Bar and Restaurant POS Software

Posbytz Bar & Restaurant software helps you to run your business seamlessly from managing your inventory, table order taking, reservations, tips, payments, and much more.  Let us customers relax and place orders with our branded customer ordering app. 

Posbytz Bar POS software allows multiple staff to clock in, place, and complete orders with ease.

Employee tip reports help you easily manage the split of tips between employees.

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Posbytz Cloud-Based POS System

One of the best restaurant bar software is a cloud-based POS system that speeds up your bar operations. Handheld devices & Mobile-Tablets allow bartenders to move around and take orders on busy weekends.

Bar & Restaurant software controls actionable reports via email. Order taking, Order Management, Billing, and tax management. Available in offline mode that is fully operational in case of power failures.

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Advanced Inventory System

Track your bar stock with a Posbytz, restaurant, and bar management software helps with an automated inventory management system. 

Instant alerts about restocking or any other ingredient purchase. Run out of essentials during happy hours. New products are stocked & essential for maximizing profits.

Manage the stocks from barrels, and pints; ounce management keeps track of old stocks’ availability as well.  Posbytz, Bar & Restaurant software is smart enough to track any scalable item’s sales.

Back-up data is securely backed up to the cloud so that you can see sales, inventory, and employee performance from Posbytz Sales Dashboard & is compatible with Android and ios devices.

Kitchen Display System

Posbytz, pos software bar-restaurant update staff & chef-related updates about all orders in real-time. Send orders even from the relevant kitchen counters to minimize the scope of confusion.

Bar and restaurant software processes orders faster in the kitchen by prioritizing orders according to the cooking and order placement time.

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zoho books pos integration

Customer Relationship Management

Boost your bar’s brand recall by sending regular text messages and emails to customers with Posbytz. Bar and restaurant software smartly markets your bar’s cocktails and day’s specials using amazing offers and discounts. 

Bar & Restaurant software scheduling them right will compel customers to remember you next time they go out.

Manage customer age limits

Posbytz, bar-restaurant software helps to manage the liquor service either online & offline can be controlled by the Posbytz.

Bar & Restaurant software helps to track the age limit of the customers buying liquor are noted and restricted for customers below 18 whereas the customer history is stored and tracked so the sales can be carried out without any hassle.

Bar & Restaurant software gives your employees access to use only the features you want. Bar and restaurant billing software was developed to track the management and tracking tools.

Bar restaurant software Employee Performance is tracked and compared where you can limit Employee Access. 

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Loyalty Program

Bar & Restaurant software retains your regular customers using the Posbytz white label program. Gift Coupons & Offers for frequently ordered drinks against loyalty points.

Refer your clients to sign up with PosBytz, bar, and restaurant pos software to receive a commission for a lifetime.

Earn profit while helping your clients to build their online business. Choose Posbytz pos software bar restaurant & run your business seamlessly with your offline, online & third-party customers and create an omnichannel loyalty program for your restaurant.

Tips Management

Posbytz, pos software bar-restaurant helps to track all the cash-related information. 

Organize your tip data with our handy export and print options. 

The tip tracking process is the most important one which takes your process to the next level.

Bar and restaurant software leaving behind outdated templates, error-prone spreadsheets, and paper-based accounting methods here Posbytz makes tip-outs, and tip splits are recorded and maintained in a customized way explore the future of tip management with Posbytz bar and restaurant billing software technology.

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Automated Table Reservation

Enlighten customers to reach out to your brand directly through an online Table Reservation System.

Posbytz, Bar and restaurant pos software helps customers check the availability and reserve tables directly on your website.

Bar restaurant software instant message alerts about any new booking. Branded Pages for your Business – along with a new website.

Customer History – A new reservation or an existing customer to ensure you give them a more personalized experience. Posbytz, Bar & Restaurant software automatically sends reminders to staff about upcoming reservations.

Engage your Business Grow Online - Posbytz

Customize your menu according to your customer’s needs with Posbytz, pos software bar-restaurant helps to track multiple bar tabs during peak hours. 

Smooth flow of operations with bar and restaurant billing software for managing orders via online food aggregators, Cloud POS, Inventory Management, and Kitchen Display System. Built-in CRM, Loyalty, and Feedback systems.

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1. How is cloud bar POS more efficient than legacy POS systems?

A Legacy POS is known as on-premise or traditional POS, stores data on local servers and runs on a closed internal network.

2. Which POS is the best for the restaurant business?

Posbytz, one of the best omnichannel bars & Restaurant Software helps to boost your bar’s brand identity for Advanced Reporting, Multi-Location Businesses, and for your Lowering Transaction Costs.

3. How POS technology is helping bar & restaurants businesses to grow?

Posbytz POS technology Better target potential diners with location-based push notifications and coupons/offers. Improve client retention and diner frequency with app-based loyalty programs. A new, convenient channel for customers to place online orders for pickup or delivery.

4. What are the unique features of the Posbytz Bar and Restaurant Software?

  • Manage inventory for liquor in pints , bottle , pitcher, bucket
  • Manage waste managment in POS
  • Manage customer wise pricing
  • Manage staff tips with payments integration
  • Integrated with payments
  • Customer table ordering
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