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POS with Accounting Software: Features, Benefits, and FAQs 

Did you ever get confused with POS and Accounting software?

The Point of Sale (POS) system is the heart of any retail or restaurant business. It is the primary tool for processing customer sales transactions, inventory, stocks, generate reports and much more. 

But POS with Accounting software is a great tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help you keep track of your sales, customers, inventory, payment receivables, payment payables, cashflows etc..,. PosBytz Accounting can also help you manage your finances and accounting all in one software. 

This article will provide an overview of PosBytz POS with accounting software, its features, and its benefits. Let’s dive in and explore more.

What is POS accounting software?

POS with accounting software is a POS software with in-built Accounting that helps businesses keep track of their sales, inventory , expenses , vendors, customers, profit & Loss, Balance sheet and many more. This type of software is usually used in retail environments but can also be used in other businesses, such as restaurants and bars. 

POS (Point of Sale) with Accounting  manages financial transactions and business inventory. It integrates with the point-of-sale system to automatically record sales transactions, track inventory levels, and generate financial reports. It can help businesses streamline their operations and make informed financial decisions.

Remember, you can use the in-built accounting feature in the POS system to automate the entries for your POS to your Accounting  module 

Why to choose POS with Accounting software rather integrating with other Accounting packages?

Many POS systems offer integrations with popular accounting packages such as QuickBooks, Zohobooks,  Xero, and Sage. It’s best to check with your specific POS and accounting software providers to see what integrations are available and how to set them up. Its usually get why complicated with the integrations due to the below reasons

  • Syncing POS with Accounting  is not just about syncing Sales transactions but we sync the items masters, discounts , purchases, inventory, stocks, vendors, customers and many more.
  • Two way sync would be required as you might need to manage the items , changing pricing etc.., which becomes very complicated with some of the accounting systems
  • POS software is very complicated and sophisticated when it comes to managing multi pricing for different channels , managing inventory & stocks for selling through different channels, combo items, purchasing in bulk and self as individuals where most of the Accounting systems doesn’t support these options
  • For Restaurant POS software , there is much more complication with ingredients/recipes , production module etc.., which becomes impossible with Accounting system when we do the integration
Considering all the above challenges we always recommend to POS with Accounting software in-built to achieve seamless operations.


Benefits of POS with accounting software

  • Efficient Ledger & Journal Maintenance

Inbuilt Accounting software with POS system (Point of Sale) can help with efficient journal entries maintenance by automatically tracking sales and inventory data, reducing errors, and saving time compared to manual bookkeeping.

It helps you easily visualize financial health and cash flow. You can make more accurate decisions by comparing your past business health with more efficiency.

  • Update Vendor and Customer Information

 Accounting software with POS system provides real-time customer data, including purchase history, cash flow status, profit and loss, and more. This information allows you and your staff members to analyze data more effectively. Also track vendor and customer ledgers to track account payables and receivables.

  • Time savings: 

By automating financial processes and reducing the need for manual data entry, inbuilt accounting software with POS systems can save businesses time and resources that can be used for other tasks.

The inbuilt software ensures that POS  sales and purchase entries are automatically synced daily to respective ledger in Accounting. Additionally, it tracks and updates every  bill, vendor payment, discount given, void, and return with precision to guarantee accurate accounting records.

  • Increased profitability

By analyzing your cash flow and profit and loss data, you can identify areas where you can reduce costs and increase revenue.

In addition, you can review your expenses to see if you can eliminate any unnecessary costs. You can also negotiate better with your vendors or suppliers to reduce expenses. 

Further, you can analyze pricing strategy to ensure you charge a competitive price in your industry. 

Features of PosBytz Accounting software with POS

PosBytz POS with Accounting software allows to manage the chart of Accounts , post the expenses , Account payables and receivables , cashflow management, manual entries so clear tracking books and accounts can be managed

  • Better Inventory Management

Managing inventory involves tracking product levels, determining reordering quantities, and establishing reordering timelines. This process is particularly important for retail businesses, where low or no stock can harm a company’s reputation. 

With the help of a POS system, sales data can be used to monitor and analyze product selling patterns, facilitating inventory restocking. Generate cost of goods reports from Accounting system seamlessly.

  • Accounts Receivables and Payables

POS Accounting software can streamline your sales and purchase process with automatic syncing of respective ledgers of your customer and vendors. So you can accurately pull all the Account receivable and Payables reports at one place.

  • Expense management

PosBytz POS Accounting helps to manage all your expenses by posting your accounting journal entries to respective accounts ledger and track your expenses from anywhere

  • Accounting Reports

PosBytz POS with Accounting software helps you get all your financial and Accounting reports at one place from Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet, Day book, Account Payables, Account Receivables, General ledgers, Trial balance, VAT report, Credit Notes and Debit Notes etc.., 


POS with accounting software can greatly benefit your business by automating sales and purchases providing detailed profit and loss information. POS accounting software can automate your sales work, help you keep track of profit and loss metrics, and make informed decisions about your business. This software can save you time and money by streamlining your sales process and giving you real-time data about your business.

Before investing in an additional separate accounting software, try PosBytz best of features with POS , ecommerce , inventory, CRM and Accounting for Restaurant and Retail Businesses

PosBytz with Accounting software helps you to manage your book keeping in ease with Sales and purchases syncing to respective Chart of accounts in ease. Also get instant reports of Profit & loss , General ledgers , Cash flows , trial balance , Balance sheet, Day book , Account payable and receivables. Why waiting sign-up now with PosBytz for POS with accounting software 


  • Why Should I have POS with Accounting Software? 

POS with Accounting software can help you streamline your sales process, track inventory levels, and generate reports on financials. It can also help you generate tax filing report in a just a click.

  • What are the advantages of POS with Accounting software?

POS (Point of Sale) system with accounting  has several advantages, such as automating the bookkeeping process, reducing data entry errors, improving inventory management, generating real-time financial reports, and streamlining the overall business operations. 

By inbuilt both systems, businesses can save time and money while gaining better insights into their financial and operational performance.

  • Best POS accounting software to choose from?

PosBytz is one the best POS accounting software to manage your books along with inventory and sales from multiple channels in sync. Try PosBytz for your business with free subscription.

  • Does Posbytz support for Restaurant with POS and Accounting software?

PosBytz is one all in one Restaurant POS software with inbuilt accounting to manage your Cashflows, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Trial Balance, Food costing, Cost of Good sold and many more.

  • Can Posbytz be deployed for Retail with POS and Accounting software?

PosBytz is one all in one Retail billing software with inbuilt accounting to manage your Cashflows, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Trial Balance,  Inventory managment, Cost of Goods sold, Batch managment and expiry managment.

  • Can Posbytz be deployed for Retail with POS and Accounting software?

PosBytz is one all in one Retail billing software with inbuilt accounting to manage your Cashflows, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Trial Balance,  Inventory managment, Cost of Goods sold, Batch managment and expiry managment.


PosBytz is your comprehensive platform to manage everything you need to sell and grow your business.

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