PosBytz restaurant billing software, a cloud omnichannel restaurant POS software that will help you manage all aspects of your operations from purchasing, inventory
management, recipe/ingredients, accounting, CRM to

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What is a Restaurant POS Software?

Restaurant POS software is a solution that allows food businesses to manage their operations easily. These solutions make it easy for restaurateurs to manage sales, accept payments, manage inventory, ingredients/recipes, food costing, accounting , CRM and more. 


Restaurant Billing Software Features

Device Agnostic Restaurant POS System

  • Cloud based, Works Offline
  • Easy to bill with just few clicks
  • Works on any OS(Windows , Android and IOS)
  • Works on any Device (Desktop/Laptop’s, Tablets/IPADs and Mobile phones)
  • Accepts orders from different channels like Online Whatsapp, instagram

Online ordering website and a branded mobile apps.

Launch your own online ordering system in minutes with PosBytz and delivery your own orders from anywhere.

  • Omnichannel solution, customers can order to nearest outlet
  • Build your own loyal customer base
  • Integrated with multiple third party delivery service providers
  • Free owner app, to manage your online orders & business from anywhere
  • Free delivery app, to deliver orders through your delivery Riders 

Manage accurate inventory in your kitchen from anywhere

You can manage your inventory and stocks at multiple outlets with one platform.

  • Multi-location inventory Management 
  • Manage one inventory for multiple channels – Online , In-store , Whatsapp & many more.
  • Get real time stock information at multiple locations
  • Track the recipe/ingredients reduce from your inventory accurately
  • Audit logs, you track your inventory with accuracy.
Inventory managment system for Bar and Restaurant

Accounts system built for Restaurant business

Comprehensive in-built Accounting system to manage your bookkeeping , cost of goods , food costing and many more. Automate the transactions for cash, card , online orders and credit based payments to respective account ledgers

  • Create your own accounting ledger heads with Chart of Accounts
  • Track your Receivable and Payables on the Go !
  • Get your P&L , Cost of Goods , Balance sheets, Trial Balance and General ledgers.
  • Manage your different types of expenses.
  • Generate GST reports  and VAT reports for returns filing.
Accounting system for Bar and Restaurant Business

Table QR code Ordering made easy with PosBytz Restaurant POS Software

QR code based Table ordering helps you to streamline your order taking and provide a very convenient options for your guest to order from table

  • Scan and order from Table using multiple orders from same table 
  • Accepts online payment for the table ordering at the end or request for payment 
  • Accept discounts for Table self ordering 
  • Enable branding using unique QR codes at your table
  • Reduce waiters in your restaurant with simple and easy to QR code based contactless ordering system.
QR code ordering system for Bar and Restaurant

Automate your marketing campaigns to get back your customers and reorder

Build a powerful brand with personalized automated marketing tool for restaurant business. With our POS integrated with CRM to send automated messages to your customers.

  • Send personalized messages to your customers during their special occasions like birthdays , wedding anniversary days
  • Schedule messages through various channels like Email, SMS and Whatsapp 
  • Help your customers to reorder through the discounts coupons
  • Get feedback from your customers on their recent visit
  • Provoke reorders to customers from last transactions
CRM for marketing

Get all types of reports to build your restaurant business with data

Generate various reports from PosBytz to increase your business and take informed decisions based on data and stats

  • Get top items ordered by customer to help you redesign your menu
  • Food costing help you optimize your cost for each item 
  • Recipe/Ingredients reports helps with know the major ingredients for each item
  • Table wise and KOT cancellation reports help you to know the gaps with your operations 
Reports for your Bar and Restaurant Business

How it Works?

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Why choose PosBytz as your Restaurant POS System?

Benefits of Using Restaurant Billing Software

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Frequently asked questions:

What is restaurant POS software?

Restaurant POS software is a computer-based system that helps streamline and manage various operations in restaurants, cafes, bars, and other foodservice establishments. It acts as a central hub for processing and recording transactions, managing orders, and facilitating interactions between customers, servers, and the kitchen staff. The primary purpose of restaurant billing software is to enhance the overall efficiency and accuracy of restaurant operations while providing a better experience for both customers and staff.

What are the benefits of Restaurant billing software?

There are many benefits to using a point-of-sale system. - Accuracy and Efficiency Ensures accurate and fast billing processes. - Faster Checkout Process - Easy Menu Customization - Improved Order Management: - Inventory Management: - Enhanced Customer Experience: - Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Seamless Integration with POS Systems

How long does it take to get up and running with restaurant POS software?

Posbytz restaurant billing software is very easy to use and we can set-up within minutes with easy excel import options for your menu

Is Restaurant POS software right for my business?

POS Restaurant billing software is a great solution for companies who want to reduce the time and effort.

Will I get training on Restaurant POS software?

Posbytz provides training and support to help you get up and running as quickly as possible. We also offer ongoing support to ensure your system is working correctly.

Can Restaurant POS software handle online orders and delivery?Here

Many modern restaurant POS systems are integrated with online ordering and delivery platforms, allowing restaurants to manage online orders seamlessly. They can also manage delivery logistics and track orders in real-time.

How does inventory management work in Restaurant POS system?

Inventory management features help restaurants track the stock of ingredients and products. The system can automatically update inventory levels as items are used in recipes and alert the staff when stock is running low.

How can Restaurant billing software help with customer management?

Restaurant POS systems often include customer relationship management features, allowing you to track customer preferences, send targeted promotions, and maintain a database of customer information for marketing purposes.

It’s not just Restaurant POS software.

But all in one platform for your Restaurant Business.

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