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Upgrading Kitchens and Simplifying Orders: The Evolution of Restaurant Operations

Here’s a mind-blowing stat: The global foodservice market size is expected to grow up to a whopping $5,194.60 billion by 2029. This indicates that the restaurant industry is becoming highly competitive and populated, and you can’t take chances with your customers. 

Because they have so many options, and if they choose to dine in or order from your restaurant, you must ensure they get a rich experience.  

And, one of the major issues with restaurants is that they struggle with streamlining their processes especially in their kitchen. Food delivery errors, a lack of inventory tracking, food order mess-ups can affect your business and your customers. 

So, restaurateurs are now turning to technology to modernize and streamline their restaurants’ kitchens to make them efficient and stand out. Modernizing the kitchen helps a restaurant by increasing efficiency, reducing downtime, and allowing for a wider range of menu offerings. It can also improve the overall dining experience for customers by increasing the speed and quality of food preparation and service.

You will learn how to modernize kitchens and streamline orders in this article.

What Are the Different Ways to Modernize Your Restaurant?

What Are the Different Ways to Modernize Your Restaurant

Below we have listed the ways by which you can modernize your restaurant:

  • Get a POS system

Adopting a reliable POS system is the best way to modernize and streamline kitchen orders for effective customer service.

Before choosing a POS system, determine the needs of your restaurant.

Restaurant POS systems typically come with features such as table management, inventory management, and kitchen display systems. Be sure to look for a system that includes these features. Also, ensure that the POS system can integrate with these other systems and software, such as accounting and inventory management software, to streamline your operations.

Then, install a POS system that can handle all of the kitchen’s operations, such as ordering, inventory management, and billing. This will streamline the kitchen’s workflow and make it more efficient.

  • Fix kitchen display systems inside the kitchen.

Often, there will be a big confusion inside the kitchen about which food order must be delivered first, which order is ready to serve, or what the overall process is when multiple chefs are working.

When you place an order on the kitchen display system (KDS), a digital display, it shows the status of all orders placed in the restaurant. So this allows kitchen staff to see what orders need preparation and in what order.

  • Automating inventory management

Have you ever taken a food order and kept the customer waiting only to discover that the food ingredients were not in stock?

It is a careless mistake and can certainly annoy your customer.

If you automate inventory management, you can track the inventory in real-time and learn if an item’s stock is available or going to expire.

Here, a POS system can also help automate inventory management, allowing kitchen staff to easily track and manage inventory levels. It can help reduce waste and save money on food costs.

  • Implement QR based mobile ordering

Mobile ordering in a restaurant allows customers to place their food orders using a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This can be done through a restaurant’s mobile app or a mobile-optimized website.

Then, the orders taken are sent directly to the kitchen for preparation. This process can help speed up the ordering process and reduce customer wait times. The customer can then pick up their order at the restaurant or have it delivered to their location. So, customers don’t have to stand in line to order and get the food, saving time.

  • Use data analytics

Did you know that a modern POS system can provide data analytics reports? Yes, POS systems can collect data on sales, customer behavior, inventory, employees, and other essential business operations. Then, using their built-in reporting and analytics capabilities, you can generate reports on this data.

This helps the restaurant identify trends and make data-driven decisions. But significantly, collecting this data can also help the kitchen improve its operations, increase customer retention, and ultimately increase revenue. You will also learn where you are lagging and improve accordingly. After all, we want our customers to have a memorable experience ordering food at our restaurant, isn’t it?

  • Include online ordering

Since the pandemic, we have witnessed the craze for online ordering at its peak. Thus, online ordering is made available at every restaurant. But the problem is that tracking the online orders and payments and delivering them on time poses difficulty. However, with POS systems, you don’t have to worry about the same thing. 

Even if you are tying up with third-party food delivery services, you can manage an online ordering system through the POS system.

So, customers can place orders online, which are then sent directly to the kitchen for preparation. The POS system can also handle payment processing and order tracking for online orders. Some POS systems even allow tracking the delivery status and give the customers the ability to track their orders.

  • Don’t forget to train your staff

Last but not least, training your kitchen staff on how to use the new POS system, and ensuring that they understand how to use all of its features, is equally important. Besides this, configure the POS system to suit the specific needs of your kitchen. These things will help ensure that the kitchen is running smoothly and efficiently.


Overall, technology has become an important part of the restaurant industry and is helping shape how restaurants operate.

Apart from managing and streamlining restaurant processes, a POS system can provide enhanced security features reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud. It can save costs by automating order-taking, inventory management, and reporting tasks.

Thus, it not only helps manage the kitchen better, but it can free up staff to focus on customer service and other important tasks.

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