Meat Stall POS Software

Meat and butchery industry revolutionized and needed a solution that relies on technology. 

Posbytz Meat stall software customized specifically as per the needs of meat shops. No matter how small or big your meat business is, our solution is there to make your operations streamlined.

Retail Meat Store to manage all your operations with ease from purchase, multi-channel sales, and reports. Posbytz, Meat Ordering Software is cost-effective cloud-based omnichannel POS solution with all the features.

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Fully Integrated Solution - Posbytz

Posbytz, Omnichannel POS system a comprehensive platform to manage everything you need to sell and grow your business. 

Sell your meat by weight, you have to go back and forth from the register to the scale. Integrate a scale with the POS so you can weigh and price your meat during check-out quickly.

Set a price per pound or KG, the Posbytz, meat stall software will do the math for you and add the cost to the sale total. Weight scale application will update the price and quantity on the sale screen in real-time. 

Posbytz, meat stall software integrates with the hardware which supports serial communication and is integrated with weighing scale.

Fully Integrated Solution - Posbytz

Create your Branded Label

 PosBytz, meat store software gives merchants a variety of customizable options for creating labels that suit their businesses. PosBytz can be integrated with any label printers based on your requirements.

With PosBytz , you can design and customize your labels with different tags. This allows to design and print labels on the go. 

Customizable Ordering Screen & Multistore Management

Posbytz,  Meat store POS  helps to customize your app screen settings according to the product availability which makes ordering an easy and user-friendly interface. Posbytz Retail POS automatically displays transactional information when a customer display is detected. Ordering screen purchased items, totals, and savings directly on the screen.

Manage your multiple store outlets with a single POS System. Integrate all your outlets in a single dashboard.


Advanced Inventory Tracking

Advanced Inventory Tracking

New products stocked are essential for maximizing profits. Meat inventory management keeps track of old stocks availability as well. Posbytz, online meat Ordering Software is smart enough to track the pounds sold of any scalable item.

With PosBytz inventory management, procure your meat in bulk and sell in kilograms/grams, etc. 

All of your data is securely backed up to the cloud so that you can see sales, inventory, employee performance from our Posbytz Sales Dashboard. Posbytz, customer ordering apps compatible with Android and ios devices.

With Posbytz manage waste management, transfer orders, indents features.


Monitor and track all of your meat stall processes at one POS. Get a 360-degree view of products, transactions, delivery, and control of your admin dashboard to manage categories, users, merchants, and commissions with seamless features.

Single page Checkouts Process

Posbytz, a meat stall software supports integrating with weighing scale allows fast checkout. Manage multiple variations of Meats for fast checkout at POS. 

A user can place an order within a few steps. Customer can view their previous order history & view current orders before making the payment.

The user gets a refund amount that will be credited to the user’s wallet, which can be used for future shopping.

MRP Match & Purchase GRN Management

Posbytz, meat stall software creates multiple batches to manage the variable MRP, stock, and product expiry date updated on the sales dashboard. Track expiry dates of SKUs batch-wise with notifications.

Our GRN records the delivery of items from your suppliers where items quantity for an approved indent request will be automatically issued.

Meat Delivery Aggregator

Posbytz, meat ordering software manages orders from all channels using one POS solution, a complete omnichannel restaurant POS solution. 

Integrated with Uber Eats, Careem, Hunger station, Just Eats Swiggy, Zomato, Dunzo, Deliveroo and delivers the ordered meat where real-time tracking is available. Posbytz is integrated with Google Maps for location tracking.

Live Tracking, Accept or reject an order. Drivers can keep track of all the orders delivered and pending. After deliveries, our software facilitates collecting electronic proof from the customer via e-sign or photo from the delivery location.


Convenient Pickup & Delivery Scheduling with Driver App

Posbytz, meat stall software helps to pick up your order from the meat store as per customer convenience pickup. The application auto allocates the tasks based on the availability to the drivers on their own without waiting for further orders.

Posbytz, meat stall software integrated with Geo-Fencing features integrated with the application that can offer accurate delivery to the customers by keeping track of location via GPS with minimal experts.

Get comprehensive reports of driver availability, order status, delivery.

Multiple Payment Gateway Systems

Posbytz, an online meat delivery system supports seamless payments for Apple Pay, Google Pay, EBT, EMV, gift, and swipe. Even credit transactions work even when the internet is down. Posbytz is an integrated omnichannel with our All-in-one Android POS Solution with billing and payments. Posbytz also supports crypto payments like Bitcoin, ethereum etc…

Branded Mobile Apps for Customer Online Ordering-01

Branded Mobile Apps for Customer Online Ordering


Posbytz, an online meat delivery system show variations of 1 Kg, 0.5 Kg in the app for customer easy addition to the cart and manage the inventory with ease with one master inventory for one item. Create your own branded App with Posbytz.

1. How does Posbytz help to increase your meat stall sales?

Posbytz, a unique omnichannel solution software, helps to show variations of 1 Kg, 0.5 Kg in the app for customers’ easy addition to the cart. Our software manages the inventory with one master inventory for one item such as Food costing, recipe management, purchases, stock transfers, wastage control all can be monitored and help to save money & increase your sales.

2. How to choose meat stall software for butcher shops?

Meat stall software needs to be smart and efficient with automated inventory alerts, Integrated scales, Integrated, multi-location reporting, Scale Compatibility, etc. Posbytz is a complete omnichannel POS solution for your meat & butcher shop business.

3. What is the benefit of a meat stall software platform?

Just similar to other ordering app solutions, people are investing in meat delivery app development where innovative delivery platforms have improved the efficiency and productivity & your Order is One-click Away, you Can Expand Your Customer Base with Online Delivery Software. Posbytz, meat stall software a platform that connects consumers, meat store owners, and delivery men.

4. What are the unique features of the Posbytz Meat Stall Software?

Branded Mobile Apps for Customer Online Ordering, Tracks variations in the app for customers with advanced smart inventory tracks management, purchases, stock, wastage control, etc.

5. How to make a free online meat store?

Basic steps needed to be followed in order to start a new free online store. With the help of Posbytz software, we can launch a free online store.

  • Add the products you want for business selling
  • Create content pages for your online store
  • Pick a theme and customize your store
  • Configure your tax settings and your shipping details
  • Set up your payment gateway.
  • Prepare your store for launch
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