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Do you remember what your very first sales was like? Are you ready to improve those numbers with an ideal online sales platform? Read this blog to know more. 

Business owners and sales professionals know that a strong online presence is key to driving sales. However, creating and managing an effective online sales platform can be a daunting task. The ​​best online sales platform is an intuitive one that can not only be customized to suit your brand but also ensure a memorable experience for you as well as your customers. 

Your abandoned cart numbers can tell you the status of your sales strategy. According to Fresh Relevance, almost 60% of shopping carts are abandoned. This means that even if you reach the right audience, leading them to the cart and ensuring that they make the purchase can be  difficult. It is important to concentrate on your marketing efforts and integrate your offline and online space to make the most of your channels.

In this guide, let us help you effectively utilize Posbytz’s online platform to sell products by driving targeted traffic to your online sales platform.

Why is it significant to start selling with Posbytz’s online sales platform?

One of the biggest myths in the business world is that the product will sell itself. Every product sale needs to be empowered by a powerful marketing strategy that will build brand loyalty and get your customers to choose your store over other eCommerce brands in the market.

The best platforms to sell online are the ones that help you customize your digital store according to the brand colors and enable  you set benchmarks after analyzing the incoming traffic and customers’ purchase decisions.

Posbytz helps you generate data for the below crucial questions to nurture your traffic into repeat customers:
  • What are the top-selling products online?
  • What are the top payment modes used during online shopping?
  • Which channel had the highest sales?
  • What is the number of customers who purchased from your store for the first time?

As you can see, online selling platforms like Posbytz help you sell your products faster, smarter, and create a viable strategy early on.

Let us look at a few ways to drive your new online store sales.

Steps to sell with the right online sales platform

1.Reach out to your Network

Connecting with your family and friends is a smart way to get genuine feedback about your store and learn about their shopping experience. Posbytz helps you integrate orders from different social platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram to ensure omnichannel service. 

By connecting with  your close friends and family, you can understand the problems your product solves and be aware of your product’s brand perception. This in turn can help you sell your products with a strategic and clear intent to your customers.

Here are a few ways you can build your internal connections-

    • Create attractive posts on social media on the brand launch
    • Share free samples or rewards to connections that help you grow
    • Request people to like, share or comment on the company’s page
    • Create an FAQ guide for anyone that expresses interest in your product
2.Offer discounts/ coupon codes

Audiences often hesitate to try something new. A good way to make the first sale is by offering discounts or coupons to entice your prospective customers to look at the other products available in your store.

Posbytz allows you to categorize customers based on location purchase history and create customized discounts.  You can offer free shipping to the customers who purchase your product for the first time and give them a reason to add more products to their shopping cart.

3.Grow organic reach

Organic reach is vital if you want to drive traffic to your website. But how do you ensure that you have connected with the target audience with the right pain points and benefits? 

Applying a  Search Engine Optimization strategy to optimize your on-page content is a time-tested formula to improve conversion rates.

On-page SEO can include your blogs, product descriptions, or any other visible content on your website. You need to ensure that your on-page content is optimized with your audience’s keywords when enquiring about your product.

For example: Suppose you are an eCommerce store that sells jewellery. You need to ensure that you use keywords with high search word volume to drive traffic to your store. 

A keyword like ‘hand-made silver jewellery is more like to make a sale than ‘silver jewelry’ because it narrows down your audience by targeting only those with specific requirements. 

Title tags help the search engine give a crisp introduction to what your product  is about. Meta tags are also crucial while optimizing your website. Each page of your website should have a different title tag.

4.Influencer marketing

Influencers are a great way to connect with a niche audience. You can elevate your brand awareness and tap into the existing audience of the influencer. This is a proven strategy  to reach your audience faster and create a unique and trusted bond with your customers.

Customers can also understand and connect with your brand persona through the influencer’s values. This is why it is important to ensure that your marketing goals align with the influencer’s following.

5.Leverage your offline store

If your online store is an extension of your brick and mortar, you can use the existing customer base and help them make in-store online purchases. This is a great way to get your customer engaged with your brand even when they leave the store.

Your in-person customers can be the best brand ambassadors for your new online store.

Posbytz is one of the best platforms to sell online as it keeps track of your customers’ offline and online purchases in a single dashboard.

What characteristics should small business owners look for in online selling platforms?


When looking for an online platform to sell products, you need to examine the investment cost. Most platforms have a monthly subscription fee that is charged. Thus, when looking at the best platforms to sell online, you need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of investing in each of them.

Posbytz free plan offers the ability to build a store, mobile responsive shopping cart, android iOS store management, manage your inventory efficiently, and unlimited bandwidth on the incoming traffic to your store. They also have different paid plans called Lite, Plus, and Premium, created to meet your business needs. 

Posbytz also differentiates itself from other platforms by offering multiple payment options such as Razorpay and Stripe with 0% commission fee.

2.Integrations with accounts

Integrations are important for your business to stay ahead of your competitors in the digital space.

Posbytz’s software has integrations with Quickbooks Accountants to help manage your expenses and customize the tax accordingly. This will help keep an accurate record of your transactions.

3.Mobile optimization

According to Outer box, 79% of smartphone users have purchased online using their mobile devices. Posbytz’s store includes a mobile-optimized shopping cart to help your customers make a purchase from any mobile device or tablet.

We understand that securing the first sale might seem like a daunting task, but looking for an eCommerce solution with the above 3 main features is an excellent way to ensure success. 

Posbytz is the best online sales platform as it offers much more. You can easily design your storefront, add multiple products, have a domain name, and even offer different variations of your products.

Sell Smart with Posbytz!

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