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This guide, ‘How to sell on Whatsapp?’ will help you effectively use this channel to increase your sales.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application across 180 countries and is utilized by various age groups. According to Statista, WhatsApp has over two billion active users. This number is higher than Telegram, Facebook Messenger and WeChat. 

WhatsApp for Business brings the functionality and convenience of instantly staying connected with your customers. You can personalize your customer interactions and create a safe environment to chat with your customers. This real-time experience builds loyalty and trust for your business.

Whether a small business owner or a retailer, you can use this opportunity to sell products on WhatsApp. WhatsApp provides the capability for business owners to digitize product descriptions, product images, features, prices and send them to their customers with a simple click of a button. The addition of the WhatsApp catalogue helps the business showcase its products online and boost sales quickly.


Why should your business sell on WhatsApp?

Running a business is never an easy task. 2021 disrupted businesses and changed the mindset of the customers. People preferred shopping online instead of venturing outside due to the fear the pandemic had created.

Traditionally, marketing of products and promoting your business was expensive and tedious. However, there is an alternative marketing tactic that involves minimal investment and a smart strategy.

Enter Whatsapp, which is the perfect tool to use for your business advantage. It is simple and free to use. You can communicate with your customers in real-time and send out various promotional messages. You can also offer personalized support and thus, strengthen your brand persona. Your business can leverage the fact that the majority of your customer base is present on this communication platform. 

That’s not all. The Whatsapp catalogue feature enhances the customer experience and provides transparency on the products offered by your business.

Whatsapp ordering is a convenient option to integrate all your digital platforms during the pandemic. The automated messaging system is a proactive tool that connects your audience in a targeted manner. Whatsapp also has a broadcast feature that allows you to send the same message to many contacts. This is useful for shipping related information, appointments or festival sale offers. Whatsapp for business allows you to create groups with upto 256 contacts. This can be used for focused groups, beta testing and networking.

Another reason why businesses should sell on Whatsapp is due to the ability to send content in different formats for free without restrictions. This is an important feature to help you sell online as customers can decide based on the content available.

So how do you make the most of Whatsapp ordering as a small business owner? Let us help you increase your business revenue with five easy steps.


Sell on WhatsApp: 5 Easy Steps


Step 1: Download the WhatsApp Business Application

The Whatsapp Business application can be downloaded from the play store. You can easily create a business profile as the functionality and user- interface is similar to the traditional Whatsapp application.

Sell on Whatsapp
Step 2: Create a Business page

After installing the application, the next step is to have a dedicated business profile accessible to your customers. Your number for the Whatsapp Business account should be different from the general Whatsapp account. This makes your Whatsapp ordering easy and fast.

You can change and edit the name of your business with 3 simple steps-

  • First, launch the Whatsapp business application, click the menu button, go to settings and search for Company Settings and then click on Profile.
  • Click on the Edit option to make the changes.
  • Edit the different fields and save the changes.

Step 3: Structure your welcome messages and create a business description

Setting your business timings, creating catchy welcome messages, and personalized answers to your customer’s messages helps you quickly sell on WhatsApp as it broadens your potential customer base.

Sell on Whatsapp
Step 4: Download WhatsApp Web or use Posbytz’s WhatsApp order management system

In this step, you need to manage your customer’s chats effectively.

You can use labels to organize your customer’s chats as new orders, paid orders, completed orders or create a new label.

You can also ensure that you answer your customer’s frequently asked questions like return policy, payment methods by creating and saving your quick replies.

You can centralize your messaging with a single platform with the help of Posbytz. Posbytz takes your business to the next level by offering the opportunity to create a free online store for their business.

Customers can place orders directly from the Whatsapp catalogue and send a message to confirm the same.

Step 5: Advertise your  offline and online business’s presence to sell on WhatsApp

You need to ensure that your business is accessible for your customers to reach out. As Whatsapp cannot search your business name or location, you need to provide a phone number so that your customers can quickly contact you.

You can do this by advertising your phone number in receipts at your traditional brick and mortar store or by adding a click-to-chat widget on your website. You can also increase your promotional ads, which will help your user to start a chat directly with your business.


How can PosBytz simplify your WhatsApp order management?

Posbytz helps you sell on WhatsApp without the need of investing in expensive equipment.

Not only that Posbytz also ensures that you can streamline your incoming and outgoing online and offline orders. The inventory synchronizes real-time, and you can also get powerful sales reports to help you analyze your business.

Simplify your Whatsapp order management and accurately analyze your sales now!

Sell online and create high customer satisfaction with PosBytz.

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