Ways to Promote Your Restaurant’s QR Codes for Contactless Ordering

Are you looking to implement Restaurant Contactless ordering system using QR codes and thinking how to promote for better customer experience and also helps you to streamline your operations?

  • Add Contactless ordering QR codes to online ordering platforms and delivery services

By integrating QR codes into your restaurant’s online ordering platform, or any third-party ordering and delivery platforms, you can create unique QR codes for the menu. So your customers can scan to access the entire menu.

It is also worth noting that this solution can be combined with contactless payment options. Thus your customer can get a more seamless experience.

  • Offer discounts Incentives

Offer incentives to your customers on contactless restaurant ordering  through QR codes from Table as this would be definitely a behavior change for your customers and once he is comfortable he will order by scanning. This will definitely optimize and also reduce cost for restaurants.

  • Use social media platforms for restaurant contactless ordering
Use social media platforms

Create a QR code for contactless restaurant ordering, display it on your website, and share it on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Also, include QR codes in email and text message promotions. So, customers will get to know that this concept exists.

What if your customers aren’t aware of this contactless ordering for restaurant? You can use the QR code in social media campaigns to help your customers understand its benefits, like increased safety and convenience.

To promote your restaurant contactless ordering, offer incentives, such as discounts or prizes, for customers who use QR codes for contactless ordering.

  • Add QR codes to flyers to promote your contactless restaurant ordering feature

You may think that distributing flyers is old school. But the fact is, flyers are still potent in bringing brand awareness and collecting leads. 

QR codes on flyers can be a powerful tool to create a more engaging and interactive experience for your customers.

You can give a virtual tour of your restaurant via the QR codes given on the flyers. This will give customers a sense of what to expect before they visit in person.

  • Table tents are the best
Table tents are the best

Tables are highly used at a point of sale to promote product offerings and business services. You can add the QR code to table tents and place them on the dining table. So customers can scan, view the menu, and order food from the comfort of their place. However, ensure that the table tents aren’t touched or taken down. If not can stick the QR codes for restaurant contactless ordering option as would be visible to all customers to try.

  • Business cards

Similar to flyers, business cards are also traditional marketing ways. However, you can still find people sharing their business cards at networking events. 

Though you have to get in touch with a person to give the card, the other person can again scan and access the menu on the spot and order food. This promotes immediate action and increases the chance for your restaurant contactless ordering  brand awareness.

  • Posters 

Posters cost less to design and print. So, get a poster created with a QR code and paste them on potential areas where your customers can quickly scan, access the menu, and use the menu. Ensure the QR code printed is large enough for customers can scan it in a go. 

  • You can also add a QR code to receipts

By including a QR code on their receipts, Menu Drive restaurants can encourage repeat orders from current customers. It can be achieved by adding an image, such as a logo or QR code, to the receipt.

  • Takeout containers 

This is similar to receipts, where you can get QR codes on the food containers or simply add a flyer with a QR code while delivering it to the customers. This can allow your customers to order again from your restaurant via the QR codes.

How contactless restaurant ordering can benefit your  business?

With contactless ordering for restaurants:

One can browse menus and place orders using their smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch and place orders from anywhere. This benefits busy customers who may not have time to visit a restaurant in person.

The best part is that payments can be made with a quick tap of a device without ever having to hand over a credit card or cash.

You can collect valuable data on customer preferences, order history, and spending patterns to improve menu offerings, marketing strategies, and overall customer experience.

But the benefits of contactless ordering don’t stop there.

With restaurant contactless ordering,
  • There is less physical contact between customers and staff.
  • Allows customers to customize their orders with specific requests or modifications. This can lead to increased satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Customers can skip the wait and head straight to their table, or even have their food delivered to their door.

Wrapping up

By reducing wait times and increasing order volume via contactless ordering. You can increase revenue, lead to a higher customer turnover rate, and increase sales.

In short, contactless restaurant ordering is the ultimate convenience for food lovers everywhere. So, the next time your customers are craving their favorite dish. Provide quick and easy service with contactless ordering and show them how simple and hassle-free it can be. 

How do you get started with contactless ordering in your restaurant with QR codes? Here is a quick way. 

Get robust restaurant POS software such as PosBytz. This software can generate a unique QR code for each dine-in table or Take-aways or Online ordering website. So, customers can scan the code using their smartphones and place their order through your restaurant’s mobile app or website. Start you restaurant contactless ordering system with PosBytz now.


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