Integrate your small business into an Online Selling Website

Publish your online selling website with our easy-to-use store builder software where no coding is required.

Build your Brand and Shoppers App

Expand your business reach into an online business as a free eCommerce website. Posbytz, an online sales platform that works for all kinds of businesses such as retail, restaurants, and services. 

Make your business site into an online platform to sell products by partnering with Posbytz. 

Get orders to your customers in different ways by offering shipping, pickup, Delivery, and even QR code ordering services. 

Posbytz, an Online ordering customer app, and website integrated with POS with an exclusive design template. Create your own food ordering customer app in minutes with us for IOS and Android devices.

Online Selling Website

POS Inventory Management System

Organize your POS inventory and stocks all over different locations using a unified platform that contains a stock-in/out report. PosBytz provides complete audit logs of your inventory for monitoring purposes, as well as inventory-based reports. Inventory expenses, purchase order reports, and so on.

Stay Connected with Posbytz

Posbytz, one of the best platforms available to sell your business online. Construct your retail store online to start selling products fast. Create a restaurant website, take online orders for pickup and delivery. PosBytz ensures that you never lose a sale, even if you go offline because it keeps you selling regardless of your internet connection. If you go offline, all of your store transactions will be synced to the cloud as soon as you reconnect to the internet.

Get More Customers with Online Advertising

Enhance online sales, bookings, and mailing list signups by using online ads that direct visitors to your website. Boost the number of phone calls. Increase customer calls by using Posbytz, the best platform to sell online.

Multiple Outlets Screen and Discount Management

Manage all discounts with structural features for both online and in-store POS. Posbytz Discount POS modules will facilitate you with everything you need to easily manage all of your discounts.


Display your numerous sources with ease by using a single platform. PosBytz can help the company grow. 


PosBytz works well whether you own a single restaurant or multiple outlets because all of your locations can be monitored centrally. Control the menu, pricing, inventory, and employee access across all of your locations.


Purchase & Product Management

Track all of your purchases which includes PO, GRN, and payments, as well as vendor and seller payments management. 

Posbytz advanced AI-based inventory management, obtain intent requests from various outlets, and transfer stocks to various outlets based on the request. 

Manage your customer database from both online and in-store buyers. Stay in touch with your customers and upsell your brand with our CRM management.

Become a Partner - Posbytz

Posbytz helps to widen your brand and business. Refer your clients to the white label program, and earn a commission for the life of their store. A quick and simple way to profit while assisting your clients in the advancement of their online business.


Match your social strategy for your customer

Broaden your business across the globe with Google, Instagram Facebook reaches to attract and retain more small business clients, resell it alongside your other services. Posbytz, an online selling platform promises opportunities for collaboration for businesses of all sizes and industries and will facilitate you in building and upgrading your e-commerce offering.

Posbytz accepts all payment options in a secure manner

Posbytz accepts an all-in-one POS Solution with billing and payouts, you can accept any payment with payment third-party integrations. All major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay are welcomed. There are no fees for refunds or chargebacks, as well as free fraud protection and dispute settlement services. With Posbytz, as an online selling platform, you can access your money instantly or transfer it to your bank account as soon as the next business day.


Posbytz - Your Ideal Partner for Business Services

Posbytz is perfect for Retail and F&B businesses such as QSR, Restaurants, Blockbusters, and Cloud/ Ghost Kitchens. Posbytz is a growing POS/e-commerce solution, has several customers using the platform to speed up their business growth. Posbytz has another partner offering the program in which partners grow their companies along with Posbytz.

If you are interested in partnering up or acquiring knowledge more about our partner program, please contact us for a free trial.

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