Best Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) POS Systems

The fastest possible order processing and meal delivery are your top priorities while operating a QSR. However, providing meals may be challenging, particularly when dealing with various payment methods, order modifications, and staffing issues.

The need to make your menu available to online clients is also rising. How can you keep your restaurant’s patrons satisfied, irritation levels low, and revenues high? 

The best POS for quick-service restaurants is the ideal solution. Yes, the proper POS system for quick service restaurants can help you modernize your restaurant and boost productivity.

This kind of technology may assist you in completing orders and running the entire restaurant from a single screen. This involves supervising employees, monitoring inventory, and advertising your business to both present and potential consumers.

However, not all quick-service restaurant pos software is created equal. While some can perform all tasks, others can only offer a small set of them. To assist you in selecting the best QSR POS for your business, we have created this post.

Why POSBytz Is The Best Quick Service Restaurant POS?

POSBytz’s best POS for quick-service restaurants ranges from self-service kiosks to small, transportable POS devices, all of which are intended to speed up operations for your company.

With the aid of the mobile POS, you can service more clients faster. Additionally, the user-friendly software offers incredibly quick and precise client care.

The top quick-service restaurant management software, POSBytz’s Point of Sale, is used by several companies as it helps them achieve their objectives. POSBytz even guides you and provides the perfect service to your consumers wherever they are—in your shop, online, or at their front door.

With that assurance given, let’s look into the best POS systems for QSR in 2022.

Best POS Systems For QSR In 2022:

Best POS Systems For QSR In 2022

1. POSBytz

It is cloud-based, open-source, and packed with tools that simplify data processing. POSBytz’s QSR hardware is made to survive, and the systems can readily withstand the daily bursts of heavy traffic that quick-service restaurants experience. Additionally, the hardware has the greatest processing power, speed, dependability, and security. 

POSBytz’s order entry method naturally imitates the flow of the cashier-customer dialogue because it was designed for the fast-paced environment of the quick-service restaurant.

This organic flow increases customer satisfaction while speeding up service, improving order accuracy, and reducing waste. The software’s ease of use also makes it easier to onboard and train new personnel.

You may use it on the web, on your smartphone, or even on your desktop. It is not simply restricted to one kind of device.

Therefore, accepting orders is simple no matter where you are or what sort of gadget you are using. They provide a wide range of features that might improve the efficiency of your company. 

  • Puts everything together under one roof.
  • Using a single platform to manage several chain stores.
  • Even without the internet, it still functions.
  • Helps with employee and dining management.
  • Offers top-notch client service and onboarding instruction.
  • For marketing and CRM, there are limited options.

2. Revel

Revel Systems was one of the first companies to adopt the iPad as a POS solution. It provides a retail POS in addition to its POS for restaurants. Users of Revel have access to all the fundamental features they require to manage their enterprises. 

  • 24/7 client assistance.
  • Offers POS services up to two days per week. 
  • Provides advisory services to assist you in getting the most out of your POS.
  • Even if your internet connection is down, it’s always on.
  • Incorporates several payment processors.
  • Expensive and not easy to use.

3. TouchBistro

A cloud-based POS system designed for iPads is called TouchBistro. With this approach, iPads may function as self-service kiosks and workstations. Both clients and employees may use the same system to accept orders and payments. 

  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Scalable for use with single or multiple restaurants.
  • Flexible.
  • Easy to use.
  • Menu flexibility.
  • Complex reporting system.

4. Lightspeed:

Lightspeed POS was created with merchants in mind when it was originally introduced. Since then, the business has added eateries to its list of clients. Lightspeed’s fast-service POS system can handle the essential requirements of a busy restaurant.

  • Free trial.
  • Available on your own iPad.
  • Easy to use.
  • System setup is quick and easy.
  • A few offline features.
  • Expensive payment processing.

5. Clover

Clover’s POS system is tailored specifically for busy eateries. All varieties of QSR can use its user-friendly, contemporary interface. A huge touchscreen POS, a receipt printer, and portable devices are just a few of the solutions that Clover offers to cater to various demands.

  • Customizable to suit your needs.
  • Easy to use.
  • It works even if the internet goes down.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Works well for both small and medium-sized restaurants.
  • Absence of built-in in-house driver tracking.

And The Winner Is:

The winner of the QSR POS system is POSBytz. It’s because every sort of restaurant, including QSRs, may benefit from POSBytz’s all-in-one, reasonably priced POS system. POSBytz is distinctive from others since the team values innovation. 




1. Touchscreen POS Terminals Particularly Designed For QSR

Today’s POS systems frequently incorporate screens that are visible to customers, enabling them to see customers place orders, pay swiftly, and tip on the screen. This increases order speed and accuracy, allowing your staff to keep the queue moving. 

Modern POS systems like POSBytz are designed to boost productivity. With robust hardware, they can resist the demands of the restaurant and guarantee that you and your crew are constantly moving at the pace consumers would anticipate from a QSR.

Best-in-class POS terminals may accept payments using a reader that is directly linked with the POS as well as credit cards and mobile devices.

2. Integrated Online Ordering

By enabling customers to place orders whenever and wherever they choose, online ordering systems generate more income for your business. Additionally, since there is no one in line behind them, customers may take their time looking through the menu without feeling rushed, encouraging them to choose that extra menu item. 

Remember that your restaurant must have an online presence since people often expect it. If not, customers could choose a different neighboring eatery.

3. Self-Service QSR Kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks are the perfect solution to shorten wait times, give customers more control over their experience, and free up employees to perform other tasks. 

Self-ordering kiosks, which are practical and contactless, streamline the customer experience in fast service settings.

4. QSR KDS (Kitchen Display System)

A KDS, or kitchen display system, enables your front-of-house and kitchen workers to communicate easily so that they may work more productively and serve orders to satisfied customers. 

Make sure to get a KDS system for your QSR with restaurant-grade hardware that can withstand the heat of the kitchen and is robust.

5. Mobile Dining Solutions And QR Code Capabilities

With the use of mobile dining solutions, customers may take charge of their ordering process by perusing the menu, placing an order, and paying for their meal using contactless payment methods. 

You may reduce errors and even take advantage of upsell opportunities by letting your customers arrange their own purchases.

6. Inventory Management

No matter what kind of restaurant you own, keeping an eye on your inventory is crucial. Having a thorough grasp of inventory is especially crucial for fast-service restaurants due to the speed of operations and the perishable nature of the supplies.

7. Customer Engagement, Marketing, And Loyalty Programs

Programs for consumer engagement and loyalty capitalize on your regulars by rewarding their recurrent visits.

8. Detailed Customer And Sales Reporting

Determining whether and how to change your menu is one of the most difficult tasks for any restaurant, particularly in the face of historically high inflation. But with the correct QSR POS software, like POSBytz, it becomes a lot simpler. 

You may monitor performance in real-time by selecting a POS system that provides integrated analysis and reporting. Integrated sales reporting enables you to operate your quick service restaurant efficiently and quickly by allowing you to work smarter, not harder.

9. Integrations With All Of Your Favorite Restaurant Tools

It’s crucial to pick a QSR POS system for your restaurant from a platform that integrates with the most popular restaurant software while searching for such a system. 

You may integrate your preferred technologies, like team leadership software, delivery services, digital signs, and online ordering systems, effortlessly.

10. Streamlined Payroll And Team Management Processes

Your plate is full as a restaurant owner. You probably don’t have much downtime because you manage recruiting, menu planning, marketing, and billing. 

Pick a POS platform for your QSR that streamlines your procedures, including payroll.

Wrapping Up:

Companies need to get a quick-service restaurant POS system that can keep up with the pace and assist your progress when the speed of service is the core of your business. 

By now, you might have understood that your entire restaurant business, from the entrance of the house to the back of the house, is brought together by a quick service restaurant POS system.

Every facet of your business, including online ordering, menu and price administration, and even customer loyalty, can be managed. From a single cloud platform, POSBytz makes everything happen.

You can rely on POSBytz to update your restaurant, boost sales, and enhance the productivity of your personnel. You may schedule a demo of our best POS software to discover how it can benefit your QSR immediately.


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