How Can A QR Code Ordering System Increase Your Revenue

5 Ways QR Code Ordering System Increase Your Revenue

QR codes are ubiquitous nowadays. From TV ads to posters and venues, QR codes increasingly provide information and communicate with customers. 

But what are these barcodes in a box like? 

With the prolonged pandemic, many restaurants have a challenging feat. As customers are looking for contactless services, QR code enables almost the entire experience – from scanning the menu to ordering and making payments. 

QR codes are a popular way to share restaurant information and increase revenue. It can greatly increase your restaurant’s efficiency and sales and allow customers to order their food from their table without waiting in line or talking to a waiter. 

This system can also upsell customers by providing them with information about specials or new menu items. 

And if you stick with the QR code table ordering system, you’ll be able to manage your restaurant efficiently and smoothly. This article will discuss how a QR code table ordering system can improve your restaurant revenue. 

Off we go. 

What is a QR code table ordering system? 

Before diving into how a QR code system can help your restaurant improve revenue, let’s understand what exactly a QR code ordering system is.

QR Code digital menu, a table ordering system, provides a contactless experience to your customers. It allows customers to browse the menu, order food, and make a payment instantly. It is a paperless, streamlined, and efficient system linked to your back end and integrated with a POS system.

The system combines digital payment gateways and provides a powerful way for businesses to improve customer experience and productivity and increase revenue.

How does the QR code table Ordering System works?

A QR code table ordering system is a system that allows customers to order food from their table using a QR code. Table ordering systems are placed on each table.

Customers can then scan a QR code with their smartphone to access the menu and place their order. The order is then sent to the kitchen, where it can be prepared and served to the customer.

This system is becoming increasingly popular in restaurants, bars, and cafes as it offers several advantages over traditional ordering methods. QR code table ordering systems are fast, efficient, and convenient for customers and businesses. They also offer a Contactless ordering experience, which is important in the current climate.

Let’s dive into exactly how a QR code table ordering system can improve restaurant revenue.

Tips To Increase Revenue Using QR Ordering Systems

Regarding revenue, restaurants use many marketing strategies to attract customers and improve customer experience. 

Tips To Increase Revenue Using QR Ordering Systems

Implementing a QR code table ordering system offers many benefits that smoothen the service, boost sales, and increase revenue. Here are some tips to boost revenue using QR code table ordering systems.

  • Higher Sales

Many of you might have experienced the feeling of confusion when a waiter walks up to your table and ask what you would like to order. You might get confused between two items or even want to order both, but for another reason, you order an item you didn’t want to eat. 

In the QR code ordering system, customers can decide exactly what they want to order by taking their time to order without feeling ordering anxiety. It becomes easier for the customer to check out the whole menu and even reorder whenever they want. 

The customer doesn’t need to wait for the staff to take the order and catch their eyes; they can simply order fast, reorder, and turn your tables over more often. 

Customers can view the items with the menu classic pictures and descriptions to also say about the ingredients or recipes with health benefits to increase the visibility. 

Another reason the QR code ordering system can increase sales is that customers get immediate access to the menu and the bill using the same QR code. 

  • Reduces Order Errors

Often, an order can get wrongly served with traditional methods, including a loud environment, speech imperfection, or foreign accents. 

While there can be a human error, the QR code table ordering system can reduce order errors and ensure customers receive the correct order every time. As customers have direct access to orders, there is no chance of miscommunication between staff and customers. 

The system allows the customer to review the order they add to the cart before placing the final order, thus reducing the errors. 

In addition, the payment is auto-calculated based on the customer’s order. It reduces the risk of payment errors – reducing human errors if staff accidentally key the wrong amount or add an incorrect item to the bill. 

The entire ordering process is streamlined, thus reducing the errors to virtually zero. 

Further, as the orders are placed online, your staff can focus on serving customers much better and improving customer experience. 

  • Give Customer Full Control

QR code ordering system increases the convenience of ordering food by empowering guests to order what they want when they want, and from their device. 

It is also easier for customers to reorder whenever they want without waiting for the staff. Like if they want to order drinks at any point, forgot to order a dessert, or want to add some extras. 

This reduces dependence on staff to take orders and collect the payment. 

In addition, the QR code ordering system provides a more individualized experience right at the dining table and creates a great customer experience that guests won’t forget soon.

Further, you can convey more information about the customer through the QR codes instead of waiting for staff to explain the food. You can represent the picture of your awesome food instead of making them read about it, pin your special food, and that helps to upsell by customers adding additional dishes to their order.

  • Entice Staff to Focus on Delivering Memorable Customer Experience

With the QR code ordering system integrated with POS and kitchen management system, the restaurant staff can provide a better experience to the guests.

By allowing customers to place their orders via a QR code, you can use technology to streamline the ordering process and make it more efficient. This will free up staff time to focus on providing an exceptional customer experience.

Further, the QR code system allows customers to collect valuable information and feedback that can help you improve customer experience. QR code ordering systems can provide customers with a more convenient and efficient ordering experience.

Instead of waiters or Captain’s, build your Customer Delight team !

  • Lower Staffing Costs

With a QR code ordering system, your staff can focus on more important tasks. 

The restaurant business is a notoriously tough one to make a profit in. With razor-thin margins, any way to cut costs is valuable. That’s why more and more restaurants are turning to QR code ordering systems. By allowing customers to order directly from their phones or tablets, restaurants can save on staffing costs.

QR code ordering systems are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re convenient for customers, and they can help restaurants save money. Further, during rash times, restaurant staff can have more time to manage the customers more efficiently and enhance customer experience. 

How is QR Technology Changing Consumer Habits?

The need to minimize physical contact increased during the coronavirus pandemic, leading restaurants to connect with technology. 

With that, the growth of the QR code ordering system is tremendous and is now seen everywhere around you. Customers are likely to use it to view a menu, make a payment, order food items, book a table, and many more. 

Research shows that 58% of consumers prefer a QR code ordering system to make a payment and view menus. It has put a positive experience on the customer.  

Using the QR code ordering system, restaurants can offer efficient and streamlined services to their customer in an easy manner.

Rather than simply relying on traditional advertising, brands can now use QR codes to engage with their target audience directly. This allows for a more interactive and personal marketing experience that can ultimately improve brand value.

To Wrap Up

You might wonder if a QR code ordering system can help your restaurant increase revenue. Yes, it can! 

With the post-pandemic conditions, customers are still concerned about their health even after lowering the restrictions. The QR code ordering system can be the best fit for that.

Using QR codes promotes more sanitary conditions as consumers don’t have to share menus and thus reduce the cost of reprinting menus every time. It can help them make an order, make payments, order takeaway food, and even view a menu with having contact with the staff. 

It helps restaurants to increase revenue by improving customer experience, working with limited staff, reducing order errors, increasing productivity, and increasing sales. With the help of the POSbytz Restaurant QR code table ordering system, you can integrate the system easily. 

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