restaurant online ordering system
While a restaurant delivery system was nice to have before the pandemic
it became a must in the new normal.

Before the pandemic, most restaurant owners understood the importance of having a solid restaurant delivery system. They knew that customers appreciated restaurants that provided additional personalized services, such as birthday discounts or free delivery services. After the pandemic hit, the restaurant online ordering system market grew by more than $150 billion. The numbers speak for themselves.  

Why do you require a restaurant ordering system?

There are many benefits to having a restaurant online ordering system

  1. Helps you easily launch your own offers/discounts.
  1. Helps you build your customer service through direct communication with customers rather than depending on third-party delivery partners like Uber or Swiggy. This increases the brand awareness of your restaurant.
  1. Helps reduce the overall cost of the food order to your customer when compared to listing with delivery partners; as they involve other fees like service charges, delivery fees etc by the delivery aggregators thereby increasing the orders & revenues.

3 Ways to use restaurant online ordering system to increase your sales

1.Choose the right partner

Delivery service providers can help your restaurant have higher sales. However, this may be meaningless if a significant chunk of your profits is used to pay the commission charges. You need to find a partner whose commissions are minimal and provide your customers with convenient, reliable, and fast delivery.

2.Launch a free website of online ordering for restaurant

The best part here is that PosBytz charges a minimal commission fee. PosBytz allows you to create personalized online ordering for restaurants and retail stores. This means that you can offer your customers live updates on the menu changes, charge lower delivery fees and flexibly manage your time slots.

You can also have QR code table ordering to ensure that no order is missed. This is particularly useful during the pandemic as it encourages minimal staff contact with the customers. The QR code ordering system also ensures that the orders are directly sent to the kitchen for preparation. This helps increase the speed of your service and thus ensures good customer satisfaction.

3.Offer a restaurant ordering application

Many customers are now utilizing smartphones as part of their daily routine; for booking flights, shopping online, attending online classes, and even booking movie tickets. You can have your mobile ordering application so that your customers can place orders with a tap of a button.

As you can see from the above, you can boost your sales in different ways by using a restaurant’s online ordering system. 

How to choose the best restaurant online ordering system?

1.Brings in agility for customization 

A good restaurant online ordering system provides various features to help your business be sustainable in the long run.  You should be able to upload high-resolution images, edit your menu, and capture orders from social media quickly.  Look for a vendor that provides you upgrades beneficial to your audience and helps you optimize the operations. This is important to stay ahead of the curve and be competitive in the market.

2.Offers seamless integration

Many of the top online ordering applications are integrated with POS systems to track orders from various channels easily. This will also help you accurately deduct your inventory items and create precise sales reports. Another excellent advantage restaurant online ordering system provides is integrating popular third-party applications. You can have integration options with other local delivery partners for food delivery on distance-based fees rather than sharing revenue. This helps you connect with a wider audience and boost your customer loyalty as they always look for convenient options while ordering online.

3.Provides good ROI

According to Order Better, most third-party applications charge around 15-40% on every order they receive. Posbytz’s restaurant online ordering system offers the advantage of minimal commission and provides different plans as you scale your business. Be careful while choosing the right vendor to grow your business. Having your owner delivery applications helps your riders to navigate and deliver their orders accurately.

4.Collects accurate customer data

A restaurant online ordering system that collects customer data such as email addresses, order history, birthdays, etc. can help you develop powerful customized marketing strategies to ensure higher conversion rates. This is an important feature to look for in a vendor as this helps drive customer retention.

5.Provides promotional support

Social media integrations and Whatsapp order integration are crucial in today’s highly competitive business world. Some companies offer services like building a free website. Be careful while choosing the right vendor to grow your business. and integrating aggregators like Uber Eats, Swiggy, etc, to increase your audience reach. Look for a vendor that offers various pricing options that suit your requirement and select the one that meets your budget.

PosBytz: Restaurant ordering system partner for your business

Manage your restaurant operations with ease from purchases, inventory management, and multi-channel sales reports. Get a cloud-based solution with an intuitive platform to optimize all your costs.

You can build your own branded website and delivery applications. Save cost on food aggregator commissions and ensure efficient delivery services for your customers. Build a strong brand presence with our exclusive design templates.

Get a complete omnichannel solution for your restaurant and track your orders in real-time now!

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