How To Track Restaurant Revenue Management Reports in Saudi

If you are a Saudi Restaurant and are on the hunt to know all the Essential Restaurant Revenue Management Reports, then this article is for you.

As we all know, running a restaurant with good food, ambience, and a good customer base is really important. Revenue management is yet another crucial thing that you must closely look into to run your business in a profitable way.

Comprehensive List Of Reports That Restaurants In Saudi Arabia Must Track For Efficient Revenue Management

If you want the best restaurant pos software in Saudi Arabia, make sure you choose one with the best and most efficient revenue management tool.

There are a few important things that you must consider for efficiently tracking your revenue management in a restaurant pos system in Saudi Arabia.

1. Staff Reporting

For running a successful restaurant business, it is extremely important to have proper Staff who are well experienced and provide good customer service. After all, happy Staff equals happy customers. So if you are looking for your hotel restaurant pos systems Saudi Arabia, make sure they provide a staff reporting tool where you can manage all the staff-oriented details like attendance, performance report, shift timings and so on.

2. Audit Reports

As basic as it sounds, Audit reports are something that is a non-negotiable thing that you must consider in a pos software for a restaurant Saudi Arabia. The Audit reports give insights into how your restaurant performs to make better decisions.

  • KOT Detail

KOT stands for Kitchen order Tickets, and as the name suggests, it provides all the orders and the items that are made in the kitchen that particular day.

  • KOT Tracking

The KOT tracking is essentially tracking all the orders that are made and helps you know the status of every order, and makes the whole process of confirming, making and delivering the order easier.

  • Purchase and Return Histories per Customer

The purchase and the return Histories of each and every customer is made as a report which makes you understand which item is being returned and which is ordered frequently so that you get an idea of what to offer to the customers. It also has a most ordered column in the POS, which is used for upselling.

3. Inventory Reports

Maintaining and stocking all the inventories like the veggies, meat, and all the raw ingredients is one of the important tasks of maintaining a restaurant business, and it is advisable to choose a free restaurant pos software Saudi Arabia that provides inventory report orders for you to track them all in one place.

The inventory reposts help you keep all the ingredients for the cooking ready and also make it easier for you to track the food cost and thus the profit.

It’s very important to manage the recipes in the inventory and get the recipe level reports based on the consumption.

4. Payment Reports

Payment reports are mandatory in any POS system as they provide a detailed insight into the cash flows and the mode of payments for each and every order. It segregates all the payment details and provides a report based on that. Should be able to filter reports based on various payment methods including cash, card, wallets like STC pay, Credit, etc..,

5. Tax Reports

It is a no-brainer, but  VAT reports are really important, especially for businesses. The taxes vary depending upon the business and the locality you are put up in. So it is essential to keep track of all the taxes for each and every order that you take up. In Saudi Arabia, there are requirements for ZATCA-approved e-invoicing software to generate the e-invoices which are as per compliance with ZATCA and VAT regulations. Learn more about ZATCA e-invoicing

6. Sales Reports

The Sales Report is what decides the fate of the restaurant, and you need to stay on track with all the sales that happen to make better decisions for your business.

  • Top-selling/worst-selling item

It is necessary to calculate all the top selling and the worst selling items from your menu so that you can either upsell them, Provide discounts on the worst-selling items or even remove them from your menu.

  • Outlet-wise Sales: 

If you are a chain of restaurants, it is important for you to choose the best pos for restaurant Saudi Arabia which offers outlet-wise sales for you to view and analyse the sales report of all your outlets in a single platform easily.

  • Sales data by employee/ product/ department: 

Analysing and segregating the sales data by an employee is essential to calculate the efficiency of the employee and makes it easy for you to understand the type of training you need to provide them in order to achieve the goal you have for your business.

  • Outlet Level Menu Reports

If you have a chain of restaurants, it is common for you to have a different menu and different items for each of them, and that is why you need to have outlet-level menu reports. With these reports, you can analyse the orders and add up the particular outlet.

  • Most commonly returned items.

The data of the most commonly returned items help you understand what the item that is not doing well is and how you can change it. You can either choose to upsell it or provide crazy discounts for it, or you can entirely remove it from the menu if you want.

  • Profit & Loss Calculation Reports

The profit and loss calculation report is at the heart of the sales report as they provide clear-cut data of all the expenses and whether there is any profit or not.

With the use of the profit and loss report, you can implement different strategies to improve your sales and make more profit.

  • Delivery platform-wise Reports

Today about 40 – 50% of the Sales are through online platforms so there should be an option to filter and download the Delivery platform-wise sales report to know how much sales happened through each platform.

  • Growth Reports

The Growth report indicates the growth or the increase in the number of orders of a particular item or an outlet over a specific period of time.

For example, if you launch a new item in your menu and you want to know if it is received well by the customers. You can use the growth reports and track the data of that particular item for so on and so duration and compare if the results are getting better. With the growth reports, you can choose if you want to continue or remove certain items from the menu.


Now that you know all the Essential Restaurant Revenue Management Reports That Saudi Restaurants Must Track Closely, it is in your hands to choose the best restaurant pos software Saudi Arabia. 

If we can provide you one advice on choosing the POS system, we urge you to make a list of all the POS features that you think are required for your business and then go ahead and look for options. This will make your process of searching for the best pos system for restaurants in Saudi Arabia a lot easier.

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