In this blog, we will cover topics on the short-term and long-term effects of the pandemic of the food market industry, the benefits of having online ordering for restaurants, and why you should consider PosBytz as the best restaurant online ordering system. Let us look at some food delivery statistics that will blow your mind and help

you understand how to plan your business effectively.
  • According to Hospitality Tech, 70% of the customers prefer to order from a free online ordering system for restaurants rather than a third party.
  • According to QSR magazine, 64% of millennials felt that ordering food online was an essential part of their daily lives
  • According to Lavu, about 60% of customers prefer ordering through their smartphones

It is crucial to align and reposition your marketing strategy to stay competitive in the market. As you can see, there has been a significant shift in the online ordering trends. After the pandemic, restaurant owners noticed an increase in takeout orders and a decrease in the number of dine-in customers. Customers preferred restaurants that delivered their orders on time, had multiple payment options and prepared hygienically. This meant that to survive, restaurant owners needed to invest in technologies that support off-premises ordering.


What Are The Benefits Of an Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants?

According to Statista, the restaurant online delivery system market is expected to show an annual growth rate( CAGR of 8.29%). This means the expected market value by the end of 2026 is US$466,472m. Thus, online ordering for restaurants is here to stay.

This showcases an excellent opportunity for restaurants to innovate their in-house delivery system. Let us look at 7 benefits of online ordering for restaurants integrated with an in-house POS software compared to those that utilize third-party online aggregators such as Swiggy or Zomato-

  1.Drives more revenue

Customers nowadays do not like to wait in long queues and prefer restaurant online ordering systems to get their food delivered right to their doorsteps. There are also higher chances of customers placing more value-driven orders when placing their requests online.

When customers place their requests through a phone call or in-person, they have to quickly wrap them due to the pressure of having a line behind them. Having a restaurant’s online ordering system will help your customers give the menu an in-depth look and may even entice them to place extra orders. This will increase your revenues in the long run.

  2.Creates  More Personalization

          Sometimes restaurant owners may feel that online ordering may lead to the dehumanization of their brand as there is no one-to-one interaction involved. However, nowadays, thanks to real-time visibility offered by online ordering for restaurants, you can still personify your brand’s hospitality.

Online food ordering systems for restaurants will reposition your brand as an innovative leader and allow you to customize your receipts to portray your brand’s image to all your customers. You can send real-time updates to the customers on preparing their orders and send them personalized updates to keep them loyal.

  3.Improves better order accuracy 

There is a  high chance of miscommunication when an order is taken by phone or in-person. This can lead to a wastage of time and resources, which is a massive loss for your business. Customers can get irritated and disappointed with the service which will affect your restaurant’s reputation in the long run. The main benefit of online ordering for restaurants is that the customers can control the ordering process.  This will reduce the possibility of errors. 

This can also be an opportunity to impress a new customer base with specific taste preferences and allergies. The kitchen staff can automatically adjust the ingredients according to each customer’s selection. 

 4.Provides customization to your in-house online food ordering system for restaurants

With online food ordering for restaurants, you can make changes to your menu in real-time  This can increase your customer satisfaction as you have greater control over your brand performance. 

Customers can slowly peruse through the photos posted and get an idea of your brand. They can also even view the prices and get notified if any item is not available at a particular time. Thus, they will be able to place relevant and up-to-date requests from your website. This will reduce the rate of customer dissatisfaction and increase customer loyalty.

 5.Prevents high commissions

        Online aggregators like Swiggy, Zomato, and Uber Eats will charge high commissions, which will lead to a dip in your revenue. Free online ordering systems for restaurants like PosBytz allow you to optimize your revenue and focus on delivering a seamless delivery experience. Sell more and earn high with PosBytz!

 6.Collects important customer data

Encouraging online ordering for restaurants will help you gain enormous insight into customer order patterns and relevant information. You can customize the online ordering process and create effective marketing strategies through the captured customer data.

Top features that make PosBytz the best restaurant online ordering system

PosBytz acts as a complete solution for your restaurant’s needs. Let us look at the top features that make it the best restaurant online ordering system-

1.Customizable design

PosBytz’s free online store builder requires no coding knowledge and is user-friendly. You can quickly set up your domain name with your brand logo and design. Your customers can start ordering in minutes as it is easy to set up.

2. Real-time tracking

PosBytz increases your customer satisfaction by providing customers with real-time updates on the status of their orders. This is very useful as it can prevent your customer from being dissatisfied.

3. Multiple payment methods

PosBytz ensures that all payment options are available to increase conversions. The payment methods include major credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

4. Cloud-based kitchen management system

PosBytz’s restaurant online ordering system helps you easily edit your menu in real-time.  It is also equipped with Kitchen Display System. You can help your kitchen staff by prioritizing preparation tasks and automatically alerting them when a task gets delayed. KDS helps optimize your workflows, quality of the food, and your service’s efficiency.

5. Online Menu Management

PosBytz’s restaurant management system allows you to edit your menu, update pricing, and maintain a centralized point of sale and inventory data. This means that you can provide your customers, with accurate, up-to-date information about your restaurant.

Start online ordering for restaurants and provide superior customer service with PosBytz’s free online ordering system for restaurants.


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