How QR Codes Can Streamline Service at Your Restaurant

All though restaurants faced multiple challenges, creating a safe dining or takeaway experience using QR code ordering system enabled a efficient automated ordering and customer convenience.

Many restaurants are struggling with evolving consumer behaviors, economic challenges, and technological trends that everyone should adapt to. Are you in the same boat?

On a positive note, 45% of US businesses have switched to marketing-related QR code ordering system, and 76% of the restaurant industry has revealed that they will continue using QR code menu ordering. 

This could be a plus for you to kick-start growth and enhance customer retention.

So, keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends, digital menus, and QR code ordering with PosBytz, Read on!

List Of The Reasons How QR Code Ordering Can Streamline Service at Your Restaurant

There’s no doubt that QR code ordering system are meant to streamline business processes. The QR digital menus genuinely help alleviate the issue of staffing. The ease of menu management, including the addition of new items or the removal of out-of-stock items, is a significant benefit that leads to increased profit.

There is so much you can do, like:

Using QR code menu ordering

Using QR codes for menu ordering

A QR menu is a digital version of a restaurant menu. Customers can view the menus and available items by scanning the QR code on their smartphones. The term “QR” means “quick response,” which is exactly what customers want in any business environment. The barcode not only lets the consumers see the menu but also lets them select items they want to order and pay for orders simultaneously.

Most of the items don’t contain images in the print menus because of limited space. But with a digital menu, you can come up with a better design and include as many food images as you want. The images of mouth-watering dishes will draw viewers’ attention and entice them to order them.

QR code menu ordering system is integrated with Posbytz Restaurant POS to manage the orders and payment in ease with all level of security.

Free up the clutter and work hands-free with the help of digital menus for QR ordering system 

QR code menu at the table means no more waiting to catch the attention of a waiter for order placement. In addition, the customer can add more items later that they decided on at the last minute or forgot to include when placing the order, increasing the order value and overall sales.

Besides that, it’s a hassle to let customers know that any item they have ordered or are going to order is no longer available. To aid in this, the digital menu allows the employees to update the menu easily and frequently without ever needing to print new ones for the smallest changes. So, you can seamlessly include or exclude new items when any ingredients run out in the kitchen.

The QR code ordering system reduces guest and staff interaction. So, QR code menu ordering  and optimized kitchen operations will let you maximize productivity during the busiest peak times, even if you are currently short-staffed.

Use group ordering and payment to avoid extra headaches.

With the group order and pay system, it doesn’t matter how many guests are in any given group of guests. In real-time, multiple guests can collaborate on one order, and any one of them can add items to the order; meanwhile, others will be able to see the placed orders on their devices. Each guest can use their Mobile phone to place orders.

Everyone in the group will be able to split the bill and pay using their own devices. That means no more worries about calculating who owes what amount and how to take payments from multiple cards; that’s exactly what restaurant owners and their customers want.

Offer alternative payment options for every customer.

Nowadays, there are so many payment options. So, make sure not to lose a single guest by having every type of payment service, from card payment to online payment, and all mobile payment options, including payment from versatile digital app wallets, gift cards, or credit cards.

PosBytz QR code ordering system includes multiple payment options that not only facilitate hassle-free contactless payments but is also designed with a secure interface to prevent data breaches.

Using QR code ordering system for customer feedback and reviews

The customers will provide their email addresses or mobile phone numbers during the QR code ordering process. So, you can ask for feedback and request that they add a review about your brand on your social media handle or website by sending emails or SMS. This customer data can be used to market to them in the future.

Customize the QR code stand’s to fit your  brand.

Customize the mobile experience to fit your brand

Consumers generally visit the mentioned websites and social media channels to check menus, popular items, and reviews about the quality and taste of any item. They will check all these things from their mobile devices, so all vital details should be at their fingertips, easily accessible, and have overall responsiveness.

However, the ordering process shouldn’t be complicated. No worries! The PosBytz QR ordering  has made menu access, order placement, and payment on the fly for your guests, as well as relatively easier for employees to control menus, manage incoming orders, and keep the operation running smoothly.


On a positive note, 51% of the 2,500 US consumers surveyed said that they have gotten used to QR menus and still love to check restaurant menus through a scan and place an order in a minute rather than waiting for when a waiter will arrive with a physical menu and take their order from their table. The usage of QR codes among US smartphone users is proposed to reach approximately 99.5 million users by 2025.

So, make your customers’ lives easier right now by implementing contactless ordering and payment systems and stay one step ahead of your competitors with the help of the PosBytz QR code ordering system using Restaurant Management Software.


What is QR code ordering?
QR code ordering is a modern and contactless method that enables restaurant customers to view menus, place orders, and settle bills using their smartphones or digital devices. 

How does QR code menu ordering work?
To use QR code ordering, customers simply scan the QR code provided by the restaurant on the table using their smartphone camera or a QR code scanning app. This action directs them to the restaurant’s digital menu and ordering platform, where they can explore menu items, make selections, and proceed with their order.

Is QR code ordering system secure?
Yes, QR code ordering system is a secure way to place orders at restaurants. Customers can avoid physical contact with menus and minimize interactions with staff, reducing the risk of germ transmission.

Do I need to download a specific app to use QR code ordering?
No, there’s no need to download a specific app to use QR code ordering. Most smartphones come equipped with built-in QR code scanning functionality within their camera apps.

Can we use QR code ordering for my Cafe shop?
Yes we can deploy QR code ordering for Cafe shop with PosBytz Cafe Billing software

Does QR code ordering system suit for Bar and Restaurant Business?
Yes QR code menu ordering suits very well for Bar and Restaurant Business. To know more check our PosBytz Bar and Restaurant Software

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