How To Register and Sell Products on ONDC

The growing craze of the internet and consumers’ demand led to the rapid growth of eCommerce marketplaces in India. 

But what is ONDC? Are you looking to start selling products on ONDC?

You might think ONDC is another platform, like Amazon or Swiggy or Zomato, that can help you list in marketplace and start selling. It’s something similar but neutral compared to those big giants. 

To help small businesses, the Government of India initiated and supported the private organization ONDC to develop a digital platform. The platform can be accessed by suppliers as well as customers without restrictions.

ONDC will help small businesses and retailers to reach wider audiences Nationwide with fewer restrictions and commissions. It will become mandatory for all eCommerce businesses to register on ONDC, making it a common platform for all.

But the question is, Why ONDC? How to register on ONDC? How to become an ONDC registration seller? Are you looking for the answers? If so, you’re in the right place! 

In this article, we will talk about the ONDC, its working, and ONDC seller registration.

What is ONDC?

ONDC stands for Open NFT Decentralized Commerce. It is a decentralized platform that enables small businesses to buy and sell without intermediaries and hefty fees.

It charges only a referral commission of 3% (as of July 2022) for finding buyers, which is almost 7 to 10 times less than the big giants.

ONDC will allow the buyers and sellers to connect from different platforms, providing both platforms are connected. 

It’s similar to the role UPI plays in terms of transactions. It will unite buyers, sellers, logistics providers, aggregators, payment gateways, and more on a single platform, improving the buying and selling experience.

So, the ONDC will allow buyers to connect with sellers and make transactions to settle, irrespective of which applications the buyer or seller uses. But we already have other eCommerce platforms, right? 


The eCommerce marketplace is huge in India, but Amazon and Flipkart account for 60% of the marketplace. That’s a big problem because it keeps most SMEs out of the competition, which is the backbone of India’s retail system.

ONDC can help small business owners to reach wider customers curbing the monopoly of big players in the market. It will also help small businesses’ availability for buyers, benefiting both buyers and sellers. It got a lot of other benefits that include-

  • Discover local stores nearby to buy the product at a lower price and faster,
  • Smaller sellers and retailers get a level playing field that is unbias,
  • You can choose your own delivery partner.

How ONDC works?

There are three parties involved in ONDC – buyer, seller, and logistic applications (delivery partners, payment partners, etc.). When buyers want to place their orders, the logistic applications will help them to connect to the ONDC platform. And they can view the list of the companies from where they can purchase the item. 

In addition, the buyer also has the option to select its preferred delivery partner and payment partner, which can help them to purchase at lower rates. The buyer- and seller-side hosts might differ, but ONDC will not depend on any platform. It will give them a chance to SMEs to sell their products on the shopping app. 

To sell products on ONDC, you only need to register through a seller app, and your product will be seen on the ONDC app for sale. 

Let’s dive into the registration process for buyers and sellers- 

How to register on ONDC?

Creating a profile on ONDC is easy and only takes a few minutes. There is a different approach for buyers and sellers to register on ONDC. Let’s see each one-

How to complete ONDC Seller Registration?

To register on ONDC, Indian sellers can register through seller apps like Mystore, Seller App, Bizcom, Digiit, e-Samudaay, Growth Falcons, and others listed here.

You can search for seller apps depending on the categories of your product (Grocery, Home & Decor, Food & beverages, and more) and the cities you want to sell.  

It depends on you to choose the right seller platform from the list and start selling your products. 

What is the process for ONDC seller registration?

The registration process for each platform might differ a little, but the basic documents and processes remain the same. Here are the basic or prerequisites needed for ONDC seller registration: 

  • Business Name,
  • Contact details,
  • GSTIN and Pan number of business,
  • Bank details, cancelled cheque, agreement on terms of the engagement – payment terms,
  • Id proofs and Address proof for KYC verification, 

In the present scenario, ONDC collects all the required documents and then uses API provided by GSTIN and other public infrastructure providers to validate the information provided by the seller. 

In addition, it also conducts two more validations as a part of the KYC process, namely a penny drop method to ensure the bank account is valid and verification of whether the NP (Networking partner) has a Nodal-like Account required to settle payments as per ONDC’s settlement protocol. 

You can contact seller apps or mail them to get more details about the registration process, and they can help you. Here is a handbook that might help you out.

How to complete ONDC Buyer Registration?

Buyers can start purchasing the product using Network Participants that handle buyer-side operations such as buyer acquisition, search and discovery and give functionality to the buyer to place an order. 

Buyers can shop without downloading a specific app through the NPs and enjoy shopping from the sellers they love to buy from. ONDC doesn’t stop consumers from ordering online. Only the thing is they need to make a Paytm Wallet transaction as it’s the first buyer app to be ONDC compatible.

How to sell Products on ONDC?

Once you register on any Network participants (NP), you can start uploading the catalogs on the open network. After completing the process, the seller can be discoverable on the ONDC for eCommerce, and buyers can purchase easily.

Once your shop is set up, you can start adding products. You’ll need to provide basic information about each product, such as the name, price, description, and pictures. You can also set up shipping options and accept payments through ONDC.

To Conclude

Businesses must register, create an account, and provide basic information about their company to start selling their products on ONDC.

Once their account is created, they can add products and set prices. ONDC will provide a marketplace for businesses to sell their products, and it is up to the businesses to promote their products and drive sales. 

The Open Network for Digital Commerce is going to bring massive disruptions in the Indian ecommerce industry, and businesses with a variety of features to help SMEs to sell products, payment gateway, and logistic support. 

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