Best e invoicing software & ZATCA approved e invoicing  Software providers in Saudi Arabia

As part of Phase-2 regulations businesses must integrate into the ZATCA (FATOORA) platform and provide e-invoices for your customers  in the defined structured format, requiring all e-invoices to be reported and cleared in real-time to ZATCA system from the POS or ERP systems.

To know more about  Einvoicing software in Saudi Arabia.

In accordance with the regulations, all VAT-exempt taxpayers are now required to send e-invoices with specific content in a structured format.

In this article we discuss about top 5 best e-invoicing software in Saudi Arabia

Top 5 Best e invoicing software Saudi Arabia

Below are the list of best e invoicing software providers in Saudi Arabia.


Posbytz, ZATCA approved best e invoicing software is customized to suit any business needs.  Posbytz, the best e invoicing software that works for all kinds of businesses such as retail, restaurants, boutique stores, butcher shops, QSR , franchise businesses and services

Posbytz offers a mini ERP software on cloud which includes POS , Online ordering , Inventory , Accounting , CRM and HR & payroll.

Posbytz POS supports all platforms, including Windows POS, Android POS, desktops, tablets, handhelds, and mobile devices.

To know more about  Retail Billing software  and Restaurant Billing software for your business.

  • Device agnostic POS – Works on laptops, desktops, POS machines, android mobile phones, and android tablets. 
  • Publish your eCommerce site with our software without typing a line of code.
  • Works for all kinds of retail, restaurants, and QSR businesses.
  • Our software works with leading merchant providers globally, so you can choose the best way to accept payments in your store.
  • Integrated Online Ordering system.
  • Live Order Changes and Tracking
  • Discount and Loyalty Programs
  • Advance Level Security
  • best e invoicing software complied to ZATCA r regulation for e-invoicing
  • Inbuilt Accounting module for managing book keeping , cash flow , VAT returns and other reports

Additional few more Reports can be added

Loyalty management can be more extensive


Foodics is another e invoicing software provider with all-inclusive POS and restaurant management solution tailored to adapt to all your needs and goals. Manage all restaurant operations from orders to inventory in one platform.


Simple & Easy Set Up

Real-Time Reporting & BI

Cloud-based Solution

Works Offline

Limitless Integrations


Integration at the beginning

Unsupported export excels files instead of using SKU it’s easier to use the name ingredients.

Lack of streamlining of the flow of the overall operation.

Catching lag on regular usage

No offline 

Supports only restaurant business

Here are some of the best restaurants POS in Saudi Arabia to know more about POS software


ClearTax is the leading  software now for e invoicing software provider available for enterprises in the KSA & Middle East. The main aim is to digitally transform your business, making it easy to connect with your digital business.


Simple to use and has a very intuitive interface.

It regularly updates as per the rules and amendments. 

This software is easy to understand 

Reporting is simple and easy to use.


A little time while importing a large amount of data from excel.

The invoice template couldn’t be customized as per our brand color.

The cloud-based, offline version is not available. 

No POS or online e-commerce software , just a invoicing software for sharing invoices.

Only can be integrated for just e invocing


A complete software solution for the preparation and filing of GST returns and also for a smooth and seamless transition to EWay Bill. The software helps to automate the process of the waybill with the accounting integration is also an option for e invoicing software providers


Easy return filing 

Integration with another accounting package 

Best software for GST compliances under one software.


Lack of Customer Support 

Supports the English language only

Zoho is known for having one of the good options if you are looking for an accounting software with e invoicing can be consider as an option for e invoicing software provider


Easy to use tools with any type of function like customer service, or marketing.

Automated responses are very helpful.

Limited Customizable software 



Usability issues

Limited custom fields

Lack of Customer support

POS software features is very limited and Online only



1) What is best e invoicing software in Saudi Arabia?

They are multiple e invoicing software provider in KSA approved by ZATCA but if you are looking for a on self software you should consider looking at Posbytz.

2) List of  approved E invoicing software in Saudi Arabia?

There are multiple approved e invoicing software providers in KSA. Look into the list published in the ZATCA portal.

3) Is e invoicing software Saudi Arabia mandatory?

Yes,Saudi Arabia had  begin the rollout of its e-invoicing mandate in two phases, beginning in December 2021 and mandatory for all business to be complied to ZATCA e invoicing.


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