Restaurant POS software with Accounting system

Integration Of Restaurant POS Software With The Accounting System


Are you struggling with managing your booking keeping for your restaurant with two separate softwares for POS and Accounting ?

As a restaurant owner, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your firm by reading our blog, which explains the significance of  having POS systems with accounting software.

Significance Of Restaurant POS System with Accounting Software:

Restaurant Managment software with Accounting

Consider all the operations for your business conducted every day or every week. General accounting, vendor payments, payroll, and payment processing are the tip of the iceberg.

Assume how simple and efficient these processes would be if you had a point-of-sale system integrated with an automated, streamlined accounting system. 

Through this integration, a consolidated data source would be made available, eliminating manual procedures and drastically cutting down on or eliminating human error. 

Additionally, quick and accurate reporting will boost your restaurant’s profitability and also provide you with insights into more potential growth opportunities.

Integrated Accounting Systems :

Integrated Accounting Systems

Instead of  integrated Accounting software with your POS like Quickbooks , Xero , Sage , Zohobooks which has numerous limitations with API limits , huge additional cost , integration limitation with parameters & field , reports limitations.

An integrated accounting system can be defined as an accounting system that works seamlessly with POS. As all restaurant operators are aware, the most sensitive details about your restaurant, including sales and labor statistics, are stored in the point-of-sale system. 

Your accounting platform receives all of the data from an integrated POS system that is immediately connected to it. When necessary, the source data from your POS is distributed and eventually uploaded to your financial statements. This simplified link gives you the information you need to understand your company’s finances completely without having any dependency with any other third party Accounting softwares.

Integrated Restaurant POS Systems And Operational Reporting:

Operators who make use of real-time data to enhance the accuracy of their operational objectives, budgets, and cash flow management will function better than those who do not. However, a POS system that is seamlessly linked and synced with your accounting program is the only way to achieve this high level of performance.

Operators are now able to take proactive rather than reactive approaches to data consumption thanks to its speed, accuracy, and simplified nature. 

The best way to make this clear is through operational reporting, which enables owners to instantly make decisions based on facts that will improve their bottom line.

Sales Reporting:

Operators can examine sales data more easily when data is immediately consumed from your POS into your accounting software. 

Operators may monitor performance measures such as daypart income, labor productivity, comparisons, discounts, gift card sales, and promotions. Operators can more accurately estimate sales and adhere to their budgets with access to such detailed information.

Labor Reporting:

Operators may optimize labor dollars and handle labor expenditures using KPI tracking and POS data. This helps operators schedule more effectively based on actual business patterns. 

Received data, such as time and attendance specifics, worker tip information, regular flash reports with overtime alerts, the productivity of a server, and more, can be used to manage labor costs.

Menu Metrics:

POS systems and accounting software that have been integrated provide access to pertinent menu data. Operators may easily detect and convey differences in unit recipe, supplier, and item by seeing product mix data, the top and bottom vendors, purchases following contribution margin, and other data. 

Integrated POS Systems And Financial Reporting:

Using real-time data to generate useful financial findings, an integrated POS system assists operators in keeping their thumb on the monetary artery of their restaurant. 

Weekly computerized financial reports are easily available to enable operators to make timely and accurate business choices.

Some of the Financial reports from an Restaurant POS integrated Accounting system 

  • Profit & Loss report 
  • Balance Sheet report
  • Account Ledger transaction reports
  • Day Book 
  • General Ledger
  • Trial Balance
  • VAT /GST filing reports

Benefits Of  Restaurant POS System With Accounting Software:

Your POS system is a vital element of your firm and receives a lot of use. A POS is effective on its own, but when you link it to other business tools, it gains even more value. 

POS having an accounting system provides several additional business advantages along with increasing the capability of your POS. 

Let’s look at those perks.

Streamlining Bookkeeping And Accounting Operations:

Why do you waste your time on bookkeeping when you can use that time to manage your firm? 

Bookkeeping, a crucial aspect of financial management, may be difficult and time-consuming. Working smarter, not harder, is possible with accounting software. By eliminating manual computations from your daily to-do task, you will save processing time. 

Incorporate your POS with your accounting software to reduce the work you must put into it. Accounting software solutions can help you sync data, including inventories, sales, and timesheets.  INcluding filing of VAT returns from the software or GST returns filing through the software

These KPIs will be instantly sent from your POS to the accounting software, saving you the time and challenge of manually going through paperwork or worrying about “human mistakes” while entering data. 

Analyze Business Trends With Custom Reports:

Do you need to simply and rapidly examine trends for several businesses at once? 

The integration of custom reports within your POS system will streamline spreadsheet creation and provide easy access to your data. You may export information from your POS in a variety of formats, with as much or as little information as you want.

Monitoring the development of your firm requires having a detailed report of your finances. You may make complicated, error-prone accounting procedures simpler by using accounting software. 

Save Hours Of Work With Automation:

The key to running a profitable business is efficiency. Reducing time is a crucial benefit to take into account, as small and midsize company owners have historically had trouble balancing work and personal obligations. 

Utilize your POS to manage all of your data, and then allow your accounting software to work its magic. With precise data and product details at your fingertips due to automation, you’ll have more time and resources for growing other aspects of your company.

You may handle data and information and use automation to reduce administrative time when you combine several platforms like separate accounting software and also paying for your VAT filings.

Sync With Vendors:

To make budgeting and bill-paying easier, sync vendor accounts and purchase customer orders. You’ll cut down on the amount of time you and your staff have to spend attempting to obtain the required data. 

Operators can route their data to go straight to the accounting software or to a bespoke report when firms link accounting systems with their POS.

Accounting integrations are effective in significantly lowering data errors related to revenue. Since it affects how company owners and accountants make crucial choices, accurate revenue data is crucial. 

Automated processes may ensure accurate data flow while freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best: marketing and selling.

Wrapping Up:

Each restaurant needs a robust POS, and it becomes even more effective when all of your firm’s technologies work together to provide you with total control. 

A corporation may manage its cash flow more effectively and have a much clearer understanding of its liabilities from the accounting software along with the point-of-sale systems .

For integrating all of your restaurant’s financial requirements, POSBytz’s POS system provides unrivaled security, profitability, and simplicity. PosBytz is definitely a single all-in-one POS system for your Restaurant business.

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