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Gear your online small delivery business to a full online store business. PosBytz,  free delivery app is a complete solution for delivery needs. Sell your online products across the globe from any location, use them at multiple outlets with one of the best free online shopping app. PosBytz makes your product and business sell on free shopping website.

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Free Delivery App

Gear up Your Restaurant Business With PosBytz Software

Branded customer ordering app for web and mobile. Create food delivery apps and a website for your customers and manage your orders efficiently with our PosBytz, free delivery shopping software.

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Free Delivery Apps For Your Small Business

Kick start your small business into an online business with PosBytz, free delivery shopping app.

You can take orders from your customers via online ordering systems and integrate them with our PosBytz delivery dispatch system for in-house deliveries.

Integrated with Delivery Partners

Posbytz, free delivery app, is seamlessly integrated with many online restaurant ordering systems including Swiggy, Zomato,ubereats, and a few others on the way. You can also get orders from third-party ordering platforms such as Dunzo, Deliverhoo, talabat , ubereats etc.

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Happy Customers with ETA Tracking

Track your multiple franchised outlets from inventory, pricing, stock, franchise commission, and many more. Over 5000+ businesses in 15 countries have registered with PosBytz.

Getting informed regarding a franchise requires detailed monitoring and control of each individual franchisee as well as your entire business. 

Posbytz, delivery app provides its customers real-time ETA is a shipment tracking for monitoring whether the shipment can arrive on time.

ETA on the delivery tracking page which helps the call drivers from the tracking page. Posbytz offers a detailed order process history and the picture of the delivery driver and their contact information on your mobile app or website.

Digital Proof of your Delivered Goods

Posbytz, Free Delivery app streamlined workflow where within a few taps on the phone, orders are accepted, picked up, and delivered to customers with proof of delivery. 


We are unique with the following features as Geo-fencing for status accuracy, customizable settings on the app, adaptive ETA for each order, showing all the order details, and proof of delivery with Photo and Signature.

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Manage COD orders

Posbytz helps to collect payments from customers at their location to increase their trust with the brand and also track all the cash collection from your riders with a false proof system

Accept any Credit/Debit cards /UPI /Wallets payment methods

Posbytz, free delivery shopping app accepts any payments with payments integrated options with our All-in-one Android POS Solution with billing and payments. All are major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay are welcomed. With Posbytz, as a sell-on Delivery app for business, you can access your payment details instantly.


1.Which is the best free delivery app?

Some of the best delivery apps available in the market are Amazon Shopping,, Dolly, Walmart.

2. What apps are best for delivery?

A few apps that are best for delivery are DoorDash, Instacart, Postmates, Uber Eats, Shipt, GrubHub, Amazon Flex.

3. How to make a delivery app free?

We cannot create a delivery app for free. There will be development costs to make an app, Depending on the features you are looking to add to your on-demand delivery app which would require getting your app transformed from its idea stage to the launch phase.

4. How much does it cost to create a delivery online shopping app?

The cost to create a delivery online shopping app depends on Key Components & Development Cost Structure. Posbytz, free delivery online shopping app integrated with online delivery partners to ease your business.

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