QR Code Ordering How to Run your Restaurant with Limited Staff

Is your restaurant running with a limited staff? 

Managing so many different restaurant staff isn’t less than playing a game of chess. 

The restaurant business is not everyone’s cup of tea. You must manage and schedule the staff timing to ensure they work happily and efficiently. You need to build a strong team to run your restaurant business smoothly. 

Many restaurant owners still need to work on managing the importance of effective staff planning, which greatly impacts daily operations and, indirectly, restaurant performance. Having appropriate staff management may reduce your staff’s overall performance and hamper your restaurant’s customer service. 

Managing your restaurant staff effectively takes patience and skills, improving communication, enhancing customers’ dining experience, and making service more efficient. 

This article will explore how online and QR code ordering can help your restaurant work smoothly with limited staff. 

How To Use Online and QR Ordering to manage the Labor Shortage

Online ordering allows customers to place orders for pickups, book tables, and even deliver food to their doorsteps. Integrating QR Ordering with the POS system can help restaurants manage all their orders in one place and with fewer staff members. 

QR Ordering System

QR ordering system is a web ordering system that has the potential to transform your restaurant into a tech-savvy and fast establishment. It helps customers view menus, place their orders, book dining, and make online payments securely and faster. The restaurants can place these QR codes on tables, cards, doors, or areas customers can reach faster. 

These orders can be directly seen and managed using the POS system giving staff more time to engage with the guests. 

Here are some benefits of online and QR code ordering, even if you have a labor shortage. 

Reduce Third-Party Fees

As the restaurant industry adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic, many turn to online and QR code ordering systems to reduce their reliance on third-party delivery apps. These apps often charge high fees that can affect a restaurant’s profits.

With the increase in competition, reducing costs in other business areas can improve your profit and business growth. 

An QR code ordering system allows customers to order directly from the table. The customer pays for their order using a UPI, credit, or debit card, and the restaurant receives the payment directly. 

QR code ordering systems have several benefits – they’re fast and efficient and can reduce third-party fees. It allows customers to scan a QR code or take to the website to place their order. They are often faster and easier than traditional methods, such as placing an order over the phone or waiting in line. 

QR code ordering systems can also track customer orders and collect data. This data can improve the ordering process and make it more efficient.

This system reduces the fees charged by third-party delivery apps and helps streamline the ordering process for both the customer and the restaurant. Further, your online ordering system gives you complete control over the design as you like and keeps it consistent on all platforms. 

Customers Order from Phones

Customers Order from Phones

Using QR codes, customers can directly order using smartphones. Customers can order faster and easier even if the staff is unavailable, which means fewer wait times. 

A QR code can be placed on every table so customers can scan them to launch a browser window with the menu, select the food item, and pay money directly using their phones. 

During peak times, customers may need help to get your staff’s attention, leading to a bad customer experience and satisfaction. QR code ordering can foster a stress-free experience for staff and customers. In addition, QR code ordering reduces complaints about mistaken orders and prevents wrong order service. 

As soon as the customer arrives, they have access to the menu. Once they have validated their order, they can wait for their order. 

Further, the customers can scan the QR code on the venue, on posters, or a website, making pre-order meals and collecting them on arrival. The process is efficient and touch-free, with faster food ordering and serving more people in less time. 

Serve Customers with Limited Staff

Staff shortage is growing and a headache for many restaurants, causing a lot of stress for the owners to work with the limited staff. 

Using a QR code ordering system, customers have the power to place an order, while staff can focus on other things like serving and key tasks. With the QR code, customers can place orders wherever they are, and in-house staff has more time to manage the order and improve customer experience.

Further, if you have limited staff for delivery or pickup orders, you can manage the online orders efficiently and when you can receive the orders. During rush times, staff can spend time on transactional aspects like payments and dining, which might help reduce labor cost percentage. 

In addition, with the digital menu, you can play around and find a more user-friendly theme and layout to promote your seasonal items or special dishes of your restaurants. You can place them at the front or the center or remove them if running low.

As customers can order themselves, having limited staff on the floor can be managed easily and efficiently. 

Focus on Customer Service

Many customers say they would spend more money to get a better customer experience. With QR code ordering, your staff doesn’t need to worry about taking orders, collecting payments, or explaining to customers the unavailability of any food item.

The staff can focus on improving customer experience and stepping up customer services. The QR code ordering can empower your staff with the power of time. It ensures that the staff can provide the best experience possible by focusing on important tasks. 

In addition, with the QR code, there is less room for human errors that might occur during rush or peak hours. QR code ordering ensures the exact order is prepared for the customers’ orders. That means your staff has more time to check on customers orders, make sure orders are delivered properly, or lend a helping hand whenever required.

Further, it helps you to collect more valuable information that helps build strong customer relationships and a better customer experience. 

Offer Contactless Payments

Customers are redirected to the payment portal when they scan the QR code. It allows customers to pay directly using their smartphones, automatically displaying the amount each guest has to pay on the payment page. 

The customer can also download the bill copies with the complete prices, taxes, and even loyalty points (if your restaurant is running one). The customer can then make a payment using different payment options or enter the payment option manually along with other information like email address, name, and mobile number in the checkout form. 

Offering contactless payment options from their phones means less staff running to collect payments from the customers. It also offers a layer of safety between the customer and employees, removing the touchpoints and limiting interaction between the staff and customers. 

In addition, customers can also provide feedback about the experience, taste, and staff of your restaurant that can be used to promote your services on different social platforms. 

It offers transaction security, faster payments, and a better customer experience. 

Ready to Implement a QR Code Ordering System for your Restaurant? 

If you are running a restaurant with limited staff, then implementing a QR code ordering system is quite helpful. 

QR code ordering is a great option if you want a way to run your restaurant with limited staff. With this system, you can take orders electronically and send them directly to the kitchen. This can reduce the time your waiter staff spends taking orders and help you keep your kitchen running smoothly.

While running a restaurant on limited or low staff can halt your operations. With QR code ordering systems can manage the operations efficiently. It can ensure your restaurant works smoothly with limited staff. It helps to improve customer experience, reduce third-party fees, allow customers to order online, and offer contactless payment options. 

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Is it safe to use a QR code ordering system?

QR code payment system is secure and easy to use. It offers contactless payment options and various payment options. When scanned, the customer is automatically shown digital menu to select and order.

Can customers order from tablets and smartphones?

Yes, you can download the generated QR code and put it on your restaurant table, where customers can scan it using their tablets or smartphones. It can display the menu where customers can order their food without waiting for the staff to reach out to them. 

Is creating a digital menu easy?

Yes, the process is very easy. You just need to signup on POSBytz and add your food items to the system. Also you can change the digital menu whenever you would like to make changes to your menu.

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