Should Your Restaurant Tie Up with Different Delivery Partners?

Many restaurateurs might consider connecting to the top delivery brands alone to manage things simply yet effectively. 

But what if your restaurant location is not covered by the food delivery partner or food from your restaurant always shows an extended delivery time?

Also, customers would have been biased on a particular delivery app; if your restaurant is not listed there, it is your loss. 

The other advantages of tying up with different delivery partners include the following:

The third-party delivery services are easy to set up, can handle more orders during peak hours, and take orders quickly without delay. 

Is Having Multiple Food Delivery Partners Worth It?

The answer to this is yes. Because third-party delivery services offer huge profits for your restaurant and cut unnecessary costs. Other benefits include:

It cuts operational costs and other hectic work

Just do a quick calculation of paying for petrol, insurance, automobiles, delivery drivers, and the most hectic part of managing the employees. Can you feel the pain

Widen your customer range

It is nearly impossible to get everyone to come to your restaurant. But, if you sell your food online and get it delivered to a customer’s doorstep, you widen the spectrum of your customer reach.

No extra labor charges

Since your food delivery partner will be managing their employees and wages, you won’t be working in this area. 

And not to mention the free promotions you get for your restaurant

How To Manage Multiple Food Delivery Partners? 

You can follow some steps to manage multiple food delivery partners more effectively.

1. Take a small step initially

When starting, you may be unaware of how a particular delivery service would work for your restaurant.

So, start outsourcing your food delivery to a third party for a small demographic and test if it works. With time, tie up with more food delivery partners. But again, experiment with how efficient they are every time you bring in a new partner.

Also, consider offering a small menu of your most popular dishes initially. You can engage with better services if any delivery service fails to show the potential result. Because your reputation will also get spoiled if the delivery is not up to the mark. 

2. Focus on food quality and safety

While the food delivery partners will deliver the food to your customers, you must prioritize food quality and safety. 

So, you must keep your customers happy by providing high-quality food prepared and packed appropriately. 

Imagine your customer orders french fries, and they get softened and soggy ones. This results in complaints and refund requests.

So, ensure to cook and pack food that doesn’t lose its freshness considering the long food delivery time.  

Besides this, you must instruct the delivery drivers to handle the food packages well because the restaurant’s name will get spoiled if the food is damaged.

3. Appoint a separate Staff to handle the takeout

Online orders surge automatically during peak hours such as weekends, holidays, and festivals. Meanwhile, your restaurant might also be filled with customers on such occasions. 

To handle this, you can appoint a separate staff or even a team to handle online food delivery orders. 

So, the food delivery staff doesn’t have to wait to get the packages in a long queue.

If you still find it hard to manage loads of online orders, the billing system, seek help from a POS system. This system handles multiple orders and tracks and stores every single piece of data.

4. Monitor delivery performance

Remember, customers actively use more than one delivery services applications, and they switch between them based on which app gives the best offer or quickly delivers the food.

Having this in mind, choose a customer-preferred delivery partner after analyzing and keep monitoring the delivery performance to check their efficiency.

5. Manage orders across delivery services efficiently

You can expect some complications if you have decided to manage orders across delivery services. But, if there is clear communication between different delivery partners, you can cut chaos.

To make things easy, you can adopt a POS system to pick up orders and track them until delivery.

Pro tip: Keep checking if any new food delivery businesses pop into your place and try tying with them because new businesses provide delivery services at reduced commissions.

With PosBytz, you can easily manage your deliveries through our integrated delivery service providers.


Tips for Choosing the Right Multiple Food Delivery Partners

Did you know that the online food delivery services market is expected to grow at a rate of a whopping 18.7% from 2022 to 2030?

This gives you a future picture of how many food delivery services will enter the market. But you can’t tie up with all the food delivery partners that come your way.

You can follow our tips to choose the right food delivery partners.

Be choosy

As already said, connecting with multiple delivery partners will create trouble. However, if you still prefer to go ahead, be very picky. Closely analyze the kind of service and value provided by the delivery partner company and then work with them.  

How much do they charge?

Some third-party delivery companies charge a 30% cut for delivering your food. It’s not fair in some cases. But think about this from a different perspective. You can also start your own online ordering platform and delivery to your nearby customers without any commissions

This increases the chances for new customers to order from your place. Most importantly, customers expect you to be on their delivery partner apps.

Check reviews

Before deciding on the food delivery partner company, check online reviews on their performance. In this internet era, you can easily spot whether a delivery company is worth collaborating with based on its popularity and customer reviews.

Swiggy POS software
Deliveroo integrated POS

Final Words

Last but least, the best way to manage food delivery partners is to get the best POS system that integrates with third-party delivery applications and eases your work in managing them.

We highly recommend checking PosBytz, a solid all-in-one POS system that is affordable, reliable, and contains all the must-have features to manage the restaurant better with multiple delivery partners integrated. PosBytz is integrated with Ubereats, Talabat, Hungerstations, Jahez, Swiggy, Zomato, Careem, Noonfoods, Deliveroo and many more. You can download the application and explore how it works. Or, ping us, and let’s figure out how to scale your restaurant business better using our POS system.

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