Best POS Software for Restaurants in UAE

Has the continued growth of the UAE restaurant industry inspired you to open new outlets? Is high labor cost preventing you from expanding your business? Labor costs, food inventory, rent, back-of-house maintenance, resources, and more must be managed, increasing the cost of doing business daily.  

The full-service restaurant revenue is estimated to reach US2.34 billion next year, up from $1.94 billion recorded in 2018 or during the pandemic. So, there is no point in postponing business expansion because of the cost. 

Hence, why don’t you opt for a quick and complete solution to help you handle your business more profitably and efficiently? It’s high time to upgrade yourself with reliable Point-of-Sales software for the restaurant business

So, now you must select the best POS system for a restaurant in the UAE. To assist you in selecting the best, we’ve narrowed down the top 5 POS restaurant software available to work within UAE. 

You must decide which will be the best for your business, so let’s start analyzing. 

List Of The Best Restaurant Management POS Software in UAE

List Of The Best Restaurant Management POS Software in UAE

1. POSBytz: Best Restaurant POS System In UAE

This cloud-based POS system has an efficient inventory management section that helps you keep all the cooking inventories like the veggies, meat, and all the groceries and also makes it easier for you to track the food cost and thus the profit.

Besides handling dine-in orders, if your restaurant accepts online orders from different delivery aggregators like Talabat, Careem, NoonFoods, etc. PosBytz will also help you manage all the operations of all your outlets at different locations without chaos. Therefore, accepting orders is simple no matter what sort of device you are using like a Mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

The user-friendly interface and enhanced Windows, Android, and iOS device compatibility make it easier to onboard, adapt, and train new personnel, making it one of the top restaurant POS systems in the UAE

Launch your online ordering website and apps for your restaurant with free delivery app for your riders or third-party delivery through Careem or Noon this will help you increase your brand visibility and loyalty, increase the ticket size of your orders, know your customers, increase your revenues and savings from revenue share with delivery aggregators with 25- 30 %. 

  • Brand and customize your online store
  • Dedicated support team
  • Inbuilt loyalty program
  • Tablet/mobile-friendly POS waiter app
  • Branded online store and a customer app
  • Manage and track your ingredients inventory stock
  • Multiple outlet management
  • Integrations with food delivery aggregators like Talabat, Deliveroo, Noon foods, Careem 
  • Inbuilt accounting software for managing your cashflows, ledgers, profit/loss 
  • Accounting integrations Zoho books
  • Integrated with Whatsapp, Instagram , facebooks for online ordering
  • Multi-language support including Arabic
  • Cost-effective
  • Work well on any device 
  • Works offline and online 
  • Manage orders of multiple chain outlets using one platform
  • Own an online ordering system
  • Best tools for inventory, dining, and staff management
  • Limited CRM option

2. Foodics: Most Popular POS Software Restaurant In UAE

A similar cloud-based restaurant management POS software, Foodics, is also there to help you with inventory, sales, and employee management. It also aids in launching your business, improving business efficiency, tracking the progress and growing more sales, and overall promising customer satisfaction. 

Foodics’ systems support companies with three language options: English, Arabic, and Turkish. However, a major drawback is that the software is compatible only with iPad and doesn’t support Android or Windows devices.

  • Real-time reporting
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Internal transaction approvals
  • Smart insights and analytics
  • User roles and authority management
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free Demo
  • Easier checkout experience
  • Support multiple languages
  • Multi-user capability
  • Supports only Apple devices

3. Sapaad: Best restaurant POS in UAE

As you know, for running a successful restaurant business, having good food, a satisfactory ambiance, an enhanced customer base, and happy staff are extremely important. On the other hand, the best tool for revenue and staff management is yet another crucial thing to run your business profitably.

Sapaad is a cloud-based Point of Sale software great for small cafes to multi-chain restaurants. 

It comes with inventory management, online order management, a kitchen display system, a delivery manager, QR ordering, and many more. 

This best POS system for a restaurant in UAE works great digitally, available in mobile and Web App with free and paid versions such as annual subscription pricing based on the number of locations. 

  • Integrate powerful third-party platforms
  • Manage all your order channels in one centralized Cloud POS
  • Control your kitchen’s workflow
  • Track order progress from store to door 
  • Users can try Sapaad for free for 14 days
  • Multi-location friendly
  • Customize orders as per customer preferences
  • Multilingual menus and invoices
  • Runs on the Web, Android & iOS
  • Offline mode doesn’t work effectively, and the online ordering system is not very efficient. 

4. Petpooja: Affordable POS Restaurant Software In UAE

Petpooja is a point-of-sale restaurant software that no doubt streamlines and speeds up all restaurant operations.  This POS software includes integrations like Billing and KOT, table management, customer relationship management (CRM), menu management,  inventory management, business reports, and much more. 

Besides, it accepts credit card payments and is compatible with Android and iOS devices. 

  • Centralized dashboard for managing multiple outlets 
  • Get reports and graphs of the performance of employees
  • Handle daily activities
  • Track inventory
  • Easy to adapt and use
  • Real-time reporting
  • 3-click restaurant billing process
  • Order taking screen is not user friendly 
  • No customer support in UAE 
  • No delivery app for your riders
  • Integrations with delivery platforms not available 
  • Additional cost for online ordering system and apps

5. Micros: Another Best retail and restaurant POS software free in UAE

Micros POS system is tailor-made for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and casinos. We can call this one of the best point-of-sale systems in UAE as it delivers stable, reliable, and secure payment management services. 

It is opted in more than 180 countries by thousands of restaurants. This all-in-one cloud-based point-of-sale platform helps restaurateurs optimize their online and in-house operations in real time from any device.

  • InMotion mobile analytics app for iOS and Android
  • Accept orders from websites or apps, including 3rd parties such as Uber Eats
  • Takeout and Delivery
  • Directly print tickets to the kitchen
  • View sales information in real-time
  • Highly customizable
  • Free product tour available
  • Customer Support can be slow
  • Very costly compared to other POS 
  • Limited features with SaaS cloud option


1. Which is the best restaurant POS software in UAE? 

After reviewing more than two dozen restaurant management POS in UAE, we can proudly say that POSBytz is the clear winner, as it comes equipped with every possible feature you may need for your restaurant business. From inventory management to staff management, including reporting tools for inventory, payment, audit, sales, and tax has made running a chain restaurant business a breeze. 

2. Does the UAE use POS?

Yes! Unfortunately, you have left far behind your competitors if you haven’t started using POS software. You’ll be shocked to know that the number of POS users is expected to reach a 2.7-Million by 2027.

3. How much does a POS system cost in the UAE?

Basic POS software generally cost around AED 1500 – 2000 annually, while more advanced POS software for larger businesses can charge up to AED 3,500 – 5000 


It wasn’t easy to pick the best one for your business by drowning in the sea of choices. Right? So, have you found this article helpful? However, it’s time to make your choice because you know what to look for in a POS system. 

The above-listed POS software is designed keeping in mind the requirements of restaurants in the countries of the middle east (UAE). You can choose any of them, based on your requirements and budget.

If you want a reasonably priced all-in-one POS system, we would like to recommend PosBytz. With user-friendliness in terms of usage, device compatibility, and affordability, PosBytz makes everything happen.

With that assurance given, you may schedule a demo to see how it can benefit your restaurant business right away. Request a free demo now!


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