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In this guide get to know the importance of having the best free online store eCommerce platform to strategically expand your business.

A great example of multichannel experience by a business is represented by Apple. They understood the trending buyer patterns and found that most of their sales were from customers online or from third-party shopping applications. So, they decided to combine the online benefits of their website and create a customized experience for their in-store customers. 

Their customers could purchase the product in-store or shop online and see the combined purchase history for future purchase decisions.This meant that customers had an all-around shopping experience across the different touchpoints. This proves that in order to stay ahead of the curve the best free online eCommerce store should ensure an end-to-end shopping experience across devices and channels. 

Why is it important to choose the best free online eCommerce platform for your business?

Customers are increasingly connected to different channels at different stages of their buying journey. Choosing the best free online store platform means choosing the right tools to meet the expectations of modern shoppers. An eCommerce platform should help you create a website and help you with the back-end operations such as inventory management, invoice handling, and customer engagement.

The best free eCommerce website builder provides you with a single dashboard to stay connected with your customers and employees. Let us help you look for the best free online store builder for your business based on the current market trends.

What are the different types of eCommerce platforms?

As eCommerce technologies slowly evolve, businesses are shifting towards a scalable platform to target new audiences. If your business is niche and needs specific requirements, choosing the right platform to meet those needs is essential. Let us look at the different types of eCommerce platforms available in the market.

1.Saas and Headless commerce

The main advantage that these platforms offer is the flexibility and convenience it brings to business owners. It removes the complexity of the costs involved in traditional eCommerce platforms and provides futuristic benefits to grow your business in the long run. This includes-

  • Quick customization of features

  • Easy maintenance

  • Cost-effective

  • Quick launch of your online store

Headless commerce is the future of commerce. It aims to enrich the customer experience. Headless commerce separates the back-end and front-end operations and provides you with complete control over customization of the store. You can build your brand quickly with headless commerce platforms.

For example, you can use a separate content management system (CMS) to design the website and choose the best free online store eCommerce to align with your marketing strategy.

2.Web Hosting

Web hosting can be in two different forms- self-hosted or on cloud. 

 Self-hosted eCommerce platforms

The main disadvantage of a self-hosting eCommerce platform is that you would have to make your website offline to conduct your upgrades. This means that the store owner has to find the hosting, deal with different upgrades, and periodically update the software. This can be a huge inconvenience for customers who have different shopping habits.

Running a self-hosted eCommerce platform is complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes you may not perform the necessary tasks without external support. Thus, it is better to look at a cloud-hosted eCommerce platform if you want simplicity.

Cloud-hosted eCommerce platform

Cloud-hosting platforms allow you to spread data across different servers located across different locations. The main reason businesses should check out cloud-hosted eCommerce platforms is that it prevents the site from crashing during high traffic seasons like Christmas, New Year, etc.

Now that we have covered the different types of eCommerce platforms let us look at the few tips to choose the best free online eCommerce platform for your business.  

4 essential tips to choose the best free online store eCommerce

1.Establish your business objectives

While choosing the best free online store eCommerce provider, you need to determine your business needs and understand which platform has the appropriate features to integrate with your business. Let us look at few factors-


Which platform provides a free online store for your business? What operational and capital expenditures are involved in setting up a business online?


What is the best interface to boost your customer conversions? Having a simple interface means you can do it yourself rather than looking for an external developer.

Integrations with new applications: Can your online platform seamlessly integrate with different applications?

2.Determine your store’s design

While building your store, your platform must offer different themes to help you differentiate your brand from your competitors. Posbytz offers free themes to help you customize your store to help your business scale faster.

3.Ease of use

While looking for a great platform, you need to check whether it is easy to navigate, explore and requires minimal support.

Posbytz is the best online eCommerce platform as it can be set up in 3 simple steps. You can move on to add products and quickly launch your store once it is set up.

4.Centralized management

Today’s online audience can be found across different channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp. So, when you are selling your products, you need to ensure high visibility across the channels. This can be confusing to monitor and may require extra eyes to keep track of all channel activities.

Posbytz centralized platform is an omnichannel solution for businesses to expand effectively. The best part is that it works for all types of businesses.

Getting started with Posbytz’s free online store

Posbytz is the best free online store eCommerce platform for businesses looking for convenience and simplicity in their daily operations. It is accessible across devices and offers customized templates to scale your business higher.

Customize each facet of your storefront in 3 simple steps-

  • Start a free account for your business
  • Include the products you want to sell
  • Launch your business in a matter of minutes

Build your best free online store with PosBytz here now!


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