Different Types of POS Systems for Restaurants

Are you aware that the market size of restaurant POS systems in 2020 was 10 billion USD and is expected to hit 25 billion by 2027?

Isn’t it fascinating?

These numbers highlight the upward curve of restaurant POS systems. But what made it possible?

Well, the rapid change in the restaurant industry in recent years made it the business owner challenging to handle the overall business tasks.

However, things started to get smooth when the restaurants started adopting the POS systems.

A restaurant Point On Scale software helps quickly process transactions at a restaurant. It accepts payments from customers and also keeps track of sales.

Thus the restaurant POS solution enhances customer experience and increases customer satisfaction. Nowadays, modern eateries adopt different types of POS systems for restaurants. You can easily find a single restaurant incorporating more than one POS type to spice up the customer experience.

Are you curious to learn the types of pos systems used in restaurants? Then dive into this article and learn everything about the POS system types and their pros and cons.

Without any ado, let’s get started.

Types Of POS Systems For Restaurants

Self-service walk-up counter

A self-service restaurant allows customers to order food, pay(even tip) and serve food themselves. Thus customers get more control over their experience. They can order and pay on countertop terminals, tablets or smartphones enabled with restaurant online POS systems.

Since the customers pay using EMV chip cards, Online payments, and wallets it helps combat fraud.  So self-services in restaurants using POS systems offers great customer satisfaction and deeper insight into customer needs. 

  • Helps customers save time by ordering instantly.
  • Cuts-off server order errors.
  • Minimal staff required. So it reduces labor costs.
  • The restaurant kitchen can receive orders directly and get to work without hassle.
  • Minimal human interaction.
  • A service staff presence is important to assist customers if they order items wrongly.
Best recommended for:

A self-service system is useful in casual, quick-service restaurants.

Tablets on tables

In this type, customers can place the order using the tablet enabled with the restaurant POS system. The POS system will be connected to a tablet system that can be passed around from one table to another. Or it will be fixed in one location, and customers can go and place an order.

With this restaurant online ordering system, the restaurant speed ups the service by allowing customers to order food and pay without having to wait for a server.  

  • Customers can order food whenever they want
  • Unlike self-service, customers are served by the servers
  • The server team can work together to meet the need of the customers
  • This system doesn’t suit customers who expect a full-service dining experience.
  • Servers may or may not receive customer tips because payment is made directly by the customer.
Best recommended:
  • for high-crowded restaurants that want to keep servers but also create a good dining experience. 

Mobile POS systems 

Mobile POS systems are widespread among the different pos systems for restaurants. It allows customers to order and transact at the table using a smartphone, tablet, or handheld device. So it eliminates the hectic process of dropping a check, getting the payment, and doing other stuff by the server.  

Mobile POS systems come with a Tip adjust feature, which allows customers to add a tip before paying on terminals. You can also check and download our Mobile POS app to make the billing processes a breeze. 

  • Quick checkout process.
  • Customers can review and confirm the total payment quickly. 
  • Servers don’t interrupt the customers much.
  • Customers can feel secure as servers don’t have to access their cards for payment.
  • Customers might feel rushed or get watched by servers if they pay a tip or not.
  • The handheld devices must be maintained properly.
Best recommended
  • for any type of restaurant where a server processes payments.

Online Restaurant POS

The annual online food delivery services are expected to reach 63.6 billion by 2025. This means more customers prefer online food ordering and want it delivered to dine at home. 

So restaurants that want their food to be available to off-site customers can use an online food ordering system to get orders and transactions quickly without flaw. Online restaurants are among types of pos systems for small chain restaurants as they also can track business tasks in chain restaurants with ease.  

  • Download free Online store app for your restaurant to manage all your online orders
Currently, this is one of the types of pos systems used in restaurants because these restaurants:
  • Gets a wide reach.
  • Increase in revenue through off-premise services.
  • Maintain profits even if in-person dining tips take a toss.
  • Restaurant customer service is needed to deliver food.
  • Restaurants must create and maintain systems to avoid chaos in delivery. 
Best recommended
  • for restaurants that want to expand their reach and increase sales.

Countertop Terminal POS Systems

This type is a wired computer that processes payments quickly. These POS systems are kept at different places in a restaurant. Unlike other types, the servers use them to make payments for customers. It can send orders to the kitchen, print out checks and finally process transactions like other forms of restaurant POS systems. 

  • Food orders are sent to the kitchen on a computer system automatically.
  • POS-enabled systems are confined in different places, which enables them to be easily accessible. 
  • Countertop terminals are not portable and may look unattractive in restaurant settings.
  • The payment process takes much more time than tableside transactions.
Best recommended
  • for restaurants that have enough space to house countertop terminals.

What PosBytz Suits For?

You must have read about different types of POS systems for restaurants. You might be wondering what PosBytz suits. The good news is that PosBytz suits all the above-given types except the traditional countertop terminal POS systems. Because PosBytz is a cloud-based POS software. This all-in-one restaurant POS system helps you easily manage all your business tasks. 

If you are looking for a cost-effective cloud-based restaurant POS solution, then the Posbytz restaurant POS system is your go-to option.

Final Words

That’s a wrap now. Modern eateries are using these different types of restaurant POS systems to ace their restaurant business. Some incorporate only one type of system, whereas some incorporate multiple POS system types based on the requirement.

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