During the COVID-19 pandemic, online food ordering services started flourishing due to the physical distance requirements. With time, the advent of appealing, user-friendly food delivery apps, coupled with changing consumer expectations, has given this category a super boost and completely changed the way traditional restaurants functioned before.

Aside from the dining experience, restaurant owners have begun to look for smart ways to improve online order management systems. 60% of restaurant operators have claimed that their offerings for takeaway and food courier services increase their sales to the next level.

With the rise in online ordering sytem, you need to upgrade your traditional online ordering and reservation management system to a smart and fast restaurant POS system to improve customer satisfaction. Why and how? Let’s find it!

How Can a Restaurant Improve Its Food Delivery Operation?

Several factors should be considered for improving the entire delivery operation. For instance, first and foremost, you have to ensure that you have enough staff on hand to process the order and prepare it on time.

You may promote yourself as the fastest food delivery company to do so, you have to optimize the route the delivery drivers will take or integrate with delivery partners like Careem or Talabaat, or Dunzo for delivering the orders. In keeping your promise, you may need to ensure that your staff has packaged the delivery items properly so that they will stay hot or cold, as they are supposed to be, during handing over the package to the customers. 

Since you can’t show your in-house hospitality to the virtual customers, you have to find an alternative way to show your concern and develop a good relationship with them so that they keep trusting your brand. 

To aid in so doing, you may step forward this way:
  • Define your target market.
  • Invest in a custom-built mobile application and website for food delivery.
  • Create a commercial advertisement for your online food delivery app
  • Create a detailed online menu.
  • Use technology to accept orders in the POS 
  • Marked the package as ‘out for delivery to alert the consumers  
  • Try using the free delivery app for your riders to update the status of the orders or try hyperlocal delivery companies to do the delivery
  • Once it is delivered, ask for feedback and ensure clear communication

How to Improve Delivery and Manage Orders with Restaurant POS Software? 

The food industry has been going through a significant revolution in the last few years. Food delivery companies and restaurants with online ordering services are on the rise these days.

With the growth of dine-in, online, and takeaway sales, the process of table management, order management, and customer management has become more complex than before.

Hence, the restaurant POS systems come into play and streamline the entire business process. From simplifying the order-taking process to speeding up delivery, such applications help in every sense, including customer satisfaction and sales analysis.

Here is how to use the POS software to grow your restaurant and food delivery business –

Use the POS software to create an efficient order-taking process 

Nowadays, many people would like to have restaurant food delivered to their homes so they can enjoy it at home instead of waiting outside the restaurant.

Furthermore, a major percentage of consumers would also like to dine inside restaurants on special occasions. Since free food delivery apps are rare, many people also prefer to take food home directly from the restaurant.

Likewise, restaurants generally receive online and offline orders from multiple sources. It’s up to you how you’ll process the order chronologically to ensure on-time delivery. 

The assistance of POS software will help you take and prepare the orders efficiently by keeping track of all the information you need, such as who placed the order first, what the customer’s order is, what items are available or ready to dispatch, what items need to be prepared, how much time is needed to deliver the order, etc.

Thus, POS software eases the order-taking process and helps you meet the expected delivery time. 

Use the software to improve your delivery times

Customers not only would like to see all the menus on the food ordering website or app but also place an order easily and have the orders delivered to their homes within the shortest time possible. 

So, after placing an order, they will be eager to see the expected delivery time. The POS software not only assists in estimating delivery times but also provides the option for tracking, allowing consumers and restaurant owners to track the location of each individual order.

Use the software to track customer satisfaction

When the customers receive delivery of their food order on time and in the condition, it is supposed to be in, they will be happy enough.

With the help of POS software, you can ask for feedback and analyze their feedback and comments to work on the areas that need improvement and ensure the best customer satisfaction in the future.

If you are running a restaurant business, then you may know how hectic it is to manage your in-house hospitality for the dine-in guests, along with maintaining the expected serving time for the takeout and home delivery online customers.

Thus, you need the best POS software for restaurants, such as PosBytz, to cater to all the needs of running a restaurant business without any issues.


Having your own online food ordering system embedded with an efficient POS system would be the most reliable and cost-effective solution to deal with the tremendous pressure of both offline and online orders.

You may be dealing with the best food delivery app now, but third-party food order apps never help you provide the customer satisfaction you want to offer your virtual consumers.

Now that you know how to use the POS system to improve delivery times and customer satisfaction, it’s time to check out the best restaurant POS system such as PosBytz.

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