Pos Software for Vegetable Shop and Fruits Shop

Accelerate your business with Pos Software for Vegetable Shop with a comprehensive inventory, purchase and mobile apps.


Device Agnostic POS software for Vegetable Shop

Posbytz supports all the platforms from Windows POS , Android POS this include Desktop , Tablet and Handheld devices & mobile phones. No proprietary hardware is required even use your Android Phones as your POS with all the features

POS Inventory Management

Manage your POS inventory and stocks at multiple outlets using one platform with Stock-in/out report. PosBytz provide complete Audit logs of your inventory to track your inventory along with Inventory based reports Cost of inventory , Purchase order reports etc..

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Weighing Scale Integration

Weight Scale Integration

PosBytz weight scale application will update the price and quantity on the sale screen in real-time. Everything is integrated directly into the Point of Sale. PosBytz currently integrates with the Hardware’s which support serial communication.

In the cloud, on any device.

PosBytz works on any device. Use Android, Windows or Mac to sell in-store and fire up our Android POS app to sell on-the-go.

PosBytz Cloud POS on Windows

Use PosBytz POS on any computer with Windows software.

PosBytz on any tablet device

Use PosBytz on any tablet device with a web browser.

PosBytz on Android

Access PosBytz on Android using our native Android POS software.

Getting started with PosBytz
fruits and vegetable POS software is easy

With powerful data import features, rich support articles, PosBytz makes it easier to move your business on the cloud.

PosBytz cloud POS is fully customizable. Set your own currency, time-zone, language and even custom tax rules applicable for your region. PosBytz even lets you fully customize customer receipt templates.

PosBytz is very easy to manage and with everything centrally editable, things are going to get a lot easier than they are now. However, if you need help, our support team is here to help you.

Learn how to use the PosBytz Vegetable billing software with ease

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