Top 5 Alternatives to Foodics You Should Try in 2023

What is Sapaad POS?

Sapaad POS is cloud based restaurant management software that provides  POS, order management, inventory management, reports, payments, integrations with  delivery providers and many more. There are multiple Sapaad POS Alternative software’s which offer better comprehensive solutions and quality support. 

Cons of Using Sapaad POS

POS Sapaad offers some good features for restaurant business but also there are multiple limitations with Sapaad software. Some of the main issues with Sapaad POS :

  1. Sapaad supports mostly with Windows & Android based devices. 
  2. Multiple issues with Online delivery platforms integrations where there is always delays with orders relays and multiple orders gets missed through the POS when compared with other POS integrated with delivery platforms like Hungerstation, Jahez, Talabat , Careem, NoonFoods etc..,
  3. Limited support resources having on-boarded multiple restaurants and managing the support request with limited technical support. Very difficult to reach out to their technical team on calls. 
  4. Sapaad Inventory management system is not very comprehensive for managing the recipes or ingredients for calculating the food costing and other reports. So no been promoted much by their Sales team as well
  5. No inbuilt Accounting system with Sapaad to manage your book keeping and filing returns. 
  6. Integration with third party accounting software is not a seamless need to have implementation consultants to do the integrations and mostly does not work 100%.
  7. Limited options with Table QR code ordering along with payments options from Table with Sapaad POS 
  8. Data security & compliance is also one of the major concerns with POS  Sapaad
  9. Sapaad pricing also is very expensive compared to other POS software with more features

The Best 5 Alternatives to Sapaad POS

Below are some of the best Sapaad POS Alternatives you can choose based on various business requirements.


PosBytz is one the best restaurant Management software with more than 5000 + restaurants globally trusting for automating their restaurant business. Having many features and also very competitive with respect to POS Sapaad pricing. 

  • Track your kitchen inventory from managing your vendors to purchases and consumptions. Generate food costing reports to operate your restaurant profitable all the time
  • Easy to use POS without much training with options to get started within hours. 
  • Device agnostic POS that can deployed in Windows/Android/IOS from Desktop/PC/Laptop/Tablets/IPADS and mobile phones
  • Inbuilt Accounting module to manage all your bookkeeping,cashflows & reports.
  • Integrated with all leading food delivery aggregators Like Hungerstation , Jahez , Talabat , Careem an NoonFoods etc..,.,
  • Online ordering system to have your own branded website & apps along with free delivery apps.
  • CRM to manage & promote your restaurant through multiple channels
  • HR & Payroll to automate your employee managment
  • Multilingual options can be considered to support other languages
  • Few reports additional reports can be develope

Make your change now with a right Restaurant Management software 

Revel Systems:

Revel systems offers simple POS software for restaurant businesses from single or multi-chain outlets along with options to manage the KOT & other basic modules 

  • Table management to manage table orders to KOT 
  • KDS having kitchen display system to manage kitchen orders from Tablets
  • Waiter app to take orders from Tables 
  • Integration with delivery platforms for Online orders
  • Basic inventory module for entry of stock in/out.
  • Basic Accounting module to manage accounting
  • No table QR code ordering feature for ordering from tables 
  • Third party integration for CRM and Accounting modules only with Enterprise edition
  • On Comparison Sapaad POS pricing Revel POS system is equally expensive and less features as well

 Lightspeed POS:

 Lightspeed is one of the leading restaurant POS Software providers that provide many different features for a great user experience. Lightspeed is known for its 24/7 customer support as they strongly believe that user experience is all that matters. They have specifically designed and curated restaurant software for all sorts of businesses, from small to large chains of restaurants, and the best part is you can use the software Offline too. 

  • They provide 24/7 customer support for all your queries and needs
  • They are available for online and offline usage, which is convenient.
  • It has a smooth user interface, and it is easy to use.
  • It is easily scalable, which is a great feature
  • It provides accurate data information.
  • Many features are additional paid Addons.
  • A few verified users stated that they must reboot the system once in a while to operate the software and not update it for a very long time.
  • SaPaad POS is expensive compared to Lightspeed

NCR Aloha :  

NCR Aloha  is yet another top  pos restaurant software free that strives to provide easy, quick, and seamless POS management services. They strongly believe in innovation and technology and are always finding ways to improve their software.  NCR Aloha provides all types of restaurant POS features, from Table management to inventory management to payment management.

  • It is user-friendly and has a smooth UI.
  • It comes with inventory and menu management tools which makes it super helpful.
  • The free restaurant pos has seating management where you can easily change the seat layouts.
  • It provides daily reports, which makes it convenient to track growth.
  • Employee management features come in handy for the employees to clock in and out easily with free pos software restaurants.
  • A few verified users say they cannot view discount-related details on the bills.
  • Many modules are additional paid addons.
  • Aloha is only for branded chain outlets with high budgets compared POS Sapaad


Touchbistro is a top POS restaurant software company that provides POS solutions for all your retail and restaurant needs. They provide exceptional customer service, and they have 24/7 customer support.  

  • It is an easy-to-use POS and has a great UI.
  • It is easy to set up and takes no time to set it up.
  • It has 24/7 customer support for all your needs.
  • It provides stock management and inventory management tools which makes it super convenient.
  • As a few verified users stated, no free trial option is available.
  • A few users suggest that Touchbistro could provide a bit of an extensive staff management tool.
  • No challenges with pricing compared to POS Sapaad but has limited features for Restaurants

Discover how Sapaad POS compare with PosBytz

Enjoy a detailed comparison table about features and pricing

POS Sapaad
Windows POS Billing software
Android POS Billing software
IPAD POS Billing software
Table &  KOT Management
Waiter/Captain App
Kitchen display system
Designing own Table Layout
Multiple price categories
Delivery platform Integration
QR based table ordering & payments
Ingredients/Recipe ManagementLimited
Purchases and Vendor managementLimited
Waste Management
Advance ordering
Payments integration
Loyalty module inbuilt
Third party Loyalty module integrated
Accounting module inbuilt
Third party Accounting module integrated like Zoho books , Quick books and TallyLimited
CRM Module inbuilt
Third party CRM Module integrated – Freshdesk , Zoho CRM etc..,
Plan Foodics Basic PosBytz Plus
Pricing 4500 Riyals plus VAT 15% 2000 Riyals plus VAT 15%
Addon Location 4500 Riyals plus VAT 15% 2000 Riyals plus VAT 15%
Addon Licence Free Free
Chat Support
Email Support
Phone Support Limited
Whatsapp support

Benefits of Choosing PosBytz over Sapaad POS System

Even though there are multiple Sapaad POS alternatives, PosBytz standout’s to be the best Alternative to POS  Sapaad comparison to various aspects. 

  • Advanced features with value for money solution for automating your restaurants business
  • Very high secure and confidential data security for all your business data. 
  • Assured intime support and assistance for your business as technology partner
  • Competitive to Sapaad pricing with our standard pricing plans
  • Multiple third party integrations to manage expand your business in ease

How to Migrate Data from Sapaad POS to PosBytz 

Follow very simple and easy steps to Migrate data from Sapaad POS to your PosBytz platform by click of a button.

  • Download the various masters – Categories , items , inventory & customer details with export option from Sapaad
  • Sign-up and download the excel sample data upload sheet from PosBytz under Imports section
  • Copy and paste the data into the excel sheet as per the template provided.
  • Now import the data into the PosBytz backend using the excel sheet. To know more check the tutorial below for reference     

Ready to make a move with PosBytz, Why waiting ?

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