How To Open A Cloud Kitchen In The UAE

Are you thinking of opening a cloud kitchen in UAE? If you’re scratching your head, thinking about where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

Cloud kitchen UAE is one of the most exciting and lucrative businesses, especially if you have the right location and know what to do. The UAE is a hot market, and there are many opportunities for you as a business owner to make a lucrative income with your cloud kitchen business model.

And if you stick with the best cloud kitchen software, you’ll be able to manage your business and make more profit quickly.

In this article, we have listed all the essential steps that you have to take to enter the market of cloud kitchen Dubai.

Let’s dive in.

What is a cloud kitchen?

A cloud kitchen is a delivery-only restaurant business that doesn’t offer any dine-in services and is limited only to takeaway or delivery. Popularly known as the Virtual Dining concept, it’s also referred to as a dark or ghost kitchen.

These delivery-only restaurants are a low-risk and cost-efficient way to enter the food service industry. Moreover, cloud kitchens require far less capital investment than traditional sit-down establishments and generate higher profit margins.

If you need a business model that allows you to run your own food business without worrying about building the required infrastructure, a cloud kitchen is your best option.

How does a cloud kitchen work?

The cloud kitchen business model works similarly to popular apps like Deliveroo, Ubereats, Careem, Noon and Talabat that deliver food online. Cloud kitchens offer customers an online ordering portal where they can place orders and have the food delivered to their doorstep.

This business model is ideal for somebody who wants to enter the restaurant industry but doesn’t want or can’t afford to make a significant upfront investment. The low-risk, the low-cost setup makes it a lucrative option compared with opening up a traditional establishment from scratch.

How can you start your cloud kitchen in UAE?

Cloud kitchen allows you to get your feet wet while testing the waters of the industry without having to make a potentially costly investment in equipment and infrastructure.

You can open your cloud kitchen by following these simple steps, 

1. Obtain a license 

To start your cloud kitchen Abu Dhabi, you must strictly adhere to the food code in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You have to get a trade license from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing and a Food License from the Department of Food Safety.

Although your catering business will not be formally recognized as a restaurant, you still need to apply for a general trading license to set up a shop anywhere in the UAE. 

All you need is your restaurant name, information about the type of food business you’d like to have, and check that it meets all the legal requirements. Once done, fill out and submit a form (with any required documents attached) and pay any relevant fees to get your license.

2. Get a clear business overview and business operations 

Every business should have a document that outlines its primary mission and purpose. This is often called a “company overview,” and it should include at least the following:

  • An explanation of what makes your company different from others in your industry,
  • How do you plan to grow, if possible? 
  • Why would customers want to buy from you instead of other businesses like yours?

Make a clear plan for how your cloud kitchen will function, and include the steps involved with ordering, receiving, and delivering meals.

When you create process documentation, you give your staff and business operations much-needed visibility.  

3. Set up your delivery service and marketing strategies 

Your food can only be appreciated if the customer receives it in perfect condition. Partnering with great technology partners can ensure hassle-free delivery options!

In the digital age, online marketing is a must for any business that doesn’t have a physical storefront. And, your cloud kitchen needs to position itself as an innovative brand that can deliver the highest quality food at an affordable price to capture the market.

Once you have started your cloud kitchen UAE, you must have a solid online presence to reach your target audience.

If you don’t invest heavily in marketing and branding your cloud kitchen, potential customers will never know it exists.

4. Selecting The Right Location For Your Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchens are economical to run. Foot traffic in your neighborhood won’t impact your rent, but that doesn’t mean you should set up shop on an abandoned farm miles away from civilization.

The ideal location for your restaurant is easy to access, in an area that appeals to your target audience and provides the amenities needed.

While it does not need to be highly accessible by your customers—they will never see this location, after all–it must remain logistically sound for delivery services so that your order is not affected during the transit time.

5. Install an efficient Point of sale technology 

The point of sale (POS) system allows you to track your inventory and sales while also allowing you to accept credit card payments.

To ensure a smooth transition from manual to digital operations, installing an off-the-shelf cloud kitchen POS system that works with most standard hardware is best.

With the best cloud kitchen POS software available, you can easily add and manage your inventory, track sales and customer behavior, manage products and pricing, and more.  That’s why it’s essential to have a cloud kitchen POS system in place to help you get the most out of your business. Manage multiple brand kitchens using one POS installed in each location using PosBytz and also start your own online ordering system to sell online without any commission.

6. Kitchen Equipment & Packaging 

You will need to decide what equipment your establishment needs and whether or not you want to purchase it. But no matter which route you choose, the packaging of deliveries is vital—you don’t want a wrong first impression!

Delivering an order to a customer promptly will set your brand apart from other companies and help you retain customers.

7. Staffing Your Cloud Kitchen With The Right People

For a small business, it may be enough to have a few chefs and helpers. However, if your company grows or has specific plans for expansion in the future, you will need more staff members on board. Ensure you have enough staff to handle deliveries, customer service, and other business-related matters. 

Ready to start your cloud kitchen in UAE?

You may wonder if starting a cloud kitchen in Abu Dhabi is right for you. Suppose you have an inventive business idea and resources to start, then yes! It’s essential to ensure your business plan is on point. You also have to monitor your inventory, track sales, and make sure you’re meeting customer demand.

On top of that, you have to think about having your delivery app, multiple payment solutions, customer service tools, and much more. And that’s why it’s essential to have the best cloud kitchen POS software.

With the help of the best cloud kitchen software like POSbytz, you can manage your business more efficiently. You can manage your inventory, customer orders, payments, order management, and food costs with it. The best cloud kitchen POS software will help eliminate clunky hardware devices and save money on expensive upgrades.

Start your cloud kitchen Dubai with POSbytz with a free demo. Get your cloud kitchen up and running now! 

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