Restaurant Online Ordering System

Best restaurant online ordering system to receive your online orders directly on your branded website and deliver orders through delivery partners. Don’t have to pay any commission on every order. 

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Restaurant Online Ordering System

Inbuilt Loyalty Program

PosBytz, an online ordering for restaurants will help you build and scale your e-commerce offering.

Grow your brand and your business with our unique white label program. Refer your clients to sign up with PosBytz and receive a commission for the lifetime of their stores.

A quick and easy way to earn profit while helping your clients build their online business.

Restaurant online ordering system

Receive orders in real-time application

Receive alerts as soon as a customer places an order.  Grab your orders directly on your dashboard, by SMS, or on our integrated POS system.

Posbytz, the best restaurant online ordering system, helps your customers order online, their average basket size, revenue generated, and their repeat rate.

Restaurant Online Ordering System for Timeless Delivery and Pickup

View your restaurant menu across all channels to accept orders from your mobile app, website, and popular marketplaces. Ensure all your orders are captured by cloud-based POS for a single view of transactions and customer interactions.

Posbytz, an online food ordering system for restaurants, sends orders directly to your kitchen for preparation. 

We help our customer receives updates via mobile app, text, or email. Keep customers and staff informed on order status. Posbytz, restaurant online ordering system location technology for smart pickup and customer satisfaction.

free online ordering system for restaurants

Posbytz, a restaurant online ordering system makes online menu management simple and consistent. We help your sales and profit by channel and manage your digital brand from one location. Posbytz software is equipped with an all-in-one kitchen display system (KDS). 

Some features are optimized kitchen workflows, food quality, and speed of service. We have color-coded orders and updates from your restaurant POS system, website, and mobile apps in real-time. 

We use predefined cook timings to break down each order, prioritize preparation tasks, and automatically alert kitchen staff about ticket times that have exceeded your restaurant’s standards.

Online Menu Management

Menu management basically explains the burden of maintaining centralized point of sale and inventory data. PosBytz, a free online ordering system for restaurants, has a dedicated network team for accuracy and efficiency on all menu, pricing, and inventory updates.

Restaurant online ordering system
restaurant online ordering system market

Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks & Mobile POS Tablets

Self-serve kiosks offer restaurant owners full flexibility and superior customer service. Posbytz, online ordering for restaurant Kiosks in any setting from fast-casual to quick service.

We offer a free online ordering system for restaurants, and we are unique in speeding up the order process, increasing guest spending, and reducing wait times for guests. The restaurant online ordering system market has been expanding faster over the years and will expand markedly in the forecast years.

Mobile POS tablets are really cost-effective for managing orders to inform the kitchen of successful contactless pickup and trigger loyalty rewards. 

1. What is a restaurant's online ordering system?

A restaurant ordering system allows restaurants to accept orders from customers. The point of sale (POS) became an integrated restaurant ordering system that can accept and process orders online apart from facilitating manual order taking.

2. How does a restaurant order system work?

When the restaurant receives the notification, a customer places their food and drinks order, the restaurant EPOS system notifies the food establishment through an instant notification. After that, the restaurant starts their side of the ordering process, where they start to make the food concerning the customer's order.

3. How to choose an online ordering platform for restaurants?

Every restaurant has its own personality and voice where it is presented in its online presence, ease of integration fees, and costs.

4. How to set up online ordering for restaurants?

Customers can use an online ordering tool on your restaurant's website to place and pay for takeout and delivery orders. Posbytz, a restaurant online ordering system from your website to your POS in real-time, where your restaurant is notified as soon as a new order is placed or scheduled.

5. How to create online ordering for restaurants?

We can use your own website using a website builder like Posbytz or WordPress to process your online orders. Have a third-party online ordering app such as Uber Eats, zomato, swiggy.

6. How to set up online ordering for my restaurant?

  • Start preparing for food delivery & decide your best route
  • Define Your Menu and Be Active & Visible on Google.
  • Get all your Operations in Place & Promote Your Delivery
  • Reassure your Diners on Safety.

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