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The extensive use of the mobile application and increased online shopping have promoted eCommerce giants to bring a paradigm shift to their marketing strategy. Companies like Flipkart and Amazon have understood and embraced the homebound economy concept that is prevailing in society today.

Customers value the experience of convenience and personalization while shopping online. Online businesses that effectively focus on delivering an exceptional shopping experience have a better chance of retaining their customers.

Advances in technology are also changing the way consumers shop online. Thanks to the smartphone penetration rate, it is not surprising to note that almost half of the internet traffic is from mobile device users.

According to Outerboxdesign, 80% of those who shop in physical stores utilize the mobile phone to look for alternatives to shop for the product online.

Given the amount of research shoppers do online, it is vital to look at a few popular ways to build an ideal eCommerce store.

5 Different Ways to Set Up An Online Store

1. Conduct an in-depth market research

Before developing an eCommerce store, it is vital to understand the current industry trends and the market value of each industry. You should conduct a competitor analysis to see how you stand in the digital space. You also need to understand consumer shopping trends to stay ahead of your competitors.

 For example: The pandemic has encouraged users to prefer eco-friendly products and choose companies that embrace sustainability as a strategy. 

Another important factor to consider while conducting your market research is to identify your goals and what KPIs to consider to measure your success. Identifying the KPIs will help you in the development process and also help you create innovative conversion strategies. Thus, you need to develop an eCommerce store that maximizes your revenue opportunities.

2. Determine your target audience

The next step after your competitor analysis is to map out who your audience is. B2B customers desire a different experience as compared to B2C customers. You need to factor in age, gender, interests while defining your marketing strategy.  Finding answers to these questions will help you solve their pain points and showcase you as a niche leader in the industry.

3. Clearly define the essential features.

While developing your shopping application, you need to include a few essential features that are a must-have for your eCommerce application. These include-


Simple and clean interface –

Your users should find the layout uncluttered and straightforward to navigate. Having a clear homepage helps your users update the latest promotions and plan out their purchases immediately.

Ability to create a wishlist for your products-

During the early stages of developing your online store, you need to perceive your customers’ thoughts. Most customers use their time to scroll through the shopping applications when they are bored. They may not intend or be in a position to make the purchase immediately. Thus, it is good to provide the option of a wishlist to the shoppers so that they can come back later and decide without having to browse to search for the product they had liked previously. 

Millennial-focused retailers like Forever 21 have noticed a huge success after the provision of this option as most of their customers may require parental permission before they can make the purchase.

Effective Search Engine- 

Most shoppers are now increasingly aware of what they would like to purchase. Thus, it is important to provide them with the option of directly visiting the product they want rather than making them browse through the whole product catalog. A convenient filtering and sorting option would mean faster checkouts and better sales for the business.

Flexible and secure payment options-

You must integrate different payment options to make the checkout process seamless for the customer. The pandemic has led customers to use different modes of payment according to their convenience. Customers also need to feel that the transaction gateway is secure and fast for them to continue to make purchases in the future.

Convenient Checkout/Add cart feature- 

Your customer should not face any hassle while adding the product to the cart or checking out, as this is the final step in the buyer’s journey. Providing too many forms during the checkout process may lead to a loss of potential sales.

Inventory check: Ensure live check of inventory. If the customer adds the products to the cart and is not available during payment, they are more than likely to switch brands. 

4. Choose the right platform

There are few factors to consider while choosing the right eCommerce platform, such as-

  •  Types of products to be sold
  •  The buyer persona, 
  • Your target geography,
  •  The current market trends. 

Posbytz’s platform allows you to create a powerful online shopping experience for your customer.  You can create your online store with a click of a button, and what’s more, it is free!

Posbytz ensures that no commission is collected on the sales of the products. Thus, the entire revenue the business generates can be solely collected by the owner. We offer a variety of plans that are suited for your business requirements.

5. Market your application

You need to ensure that there is good customer engagement in your business. Marketing your application is even more important than building a stunning eCommerce application. You need to make sure your application is available and easy to download on different platforms. You can provide better prices for mobile users, offer promotional discounts for credit card users, and work on content marketing strategies that are sensitive to the customer’s demand.


Proper techniques are essential when it comes to building an exceptional eCommerce store. The online business world is changing rapidly. As a business, if you do not have the technical expertise to build a simple online store, you may get hidden despite having a fantastic product to offer.

Posbytz ensures that you can create a powerful digital footprint thanks to our built-in analytic tools.

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