Why Restaurants are Switching to Small POS Systems

Why Restaurants are Switching to Small POS Systems? If you are looking for the secret sauce to level up your restaurant business and increase revenue, then have an active management that serves the customers properly, providing an excellent experience. But did you know POS systems can simplify this big important task for you?

However, there is a catch. If you still stick to the traditional POS system, you must upgrade to smaller handheld POS systems. But why should you? 

Because they are efficient and save time, money, and effort, researchers even point out that by 2025, the value of the mobile POS market will reach $4,650,556 million, and the transaction value is expected to grow by 18.49.  

This article gives a quick walkthrough on why restaurants are switching to small POS systems, also referred to as modern POS solutions. 

Reasons Why Restaurants Are Switching to Small Pos Systems

Various reasons made restaurateurs change or adopt small POS systems. Let’s learn the crucial reasons.

Reasons Why Restaurants Are Switching to Small Pos Systems

Reduction in errors

Have you seen traditional POS systems? Yes, bulky machines occupy a lot of space at every restaurant. They were slow and not portable, especially for a space-constrained small restaurant. It is impossible to carry it to every customer’s table to get the payment done. 

But it’s a different story with a small POS or handheld mobile POS system. Smaller POS systems are compact and can be mounted on a wall or placed on a counter, and if needed, POS systems can be used via mobiles. Considering this idea, many fast food joints and food trucks have started using small POS systems.

Quick operations that save time

Imagine this, you made your customer stands in a queue for a long time for payment, and then your payment machine gets struck or works dead slow. Even these small instances can irritate considering the fast-moving world. 

This is why smaller POS systems must be replaced with your traditional POS. Since portable POS systems are designed to be fast and efficient, you can make quick and seamless transactions. And the best part is they can also support different payment options. So, this can make your customers happy and satisfied with your service. 

If you gain your customer’s trust that they will receive quick, friendly service at your restaurant, you can expect them to barge into your place again. So, these tiny things will matter much and can cost you if you don’t handle them well. In this way, small POS systems can work wonders. 

Kitchen Display Systems (KDS systems) work wonders

When your POS is integrated with KDS, you can:
  • Straight away, integrate the online orders into the restaurant operations. So, the kitchen staff or the chef knows the order and prepares food accordingly. Also, you don’t have to add additional staff or re-enter the orders to the POS.
  • With mobile POS, the restaurant service staff can track if the food orders are ready and serve them right once it is done.
  • Lastly, service staff can take food orders directly from customer tables using a tablet or mobile phone POS and get them updated on the kitchen display system.

These small POS systems connected with KDS can improve efficiency, service speed, inventory management, and waste control and handles customer service in a better way.

Cost-effective option

Legacy or traditional POS systems are expensive to purchase and maintain. New restauranteurs have less to start with. So, they won’t prefer making big investments. Smaller POS systems are affordable and cost less in terms of maintenance.

Also, it comes with crisp payment options which are predictable with no hidden fees. In fact, upgrading old POS systems in terms of hardware cost and employee training can be more than investing in a cloud-based POS system.

Give accurate dish information

If your customers say they are allergic to garlic and cloves and ask if a particular dish contains the same, how will you answer?

Will your staff go to the kitchen and get the details? Will it not consume time? Well, if you have a small handheld POS system, you can check the menu and all the ingredient details. Thus, you can answer your diner’s questions on the spot and make your service more reliable and better.

Wrapping up

With small POS systems, you can streamline restaurant operations and make them more efficient. You can ensure the orders are taken quickly from the customer’s table and sent straight to the kitchen to process the payments faster. 

So, these quick operations can increase table turns, which means the faster you serve the customers, the faster tables get freed up for new customers. 

If you are a small business owner who is looking to upgrade your POS system or trying to get a new one, check PosBytz, an all-in-one restaurant POS system. 

This restaurant POS software helps you easily manage your operations, from purchases to multi-channel sales and reports. In particular, this is a cost-effective cloud-based restaurant POS solution with all the features you need to manage your restaurant effectively.

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