software for your business compliance in KSA

PosBytz a ZATCA approved software for  E invoicing in Saudi Arabia to manage your Retail and F&B businesses.  All in one e invoice billing software from POS, inventory,  online ordering , CRM, accounting, HR & payroll and many more..,

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What is a ZATCA Approved software?

As the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority ZATCA, Tax Authority of Saudi Arabia has implemented e-invoicing in KSA for B2C and B2B businesses as per regulatory requirements in two phases. ZATCA has reviewed, validated and approved few software providers to facilitate e invoice billing software to all businesses.

ZATCA Approved Software for Restaurant and Retail POS

ZATCA Approved E invoicing Software Requirements

ZATCA-approved e-invoices with QR codes - Phase 1

In this Generation phase, the businesses should generate and store tax invoices and notes through e invoicing  solutions compliant as per ZATCA approved software requirements
  • ZATCA approved e-invoice billing software for various transaction types – Sales, refund/returns, Void, etc.
  • Display QR codes on e-invoices or e-notes
  • Generate UUID
  • Implement mandated fields of e-invoices and associated notes
  • Invoices in Arabic & English with QR code as per Phase-1 ZATCA approved e invoicing software
ZATCA Approved Phase 1 Software

Integration with ZATCA e-invoicing system - Phase II

All the invoices must pass through the basic ZATCA’s e-invoicing platform, it requires API integration to connect the e-invoicing solution to the central platform. As per ZATCA approved software below requirements needs to complied for Phase-2

  • Sync with ZATCA e-invoicing for all invoices from sales and purchases as per the approved format
  • Generate secure PDF/A3 with XML Invoices as per approved format.
  • Display QR Code on e-invoices or notes.
  • Generate a Universally Unique identifier ( UUID)
  • Generate a hash for Each invoice or note,
  • Digital stamp mandated
  • Tamper-resistant counter
  • E-invoice storage as per VAT regulations.
  • Integrate with ZATCA e-invoice platforms through API
ZATCA Phase 2 Integration

E invoice billing software needs to be complied as below

  • The Saudi Arabian XML invoice is constructed on UBL 2.1 syntax and the bill definition of EN16931 & A PDF/A- 3 invoice file with an embedded Saudi Arabian XML invoice.

  • The e-invoice solution must have strict tamper prevention measures, such as a digitized signature and a hash value as a universally unique identifier(UUID).

  • Generate the QR codes in all the VAT invoices

  • Upload the XML invoice to ZATCA Fatoorah portal. 

  • Make sure all your transactions are synced from your POS or ERP software

ZATCA approve E invoices format

Complete Audit & Compliance as per ZATCA

As per ZATCA compliance, all transactions audit trials as per regulatory need to be stored in the cloud. All ZATCA approved e invoicing software should follow below compliance

  • E-invoice storage and archive as per ZATCA compliance
  • Tamper resistance counter
  • Digital stamp as mandated
  • False proof of all transactions
Audit and Compliance for ZATCA approved software

Crypto stamps for anti-counterfeiting in all e invoice billing software

ZATCA compliance crypto signature and stamps are provided by Posbytz, ZATCA approved software. An electronic stamp that is created via cryptographic algorithms to ensure the authenticity of origin and integrity of the content of the data for the Electronic Invoices to ensure the identity verification of the issuer for the Invoices and Notes for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the provisions and controls of the VAT Law and its Implementing

The e-invoice solution must have strict tamper prevention measures, such as a digitized signature and a hash value as a universally unique identifiers.

Data security for E invoicing

Archiving requirements for ZATCA approved e invoicing software

Below is the Archiving requirements for ZATCA approved software in Saudi Arabia.

Should backup and Archive the transactions for atleast 5 years.


Archiving of E invoices

How it Works?

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Benefits of choosing ZATCA Approved Software

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Frequently asked questions:

What is e invoicing in Saudi Arabia?

The e invoicing system where business-to-business (B2B) and business to customers (B2C) invoices are digitally prepared in an e-invoicing format and authenticated by the ZATCA e-invoicing system.

What are the ZATCA Approved software in Saudi Arabia?

There are few software vendors approved by ZATCA for e-invoicing in Saudi Arabia compliant to Phase-1 and Phase -2. There are best ZATCA approved e invoicing software in KSA.

Is ZATCA e invoicing mandatory in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, It's mandatory to have all invoices be ZATCA e-invoices compliant software for all the billing processes in Saudi Arabia.

Does my business needs to comply with ZATCA e invoicing ?

Yes, all registered businesses operating under the regulations of Saudi Arabia should be ZATCA compiled.

What is e invoicing software cost in Saudi Arabia?

There are multiple e invoicing software price options for e-invoicing either on per transaction or annually as subscription.

How can I check if my E-invoicing software is ZATCA approved?

You can verify the ZATCA approval status on the official Zakat and Tax Authority website or contact their support for confirmation.

Is ZATCA approved E invoicing software suitable for all business sizes?

Yes, ZATCA-approved software caters to businesses of all sizes, offering scalable solutions to meet varying invoicing needs.

Is training provided for using ZATCA-approved software?

Many providers offer training and support services to help businesses effectively implement and utilize ZATCA-approved E-invoicing software.

What documentation is required for ZATCA approved E invoicing software?

The required documentation may include technical specifications, security measures, and compliance details. Consult with the ZATCA guidelines or your software provider for specific requirements.

How frequently does ZATCA update its E invoicing standards?

ZATCA may update its standards periodically. It's crucial to stay informed about any changes and ensure that your software remains compliant.

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