Guide To Restaurant Inventory Software For Multiple Outlets

Looking for ways to improve your restaurant’s bottom line growth? Then tell us one thing: how are you planning to take your inventory game to the next level? COVID-19 has impacted sales for the overall food service industry, restaurant supply

Mistakes Restaurants Should Avoid When choosing Online Food Delivery Software

What is the one common feature that almost all types of restaurants have in common? Do you have any ideas? Every type of restaurant will have an online food delivery service.  As you might know, it’s never easy running a

Ways to Promote Your Restaurant’s QR Codes for Contactless Ordering

Ways to Promote Your Restaurant Contactless Ordering using QR code

Are you looking to implement Restaurant Contactless ordering system using QR codes and thinking how to promote for better customer experience and also helps you to streamline your operations? Add Contactless ordering QR codes to online ordering platforms and delivery

Top 5 Petpooja POS Alternatives You Should Try in 2023

What is PetPooja POS? Petpooja POS is restaurant cloud based billing software that provides limited options to restaurants for automating the restaurant operations with respect to inventory management , managing accounting , integrations with third party delivery providers and many

Must-Have Restaurant POS Integrations for Managing your F&B business

What is a Restaurant POS Integrations? Restaurant POS integrations is the process of adding additional features to your POS system. So, by integrating third-party applications and different features into your POS system, you can build connections between your restaurant operations

How To Effectively Manage Multiple Food Delivery Partners?

Should Your Restaurant Tie Up with Different Delivery Partners? Many restaurateurs might consider connecting to the top delivery brands alone to manage things simply yet effectively.  But what if your restaurant location is not covered by the food delivery partner

Restaurant Management Software for Aachi kitchen

How Restaurants Are Modernizing Kitchens and Streamlining Orders

Upgrading Kitchens and Simplifying Orders: The Evolution of Restaurant Operations Here’s a mind-blowing stat: The global foodservice market size is expected to grow up to a whopping $5,194.60 billion by 2029. This indicates that the restaurant industry is becoming highly

Restaurant Trends That Will Shape The Industry In 2023

The Future of Dining in 2023: How These Trends Will Shape the Restaurant Industry As we enter a new year, the restaurant industry is bracing itself for a wave of change. From the rise of sustainable practices to the integration

Advantages of Billing software for supermarkets

What Is Supermarket Billing Software? A supermarket billing software is a tool that helps in managing and automating business processes that include sales, stock, purchases, inventory management, accounting, and even maintaining loyalty programs. The data collected via this software gives

Why do supermarkets need Supermarket billing software?

Are you serious about handling your entire supermarket business efficiently but need help with the hectic and time-consuming processes No worries, the Supermarket Billing Software is an ideal solution! Your supermarket deals with hundreds of customers daily, and managing a


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