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Are you an online retailer planning to expand with physical outlets and who is curious to learn more about Shopify POS integration? Then this post is for you. 

If you already have an online store/retail shop or if you aspire to sell products both online and in person, then you can integrate the eCommerce platform with Point-of-sale software. 

Here comes the question of why stores should do external POS integration with eCommerce platforms like Shopify. The answer is that you can instantly collect, track, and manage consumer data with a POS system that is integrated with your online business. For instance, you can establish customer profiles with Shopify POS and access every purchase they’ve ever made, including information like everything they’ve bought online or in-store.

And by exchanging products, inventory, sales, and customer data across the two systems, Shopify POS integration makes it simpler to sell through various channels. This guarantees the accuracy of your data, whether you’re monitoring shop inventory or analyzing your weekly sales. 

Fortunately, there is a simpler approach to making Shopify eCommerce and POS integration happen. But before looking into that, you should understand the advantages and challenges of Shopify POS integration.

Let’s get started with the key benefits of Shopify POS integration.

The Key Benefits Of Shopify POS Integration:

Managing Online And Offline Businesses From One Location:

Most conventional stores that sell goods also have websites. Additionally, a lot of flourishing eCommerce companies opt to open brick-and-mortar locations when demand is great enough. However, one of the biggest challenges faced by the retail organization is combining online and offline sales. So, a Shopify POS integration can make it easier to manage sales, orders, inventory, and customer information across numerous shops and your online store if you use Shopify for your online sales. Without utilizing external APIs, you can manage both your offline and online businesses with Shopify POS

Shopify can be your system of record. Every time you make a transaction, whether it be online or in person, your product, inventory, sales, and customer data are updated immediately, provided you have a monthly membership account.

Streamlining The Time Spent Comparing Inventories:

Every time you make a sale, whether it be online or in person, your inventory levels change instantly if Shopify eCommerce and POS integration are done by the same provider. You no longer have to spend time counting and reconciling inventory, which saves you time.

When Shopify eCommerce and POS integration happens, you will obtain a comprehensive sales picture, do administrative chores, and much more. Additionally, Shopify eCommerce and POS integration are as simple as downloading an application from the App store. Using a plug-in or application from the Shopify app store will be the most effective and economical option to establish POS connectivity for the majority of small businesses.

Your online store operations may be made more efficient with the use of Shopify inventory integration. In a nutshell, the Shopify inventory integration helps manufacturers connect their sales and inventory movements with accounting, thereby saving time. 

Preventing Overselling And Stockouts: 

You won’t ever run the danger of overselling merchandise online if your Shopify eCommerce and POS integration systems share the same inventory data. You don’t have to lose the sale if you don’t have a product that an in-store customer demands. 

You are not restricted to selling the items your shop has in stock while using Shopify POS. You may use ship-to-customer to finish in-store sales and ship goods to customers from your storage facility or another retail location with inventory rather than losing a transaction to stockouts.

Improve The Efficacy Of Your Retention Marketing Campaigns:

Without exporting transaction data from two systems, you may better understand your clients, their purchasing patterns, and their preferences when Shopify and retail outlet sales are integrated. Create effective retention marketing strategies using that data. 

Making one-time consumers into lifelong admirers is simple with Shopify’s unified customer details. To encourage repeat business and maximize lifetime value, provide more individualized service when consumers shop in-store with easy access to their order history.

After learning the key benefits, are you ready to replace the manual inventory updates with Shopify POS integration

But, wait! We aren’t done yet. 


It’s important to have a clear strategy for how you will run the internal and external channels, utilizing an integrated, omnichannel approach. 

Omni-channel can be an integrated approach to customer-centric processes. It is where multiple interaction channels get packed into one management system to enhance the user experience and customer satisfaction. It also ensures effective delivery of products/services where cross-channel customer journeys are either essential or supported. The omnichannel customer experience enables organizations to manage the customer journey considerably more effectively.

Online retailers should have a strategy, especially if they intend to launch their own Shopify store in addition to having a physical and mortar presence.

You must be able to provide clients with a polished, user-friendly, and mobile-optimized online experience and make sure that your online and offline business activities are well coordinated. In the absence of such a centralized picture of your consumers, you will encounter significant omnichannel difficulties like selling products online that you’ve already sold in-store or vice versa, or not being able to conduct targeted marketing campaigns.

However, the main issue with most omnichannel solutions is that they appear to place too much emphasis on online or digital channels while ignoring the offline or physical domain, which includes the spaces where stores and service centers are located, where technicians must visit customers at home, and where people receive medical care.

Challenges with the current Shopify POS:

Though Shopify POS is an essential feature that helps retailers, there are some POS challenges that every retailer will face, which include

Managing multiple locations

Assigning permission to employees/users

Managing vast numbers of items

Difficulty in supporting third-party payment gateways

User-friendly POS for fast checkout at counters 

Many POS core functionalities like managing multiple discounts at the order level, item level, category level

Managing different pricing for the same SKU in various channels.

Manage various reports that are very specific to POS and outlet sales.

Here is where PosBytz’s omnichannel customer solutions enter the play to offer the best Shopify POS integration alternative. You can use PosBytz to overtake Shopify’s POS challenges.

PosBytz provides omnichannel retailers with customized eCommerce applications and apps to offer a seamless replacement for Shopify inventory integration as well. We prioritize a smooth customer experience and give shop associates the tools they need through real-time push alerts, local availability on the product detail page, and other means. 

PosBytz enables businesses of various sizes, from small stores to managing many chains of locations. The automation brought about by our POS integration assists in reducing errors and duplication. When combined with Posbytz’s dashboard, this integration offers customers a visual orientation of dashboards that is simple to traverse. To learn more about PosBytz’s Shopify POS integration, visit our website.

Wrapping Up:

Effective expenditure identification and knowledge of future expense minimization are easily achievable with the help of PosBytz. PosBytz also enables you to monitor key sales KPIs like top-selling goods and underperformers while also helping you choose the ideal marketing approach to suit your company’s objectives. Our inventory management gives you the flexibility to automate your replenishment procedures across several locations, ensuring that your stock is always full. Automatic reminders are issued to your personnel to maintain an ideal inventory level when the inventories drop below your threshold. 

We will make it simple to connect and sell across several channels while maintaining a single inventory across various platforms.

Get the best Shopify POS integration for your company right away with PosBytz! To learn how our professionals can expand omnichannel projects for shops to maximize their return on inventory and boost profitability, request a consultation with the PosBytz team of specialists.

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