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COVID 19 created tremors throughout the world. The aftermath of the pandemic started one of the greatest digital revolutions. What was thought impossible earlier is now happening – online classes for children, work from home with Zoom as the point of contact and restaurants running cloud kitchens and drive-ins as the new dine-in. The pandemic has brought about a new opportunity for digitization and has helped save many livelihoods.

Factors that will continue to have a positive impact on eCommerce store growth

If you are looking for reasons to set up an online store then we are here to reassure you that current shopping trends foresee customers preferring to shop online rather than the traditional brick and mortar store. According to Statista, by the year 2023 eCommerce will make up to around 18% of the total global retail sales.


1.New Shopping Behaviour

According to the Drum Network, 47% of the consumers prefer a mix of shopping online and buying products in-store. Consumers are more health-conscious and look for value and convenience when purchasing a product

2.Fear of the pandemic

The fear of Covid 19 will still linger for a long time. People will be more inclined to stay cautious and embrace the online sales platform simply because it is safer.

3.Growth of m-commerce

The new generation shoppers are impulsive in nature. They prefer the convenience of placing the order immediately while on the go thanks to the portability smartphones provide them.

Top trending products to sell online to grow your business

1.Skin-care products

The pandemic brought about a complete awareness of the importance of self-care.  The work-life balance has now become more challenging. People are looking for products that help them feel good after a stressful day of work. Currently, consumers are enthusiastic about purchasing organic face masks and hair masks.

2.Exercise equipment

The lockdown period saw a surge in the number of fitness applications being installed. Gyms had been shut down and people were looking for ways to continue their workout routine within the confines of their homes. 

The sales of yoga mats, skipping ropes and cardio equipment skyrocketed during the pandemic. Besides this, customers were looking to purchase digital fitness tools that helped them monitor their workouts effectively. According to research, it is believed that the market for home gym equipment will grow at a CAGR of 9% between 2019 and 2025.

3.Medical Supplies

This may seem like an unnecessary product to add to your online eCommerce store. However, COVID 19 has led consumers to purchase most of their medical supplies online. The fear of falling ill has made people feel safer placing their orders online. You could also add products like latex gloves and various types of protective face masks to your online eCommerce store.

4.Toys and Hobbies

The pandemic has paved the way for families and friends to spend more time together in the comfort of their homes. Thus, this is the best time to sell board games, innovative toys, or products that help stimulate your hobbies. 

These can be-

  • Baking mixes and baking products

The closing down of customers’ favourite restaurants has led people to develop an interest in trying out their favourite dishes. Some of them have even started small online businesses due to the surge in the demand for bakery products.

  • Art Supplies

The demand for art supplies has increased thanks to the quality of time people have on their hands due to the COVID 19 pandemic restrictions. People are moving towards learning recreational activities during their leisure time.

5.Daily Consumables

In the year 2020, online grocery sales grew to around 80% per cent in India. Consumers were concerned about their safety and also found it difficult to navigate due to the lockdown restrictions imposed by the government.

The daily consumables that were commonly searched on Amazon include-
  • Grocery
  • Pet food
  • Foodgrains and pulses
6.Consumer electronics and Office furniture

The usage of electronics at home has increased drastically due to the trend of working from home. You need to sell products like laptops, smartphones chargers, earphones as people are actively searching for products to help them work productively.

You can also add home products like office chairs and tables to the list for your online eCommerce store.

Importance of Omnichannel Strategies

Having digital touchpoints across the web, email and social media will entice your customers to be loyal to your brand. The sheer visibility of your product during a time of shortages thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic would help customers to trust your brand in the long run.

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