Best POS Software for Restaurants in South Africa

Are you looking for the Best POS software for Restaurants in South Africa? If you said yes, we got you covered with the top POS System for restaurants.

Running a restaurant successfully needs all the resources that are needed to keep the business going, like the staff, the inventory, the chefs, etc.. managing all this stuff seamlessly with just a few clicks can make your job as a restaurant owner even easier. Here is where POS software comes into play.

List Of The Best Restaurant Management POS Software in South Africa

Here are the top 5 restaurant POS software in South Africa.

List Of The Best Restaurant Management POS Software in South Africa

1. POSBytz

PosBytz is one of the leading POS systems for restaurants in South Africa. It comes with a lot of features that you will need to run your business seamlessly. This is one of the best cloud kitchen pos software. Check its features below –

  • POSBytz POS System is suitable for all kinds of restaurants like a Big chains of restaurants, small kitchens, mid-scale restaurants, and whatnot.

  • POSBytz also helps you create your own website and an app that is specifically designed for you, which makes you cut down on all of the commissions of external delivery partners.

  • It is an Omnichannel platform where you can let people order from you using all the local food ordering apps.

  • It is an agnostic POS which makes it easier for you to access the software across all the devices like iOs, iPad, Androids, etc..,

  • If you are on the go, you can easily access the software on your tablets and mobiles with a smooth UI.

  • POSBytz provides a table management service where you can track and control the tables in Real-time.

  • This POS helps you to make online food ordering and online food delivery easier.

  • It also comes with a KOT management service which lets you track all the details of the order like the items ordered, time of delivery, order number, the amount paid, etc..,

  • It also comes with a recipe and ingredient management tool wherein you don’t have to manually check the pantry every time for stock and instead get updates in the POS of all the stock and ingredients in the pantry.

  • Discount management is another feature that the POS comes with. If you are providing any discounts, it automatically tracks them and makes it easier for you.

  • The Franchise management feature lets you control and track all the info on your franchises in just a single click.

  • It also lets you accept all kinds of payments like credit cards, debit cards, wallets, cash, etc.

  • Compatible with all devices and easy to use.

  • Staff management makes it easy for you to track all the data and the time of the staff.

  • The integrated payment gateway is a major plus.

  • Own branded online ordering website and apps. 

  • Free delivery apps to manage your deliveries within a region

  • A few customers stated that the report generation feature could have been a little better with some additional reports

Our customer Oriental express scaled to multi-chain cloud kitchens starting from a single location and converting his home Garage to a cloud kitchen. Having launched his own apps, he got around 1000 + Loyal customers around the region with a small delivery team he is managing the deliveries in the Durban region.

This has been a great success story for us considering how individual businesses can scale with our online ordering system reducing their cost and increasing their revenues to now reach out to us. 

2. TouchBistro

TouchBistro is yet another popular POS restaurant software with a whole lot of features for you to run your restaurant peacefully.

  • TouchBistro has a table management tool that lets you access the tables in real-time with just a click of a button.
  • It also comes with an inventory management tool where you can check for the stocks of all the inventory in real time and ensure that all the groceries and ingredients are stocked up.
  • TouchBistro comes with staff management tools with which you can easily allot shifts, check-in time, out time, payroll, etc..,
  • Touch bistro also comes with menu management, where you can change and alter the menu according to the store.
  • It is very user-friendly and has a seamless UI.
  • The table management feature is a major plus.
  • The employee management feature makes it very convenient for us to use
  • A few customers have stated that customer support could be a little better.

3. GaaP POS

GaaP POS is another famous POS software restaurant in South Africa. It also has all the features and tools that you would require to run your restaurant.

  • GaaP POS helps you manage all your inventory in a click and make sure you never run out of your inventory. It keeps track of all the groceries and the ingredients that are needed for the restaurant.
  • It also helps you accept payments and lets you send invoices for every sale. 
  • It also comes with all the necessary hardware like a square register, square stand, etc.., for you to easily use the software.
  • It comes with a sales report tool where it provides you with detailed data on the sales and lets you track your profit.
  • The inventory management system is of great use.
  • Only good for small single restaurants not looking to expand
  • The sales report tools are accurate.
  • The GaaP POS isn’t compatible with any device which is a con.
  • Also, their cloud enablement is not very seamless with the customer needing to opt for the cloud with some additional fees, and also this feature seems to be not seamless with syncing data to their cloud system.

4. Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed is also another leading restaurant POS software in South Africa. If you are in search of a restaurant POS with all the basic features to run your restaurant, then Lightspeed is a good option for you.

  • It comes with a payment gateway that is integrated and accepts all types of payment modes like credit and debit cards, UPI, cash, etc..,
  • It also has an automated sales report with which you can calculate the profits and check how your business is doing in a single click.
  • LightSpeed also comes with an inventory tracker where it notifies you if any of the inventory is low or out of stock and makes it easier for you to restock them.
  • With Lightspeed, you can access a chain of restaurants easily in the software. It gives you all the control of restaurants under you, and you can monitor them all under the same roof.
  • It has a great customer support 
  • You can set it up very easily.
  • It provides accurate data which is very helpful.
  • A few users have stated that Lightspeed does not provide any free trial option.


IVEPOS is a popular restaurant POS software free which also has a lot of features for you. 

  • It comes with a KOT tool which makes everything so easy, and you do not need to manually communicate the orders, the items ordered, or anything. It is automated and makes the communication process between the kitchen and the staff much easier and quicker.
  • Along with its table management feature, it also comes with a Merge Tables feature where you can usually merge two or more tables in the restaurant in just a single click in case of crowds or when a group of people visit the restaurant and want to sit together.
  • It also comes with a Split the Bill tool which makes it very handy for customers who want to split the bill. In just a single click, it processes the bill and provides individual bills.
  • It also comes with a customer management tool where you can set up loyalty points and offer them discounts or redeem their loyalty points. It lets you store their personal info along with the loyalty points details.
  • A customer loyalty program is a great tool.
  • The split bill tool comes in really handy.
  • It is easy to use and has a seamless UI.
  • A few users have stated that there isn’t any petty cash management in the POS.



1. Which is the best restaurant POS software in South Africa? 

While there is a lot of restaurant POS software available, POSBytz is the best restaurant POS in South Africa.

2. Does South Africa use POS?

The answer is pretty straightforward. Yes, South Africa, or any other country for that matter, needs a POS system to smoothly run a restaurant. Restaurant management POS is pretty common, and a lot of restaurants use them.

3. How much does the POS system cost in South Africa?

The cost of the best restaurant POS systems in South Africa varies according to the tools that you require. It starts from around 80 USD per month and can increase based on the tools that you choose.


Now that you have an idea of all the top best restaurant POS systems in South Africa, you can choose whichever suits your needs. If you ask for our suggestion, we recommend the Posbytz POS for your restaurant as it comes with a whole lot of features like inventory management, etc., staff management, carrying out payments, and whatnot at a very reasonable price.

Another reason why we recommend PosBytz is that it has a fully automated system and it tracks all the data and keeps you on track of all the things that happen in your restaurant, and makes it easier for you to manage.

If you are looking for free restaurant POS software, you can go ahead and sign up for Postbytz and check out their trial plan and pricing and enjoy all the tools for free.

There is a lot of top restaurant POS software free, and almost all of them provide you with a free trial. We suggest you choose the free trial and see if you like the software, and then go ahead and upgrade.


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