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Boutique POS software that helps to liquidate stock faster. Mobile Billing & expand your Multi-Store and Online where sales purchase and Accounting with Flexible Barcoding technology. Our Advanced inventory synchronizes real-time, generates powerful sales reports, reduces thefts and pilferage. Sell online with your branded store and app  using our Boutique software System.

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Drive sales to your clothing stores fashion boutique POS system

Posbytz, Boutique Retail POS Software sets up and runs a variety of promotions so you can move stock and make room for new arrivals. Your Boutique POS System synchronizes all promotions across online and offline channels.

You can offer discounts based on catalog rules, cart rules, or in the form of coupon codes, on holidays, or anytime


Real-time sync - Posbytz

Your fashion boutique POS system is connected to Posbytz software which ensures data synchronization across online and offline channels. Clothing store pos system to execute a command line each time it detects changes in one of the monitored directories, or when a directory becomes available.

Create your Branded Label

Zebra and Dymo printers help to enter the common label stocks are fully supported. PosBytz, a best pos system for clothing store gives merchants a variety of customizable options for creating labels that suit their boutique business.

Every transaction connected to the POS is accurately tracked. Clothing store pos system where a cashier may only have access to the sales screens. The mobility of clothing store POS means that you can set and change permissions, for the entire system.


Supply Chain Management

Posbytz, Boutique POS software manages product lists with variations such as size or color on both online and offline channels. Become leading e-commerce, marketplace, and mobile platform, sharing real-time inventory and sales data seamlessly in the cloud.

Posbytz boutique software to track the management and tracking tools. Employees Performance is tracked and compared in an organized way. 

The addition of employees easily and real-time service tracking is available.

Customer Relation & Gift Loyalty Programs

Posbytz, boutique software customizes your billing screen settings according to the product availability. Bills and Gift Coupons of the boutique software are updated on the customer account.

Makes Billing easy and quick whereas Bill screens purchase items, totals, and savings directly on the screen. Posbytz boutique software retail POS automatically displays transactional information when a customer display is detected

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Best software for garment shop inventory management keeps track of old stocks availability as well. Posbytz, boutique software is smart enough to track the new & sold clothes of any scalable item.

All of your data is securely backed up to the cloud so that you can see sales, inventory, employee performance from our Posbytz Sales Dashboard. Compatible with Android and ios devices. New products stocked are updated daily & are essential for maximizing profits.

MRP & Purchase GRN Management

Posbytz,  boutique retail software manages multiple batches of clothing stocks & enters the variable MRP, stock, and price updated on the sales dashboard. New Arrivals & season sales notifications can be customized using the app.

Boutique software dress quantity for an approved indent request will be automatically issued. 

Our GRN stores the delivery of items from your suppliers & all the data are stored in the cloud.

Purchase and Accounting

Posbytz, Boutique software integrates your all-in-one software with a range of renowned POS hardware including receipt printers, barcode scanners, payment processors, cash drawers, and label printers. 

POS software works on iPad, PC, and Mac connected to all the devices.

Best pos system for clothing store supports the latest in payment technology including Apple Pay, Google Pay, EMV, EBT, Gift, and swipe.

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