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According to Retail Consulting Partners, around 41% of retailers want to change their current POS. However, around 59% want their customers to have an omnichannel experience using their existing POS system. 

The POS solution started with a simple idea of making transactions simple and efficient. It was mainly used by retail shops and hospitality businesses and involved a combination of hardware and software to accept card-based payments or mobile payments.

Nowadays, POS systems offer a wide range of functionalities. It is important to choose the right solution that is flexible to help support the growth of your business. You can have incredible features like having real-time charts generated on the best-selling products or even have third-party integrations so that you can meet the demand of your customers.

Let us explore the options listed below so that you can choose the best POS software for your business. Understanding the benefits of different POS system software can streamline your operations and also make the right investment decision. 

Best POS Software For Your Business

Let us look at a few preferred POS systems of 2021.

1.Posbytz – Best POS software to accelerate your business

Posbytz can be customized to suit any business needs. You can set it up quickly at a restaurant, cafe, food truck, Retail, Supermarkets or even help grow your online store with the help of Posbytz’s free online store generator.

The POS software offers features like cloud-based data backup, compatibility on all devices, the ability to work offline thanks to the resynchronization of data, flexibility in payments and amazing customer support.

Posbytz is a trusted brand by 5000+ businesses. You can easily create an online store for free with no extra charges and also choose a suitable plan for your business. 

The main attraction is the omnichannel experience it provides to the customers. They can easily manage their catalogues, pricing, taxes and their employees conveniently.

Posbytz platform is easy to use and versatile. It also offers various pricing options which makes it suitable for all types of businesses.

2.Square – Flexible for small businesses

Square helps you easily manage your inventory and is perfect for small businesses from small cafes to diners.

Square also helps you view sales reports and help you manage your customer profiles easily.

Some of the popular hardware components that come in Square include a contactless chip reader, a terminal that accommodates payments and an iPad stand. Another great feature is the ability to turn your phone or tablet into a POS system effortlessly.

3.Shopify- Fast and reliable for all types of businesses

Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform on the market. Thus, adding the Shopify POS solution along with your store without a doubt would lead to seamless sales online.

You can easily accept payments and reduce the waiting time for your customers. You can also comfortably update and transfer your inventory without the chance of missing the products across locations.

Your customers can also easily exchange the product they shopped online at any of your retail stores since your eCommerce and in-store are connected with the Shopify POS system.

4.TouchBistro –  Inexpensive POS software for small businesses

This is an industry-specific POS system which makes it perfect for restaurants, food trucks, bars and quick-service restaurants.

The main features of TouchBistro include the ability to place tables side orders, table management, menu management and customer relationship management.

TouchBistro is a 360-degree solution in the foodservice industry.  You can make table reservations, take online orders, or even set up a loyalty program for your customers. Another plus point is the ability to add recipes so that you can optimize your inventory cost.

However, the POS system software is not cloud-based so you will need to make sure you have a strong local network.

5.eHopper- Inexpensive POS software for small businesses

eHopper works on standing out through affordability. They offer low-cost plans for entrepreneurs that include features such as inventory management and customer management tools. They have even integrated credit card processing features on all four of their plans.

Though you won’t be able to get a lot of integrations with eHopper you can add a customer loyalty program package to your current plan.

They also offer great customer service that will help you set up your POS system.

Methodology for Choosing the Best POS software 

Each business is unique and has different needs. What do you need in a POS system?

Besides having the basic ability to process card transactions. You need to analyze in-depth the additional features you would require. These modern solutions can ensure the success of your venture. You need to ensure the 3 main criteria while choosing a POS in 2021.

    • Features & customizations

    • Reporting and Analytics

    • Customer Loyalty Program

Posbytz is a future-oriented POS system that includes additional features like backing data on the cloud and also offers an option to create a free online store. With PosBytz get the choice of best POS software in Windows POS , Android POS and IPAD POS

It is the best choice for businesses looking to create a unified commerce experience for their customers.
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