Cloud kitchen POS Software

PosBytz’s Cloud kitchen POS software helps in a single kitchen setup or a multi-brand cloud kitchen managed with one POS 

Accept all delivery partners orders, build your brand online, manage inventory and deliver orders faster.

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Cloud kitchen POS Software

All-in-One POS system for Cloud Kitchens & Dark kitchens

Manage your multi-brand cloud kitchen business with our Posbytz, Cloud kitchen management software in one unified commerce solution, and manage multi-branded dark kitchens with one POS set-up and expand to multiple kitchen outlets.

Integrated with multiple Delivery Aggregators

Integrated with multiple Delivery Aggregators

Best cloud kitchen management software manages orders from all channels using one POS solution, a complete omnichannel restaurant POS solution. 

Posbytz  Cloud Kitchen POS Software integrated with delivery partners such as Uber Eats, Careem, Hunger station, Just Eats Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, and Deliveroo, which is useful for integrating your multiple outlets with a single dashboard.

Posbytz, Cloud kitchen management software helps to build a single brand, single kitchen setup, or multi-brand cloud kitchen with our complete restaurant management system.

Online Ordering System & Branded Mobile App

Cloud kitchen management software with an online ordering platform for commission-free orders. Posbytz helps to control your online orders with custom discounts and offers. 

Cloud kitchen inventory management reduces your dependency on third parties with a strong online presence and loyalty system.

Cloud kitchen management software is customizable Menu Options, Integrated Real-Time Tracking, Feedback System.

Know your customers better with order analytics, Important Event Reminders and serve them better.

Online Ordering System _ Branded Mobile App

Multiple Outlets - Order Managing System

Posbytz, Cloud kitchen management software gives a smooth order flow call & message management. Detailed Reporting with Instant Alerts where the multiple outlets can be handled with a single POS System.

Manage with Delivery Aggregators with Enable/Disable menu items.

Smart Inventory Management for Cloud Kitchens

Kitchen management software free multiple tracking of inventory across outlets. Popular Kitchen Management Software with one POS & set-up auto-alerts when the stock hits low levels.

Manage purchase orders of all outlets within a few clicks such as wastage management, Theft, Profit Updates, 24*7 Chat Support with cloud-based software.


Cloud Kitchen Managment Software POS

Posbytz, Kitchen management software Free helps to capture all your orders KOTs directly to Kitchen. Our simplified Kitchen display system with a mobile POS helps to reduce your process time.

Manage your Kitchen Menu efficiently. Our Cloud kitchen management software helps to promote your top-selling dishes and your menu.

Cloud kitchen management system is upgraded with no risk of going out-of-date as your software makes online software updates automatically as and when needed.

Kitchen Display System for Cloud kitchens

No need to manually forward KOTs posbytz helps quick order relays to the kitchen backend and POS. Real-time order information on current orders, past orders.


Kitchen management software free top items ordered daily performance updates wth Order Optimisation segregates the pending orders, new orders on a central screen.


Customer Loyalty Management

Multi-Channel Manager with Cloud Kitchen Software Sms, email, push notification with Open rates & conversion by sending out highly personalized campaigns

Cloud kitchen management software helps to engage your customers with pre-built goals & advanced reporting. Automated emails to customers from third-party sources or customers who haven’t ordered in a certain period of time.

Cloud-Based POS System

  • A cloud-based POS system speeds up your kitchen-related operations. 
  • KOTs to respective brand kitchens
  • Actionable reports via email
  • Order taking, Order management, Billing, and tax management.

1. What is cloud kitchen or dark kitchen?

Cloud kitchen or dark kitchen or ghost kitchen is a professional food preparation and cooking facility set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals with having multiple brands kitchen in one location

2.What is cloud kitchen POS?

A cloud kitchen requires an integrated technology system for accepting online orders, processing payments, and kitchen management. A cloud kitchen POS is a point of sale (POS) system that accepts orders from various channels, such as delivery aggregators & online ordering platforms and send the KOT to respecive brands

3.How does Posbytz help in dark kitchen and cloud kitchen management?

Posbytz, cloud kitchen management software speeds up your kitchen-related operations where food is prepared at separate takeaway premises rather than a restaurant. Posbytz manages re-order levels and set reminders to order, setting the time taken for preparing each dish, and the estimated time is taken to deliver it. POS is automatically assigned to the respective delivery partner allows accepting more Online Orders from multiple platforms with ease for multiple brands

4. What are the unique features of the Posbytz Cloud kitchen POS Software?

Managing multiple brands using on POS set-up from managing the respective items, inventory , stocks , recipes , online orders , delivery status , payment status for each individual brands configured

5. How to make a free Cloud kitchen POS software?

Basic steps needed to be followed in order to start a new free online store. With the help of Posbytz software, we can launch a free online store.

  • Add the products you want for business selling
  • Create content pages for your online store
  • Pick a theme and customize your store
  • Configure your tax settings and your shipping details
  • Set up your payment gateway.
  • Prepare your store for launch
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