How Integrate Your POS with Talabat

Are you wondering how to integrate your POS with Talabat? Then this article comes with a quick guide on Restaurant POS with Talabat integration and its benefits.

Is your restaurant in the UAE solely dependent on dine-in orders? If yes, upgrading your restaurant business by offering a food delivery service is urgent and highly important. Why is online food delivery important?

According to Statista, the user penetration of online food delivery is expected to increase until 2025 in the UAE. In 2021, 31% of people used online food delivery services. Now, these statistics highlight that foodies prefer ordering food online. 

Though many restaurants have incorporated the POS system to streamline their restaurant tasks and simplify restaurant online food ordering, they still find problems with delivery platform integrations such as Talabat. This article will help solve this issue.

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The problem:

Manually entering the food orders from the third-party aggregator’s dashboard, such as Talabat, onto the POS is challenging and time-consuming.

The solution:

By integrating the restaurant point of sale system with the delivery partner’s application(Talabat), you can solve this problem.

How To Integrate your POS with Talabat?

In this section, you will learn about restaurant POS with Talabat integration.

So, Talabat is one of the top food delivery companies that has been winning the hearts of millions of Emiratis. 

If you have a traditional or on-premise Point of Sale system, it is difficult to integrate with Talabat because it is built on an old framework. This is why switching to a cloud-based POS system is the first step to do. 

Since restaurants in UAE and Saudi Arabia are upgrading from legacy software and embracing new Cloud-Based Point of Sale Systems, choosing the best cloud-based POS software is important. 

Once you have done the first step of choosing the POS software, you must look into the Talabat integration.

To integrate Talabat with your restaurant POS, you need an API. This API is simply an intermediary that allows two applications to communicate with each other and function in unison.

To get the API from an online food delivery aggregator, you must become a partner with Talabat by signing up. Once you partner with the food delivery platform, you can easily integrate your POS.

Different Ways Of Integrating Talabat with POS

Integrating the POS software such as PosBytz with Talabat can be done in two different ways such as:

Reaching out to the POS software provider. Some POS providers provide Talabat integration at an additional cost. Initially, this integration process is done while setting up the Point of Sale System.  

Reaching out to a third-party service provider who does Talabat integration with POS. 

Advantages of Integrating Third-Party Aggregators into existing POS

Some main benefits of integrating all third-party food delivery apps into one dashboard with your POS system are:

A single dashboard cuts off unwanted chaos

When you get all your orders and manage them in a single dashboard, you can easily track all operations and avoid the chaos of handling multiple different dashboards.  

Sync item prices

You can also sync food item prices and make changes without any problem. Also, you get increased visibility into restaurant operations and costs.

Make real-time changes to your menu

Letting your customer know that a particular dish is unavailable is essential. Otherwise, the customer might have a negative experience by not getting what they ordered.

However, making real-time changes to the menu at the last minute can easily create chaos if it is an on-premise system. But with a cloud-based system, making changes to your menu and getting them reflected across the different dashboards in real time is possible.

Track analytics

Tracking the analytics in multiple dashboards can confuse anyone. But with a unified dashboard, you get all the analytics on the delivery service line. So this helps you make better decisions and track the sales.

Save time 

Integrating everything in one place saves time manually punching orders into your restaurant POS system. Additionally, it eliminates human errors while entering details into the system.

Multi-channel reporting

You also get customer and sales data from your partner store by integrating. Thus extensive data and reports allow you to compare the performances of partner and physical store performances.  

Besides this, the high-level visibility into your partner stores can help analyze sales trends. So, you can plan and decide which areas to optimize.

Other benefits include:
  • You will make fewer errors when preparing meals. Thus, you can deliver a good customer experience.
  • Decreased equipment and insurance costs.
  • Streamline order entry and handle delivery orders during peak hours and throughout the day.


Having a robust food ordering management system in your restaurant is essential. But aforementioned, handling multiple dashboards to enter food orders from the third-party aggregator can be hard. This is why delivery aggregator-integrated POS is important. 

If you haven’t already invested in the best POS system for your restaurant, then it is high time you get PosBytz, your all-in-one restaurant POS system. With PosBytz, getting a Talabat-integrated POS can be made quickly without hassle. You can check out more about this robust application here.


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