How Saudi Restaurants Increase Their Efficiency With An Automatic KOT System

Will it be a surprise if we tell you that technology has helped businesses scale up quickly? 

Technology is driving change in almost every industry, and the restaurant business is no different. Thanks to the restaurant POS systems that have simplified the restaurant operations. 

The POS system is integrated with overall operations in the restaurant and streamlines it. Among contactless payment use self-order kiosks, the restaurant Kitchen Order Ticket(KOT), though small, this technology of piece plays a crucial role in the restaurant ordering system.

So this article comes with an angle focusing on how restaurant Kitchen Order tickets can improvise the efficiency of operations in Saudi Restaurants. 

Now let’s dive in deep.

What is a Kitchen Order Ticket?

First, imagine this scenario in a Saudi restaurant, your customer orders Falafel, Shawarma, Kabsa, and Gursan. Though you take the order correctly, you miss out on Gursan in the list given to the chef. Or deliver the food to a different table. Either way, it’s chaos. Isn’t it?

This is where the Kitchen Order Ticket technology comes as a savior. It is a document that transfers the diner’s order to the kitchen. It contains details such as the table number, ordered food items, quantity, and special diner requests.

Then three copies of the document are made, one of which is sent to the kitchen, the other to the waiter for reference, and the third one is retained for billing. All this is done automatically. 

How to install an automated KOT system?

Installing an automated KOT system is not rocket science. It can be done using the steps given below. 

Step 1:

Install KOT printers in the kitchen

Step 2:

Ensure the kitchen prepares food and supplies based on the printer KOT. You must train your staff accordingly.

Step 3:

Now install the POS system at the food service desk.

And you are done. 

How does the automated KOT system help improve restaurant ordering and kitchen operations in Saudi Arabia?

You know that traditional KOT generation is a slow, manual process that consumes time and effort and has scope for errors. Also, there is little space for monitoring and tracking the orders. 

It is high time that Saudi restaurants adopt the restaurant KOT application to enhance efficiency and save costs in the long run.

So it is essential to invest in the best restaurant POS that delivers instant KOT generation and helps manage other restaurant operations. 

We shall discuss the different benefits of installing an automated restaurant generation process.

Benefits of adopting an automatic KOT system

You can reap multiple benefits with an automated restaurant KOT generation process. 

They are:

1. Easy to use

Nobody would find it easy to handle complex technology in a hustle-bustle situation like a restaurant. 

The primary function of the restaurant staff is to get food orders. The method of accepting orders in the POS system is simple. Once the orders are taken in the handheld pos machine for the restaurant, the staff can generate the restaurant KOT. 

These days most POS systems have touchscreen interfaces. So even a non-tech person can handle the KOT system.

2. Seamlessly integrate with online ordering systems.

Streamlining food delivery orders via multiple online platforms is such a headache. But not anymore. If your online ordering system isn’t automated, you might miss some online orders while sending them to the kitchen for preparation.

So an automatic restaurant KOT application system ensures that online orders are accepted at the POS directly, and the KOT gets generated instantly and printed in the kitchen. 

3. Cuts off the dependencies on manual entries

What happens in a manual KOT generation process is that the staff must recheck the KOT. But the automated restaurant KOT system reduces manual tasks, lowers labor costs, and cuts down the wrong delivery problem. 

You can integrate the KOT feature when you have robust restaurant billing software in Saudi Arabia. So this is an affordable option that helps scale up the business and the revenue.

Note: You can also check out the free delivery app by Postbytz

4. Reduce the scope of discrepancies

The restaurant business owners can’t be physically monitoring multiple units. But with the best pos system for restaurants in Saudi Arabia, they can control their business through real-time monitoring in more than one location. 

Live analytics also gives clearer data on the number of KOTs generated, allowing you to monitor the restaurant operations simultaneously, irrespective of the location. Accessing daily sales and stock details reduces revenue leakage. Lastly, one can have more idea of the inflow and outflow of materials in real-time. 

5. Accelerates restaurant services

Usually, the staff on the shop floor takes the food order from the customer. So in the traditional KOT generation process, there KOT has to be handed over to the kitchen. Whereas in the automated KOT system, the KOT is a printer in the kitchen in real-time. This arrangement saves time and reduces the opportunity for errors.

Also, the table turnaround and the time taken to serve the customers are streamlined because the staff takes less time to communicate, prepare and deliver the orders. 

If you want to advance further, you can also automate the restaurant ordering system by digitizing the entire KOT generation process. 

So how is it done? Well, a Kitchen Display System that comes in handy replaces the paper-based KOT. Thus, the orders are displayed on the display screens along with the order details. 


So these are the advantages Saudi restaurants can reap with an automated KOT system. Overall, POS systems have helped the restaurant business skyrocket. With POS, customers can now order and pay at the table, make contactless payments, use self-order kiosks, and much more.

As a restaurant service employee, you can use handheld POS systems to receive orders, use restaurant Kitchen Order Tickets and streamline all processes. However, to implement this, it is essential to invest in the best pos restaurant software in Saudi Arabia, such as Postbytz. 

It is a one-stop POS system for a Saudi Arabian restaurant that can easily access features. Since it’s cloud-based, you can access your restaurant data from anywhere.

Overall, suppose you are searching for the best free pos software for restaurants in Saudi Arabia to analyze your business data quickly and easily and get the automated KOT system. In that case, PosBytz must be your go-to option.

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